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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #2033288
Forever Yours Chapter One
Chapter One

Jacob Carmichael’s younger brother by two years was said to be the “rebel” of the two brothers with his rock star image of blond hair that he always had to brush out of his eyes. His apparel of choice was a t-shirt and ripped jeans and leather jacket; he never went anywhere without it. Looks and tattoos aside, most people were surprised to learn that he had worked as a gourmet chef in one of New York’s most prestigious restaurants for a few months while he decided what he wanted to do with his life.

Once the thrill of that wore off, Jeremy found himself back in Wilmington near the end of 2007 tending bar at one of the hot college night spots where he and Savannah Walker first met.

They hit off as friends almost immediately and soon Savannah found herself popping in whenever she wasn’t in class. Eventually their friendship led to hanging out more than one warm summer day a little over a year later, she crossed paths with his older brother Jacob.

Her mind drifted as it took her back to the day that would ultimately alter her life in ways she could ever imagine.

Savannah smiled at the bubbly brunette with green eyes that opened the front door.

“Hey, Cevanni! Come on in. Welcome to the zoo that is my life! Well… for the next few hours anyway, until this party is over.” Alyssa, Jeremy’s wife of three years laughed and gestured around her at the throng of toddlers that were running around the enormous foyer chasing Alex, their two-year-old son. “I’m so glad birthdays only come once a year.” Alyssa laughed and shook her head as she led her friend towards the kitchen, every inch of space covered with something Batman related.

“Wow, you really went all out didn’t you?” Savannah smiled as she looked around, smiling at Alex who had walked up to her clutching a balloon in one of his chubby little hands.

“Well, hey there birthday boy!’ she grinned as she knelt down to pick him up. “Where’s D-a-d-d-y? In his man cave watching the Redskins get their asses handed to them by the Seahawks?”

“Actually, he’s transforming into the Caped Crusader as we speak.” Alyssa replied.

“Batman was so much better than the Bozo idea.” Savannah shuddered. “Having Ronald McDonald at my second birthday traumatized me for life. He gave me my fear of clowns as a present.”

Alyssa raised an eyebrow at Savannah then laughed.

“Clowns are fun! Right Alex? Ronald McDonald is cool.”

“No he isn’t.” Savannah whispered as she shook her head and the little boy gazed at her with his enormous green eyes.

For emphasis, she made a face and gave him the ‘thumbs down’ sign, which made him giggle.


Savannah shook her head as she shifted him to her other hip.

“You need cheerier role models, kid.” she laughed.

“Ronald is cheerful!” Alyssa protested. In fact you can’t get much cheerier. Besides, have you ever seen a depressed clown?”

Savannah was about to answer until they looked over when a throat cleared from the doorway. Standing there in all his leather glory, mask plus long flowing cape that billowed out behind him when he moved in his black rawhide boots, was Jeremy.

The two female’s mouth’s dropped open in complete astonishment as he came closer, smiling at his son, who had no clue it was him.

“Batman never looked so damn good…” Alyssa mumbled as her eyes looked him up and down as he placed a gloved hand to the back of Alex’s head as the little boy stared at him wide eyed.

“You’re telling me.” Savannah murmured, her mouth suddenly feeling like it had been stuffed with a pound of cotton.

“So I understand it’s someone’s birthday today. I wonder who that could be?” Jeremy said in his deep voice as he looked around pretending not to know. “Hmmm….let me go sit at the kitchen table and see if I can’t figure this out.” he turned with a flourish, leaving Alex to look at him silently.

“Batman!” he cried out gleefully, clapping his hands and laughing. “Batman say hi?”

“You want to go say hi to Batman?” Alyssa asked him as the other children gathered around him like he was Santa Claus. “I bet he’s really nice. Too bad your daddy isn’t here. He’s missing out on seeing his favorite super hero.” she frowned and sat Alex in Jeremy’s lap. “Good for me, bad for him.” her husband whispered, leaning in to kiss her, his mouth the only thing visible as their lips touched softly.

Alyssa cocked an eyebrow at him.

“That’s interesting and considering my husband is a black belt in Karate I don’t think he’d like that very much.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes as a smile appeared on his face.

“Sounds like a wimp if you ask me since my biggest enemy is a fat waddling dude who’s half human half penguin. Some guy with an ego as big as the bat signal shouldn’t be a problem.”

That caught Alyssa off guard and she burst out laughing.

“How would you know what his ego is like?”

“Just because I’m a super hero doesn’t mean I’m not smart.” he scoffed and shifted Alex around on his lap. “Can I take the mask off? I’m dying here.”

Alyssa and Savannah glanced at each other, one gasping in surprise as the other started to laugh.

“He wants to take the mask off Savannah…”

“And reveal Batman’s true identity?” she gulped through a giggle.

“Who we all know to be Bruce Wayne.” Jeremy argued and Savannah hit the back of his head.

“Technically, that’s Batman’s alter ego…”

“I wasn’t aware we were going by technicalities now.” Jeremy smirked while his wife rolled her eyes then laughed.

“Will you help me with cake please?”

Her husband thought about that then smiled.

“Only if I can take the mask off.”

She stared at him then just shook her head.

If taking off that damn mask would shut him up then she was all for it. “It’s making me sweat in places I didn’t know I could sweat.” he protested while making a face.

Alyssa just laughed then turned to Savannah.

“Would you mind keeping an eye on the kids while we get the cake ready?”

“And I could possibly shower…” Jeremy scowled as he slid a hand through his moisture drenched hair as the two women glanced at him.

“How on Earth did that mask get you so hot?” Alyssa giggled as they left the room, leaving Savannah alone with the children.

Not knowing how long they would be getting the cake ready, Savannah herded the kids into the living room then put in a Disney movie she found next to the entertainment center.

Before she could hit play though, she heard the front door open, followed a by the deep richness of a man’s voice that made her strain her ears in an attempt to hear better as footsteps continued from the hallway towards the kitchen. Jeremy had told her about his brother Jacob, who was currently away at medical school, but had obviously came home for his nephew’s party.

“Where is the birthday boy?” Jacob called out, causing Alex to look over.

The little boy was on his feet and running towards his uncle in the span of only two seconds, yelling,

“JAAAAAKKKKEYYYYYY!” at the top of his lungs.

Wedding bells didn’t ring for them right away since Savannah wanted to take her time and make sure this was who she wanted to end up with. Previous relationships had taught her that it was best to take things slow; so that’s how she ended up where she was now, six years after their first date and six months after her fairy-tale like marriage.

She shook herself back to reality waving goodbye to Jacob before heading out the door and across the parking lot of Oblivion Café to her car.

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