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Forever Yours Chapter Two
Chapter Two

Savannah Carmichael stared at the stick she had just peed on, a thousand emotions running through her: fear, anxiety, and happiness.
She and her husband Jacob had barely been married six months but the sex had started long before that and now she had missed her period with still no signs of it coming anytime soon. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, her husband was drowning in debt from his massive student loans which they could barely afford. Hopefully with his father retiring that would boost their income greatly since he would be taking over as head pediatrician.
She sighed and set the pregnancy test on the counter so she could wash her hands. From the dolphin style clock that hung behind the mirror she saw that it was approaching seven o’clock, Jacob’s usual end of his workday at Oceanside Family Practice where she was a pediatric nurse and he was a pediatrician.
Once in the kitchen, Savannah pulled open the door to the stainless steel refrigerator to survey the contents inside. Deciding to fix a steak with salad and bread, she made her way over to the sink to wash the vegetables.
She sighed again as she gazed out her kitchen window at the fading sunlight that was dipping into the horizon. Colors of purple and blue swirled in between white puffy clouds, the air still damp from the fresh rainfall. Savannah had always loved Southport for its charm and beauty.
Best of all it was a quiet coastal town; the kind of place you could spend summer after summer and never grow tired of it.
To take her mind off of her situation for a little while one side of an enormous T-bone steak was sizzling away, she walked over to where she had laid her phone on the kitchen table and picked it up to call her grandmother Hazel Corvin. She lived in Wilmington North Carolina, not far from their house on Wrightsville Beach.
Skinny and angular, her sharp pale blue eyes viewed the world with an intense passion that ran over into her colorful wardrobe of track suits and sweats; she was the embodiment of comfort. Good health tended to run in the family and for that Savannah was thankful.
"Why, if it isn't my beautiful Savannah! How are you honey?" came the always chipper voice from the other end.
Savannah smiled.
"I'm fine Maw-maw. Actually I’m better than fine. How are you?"
“Oh? Why is that sweetheart?”
Unable to hold it in any longer, she had to tell someone or she was going to explode.
“I’m pregnant!” she shouted gleefully as the reality sank in.
Savannah could just imagine her grandmother’s expression. She had always wanted great grandchildren.
“Honey, that’s great! Does Jacob know?”
Savannah shook her head.
“Not yet. I mean, I just took the test like ten minutes ago.” she explained as she got the ingredients she needed for her homemade Italian salad dressing. “To be honest I’m almost too afraid to tell him. We haven’t even been married a year yet and…” she paused as she measured out the extra virgin olive oil, maple syrup, Worcestershire sauce and red wine vinegar into a liquid graduated cup.
Once all that was blended well, she went to get the six garlic cloves that needed to be minced. The recipe her mother had given her only called for four cloves but she added six to give it more of a kick.
“Why? Jacob loves you Savannah. He will be thrilled the fact that y’all have only been married six months won’t mean a hill of beans to him so don’t worry. Okay?”
Savannah forced herself not to say anything as she mumbled a halfhearted,
“Good now let me get off of here so you can tell him.”
“He hasn’t…” before she could finish, Savannah heard his key in the lock turning then he stepped inside a second later.
Jacob, who was just over six feet with greenish-brown eyes and gorgeous short wavy hair of the same color, smiled when he spotted his young bride.
“I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” he grinned as he made his way over to her for a hug and a kiss.
This was her opening, wasn’t it?
Deciding to just come out and announce it before her thoughts caught wind of what she was doing she blurted in a rush,
“I’m pregnant!”
Jacob stood staring at her for several seconds without a word, which made Savannah regret even telling him. “You aren’t excited are you?” She asked biting her lower lip, a habit she did whenever she was nervous.
Jacob’s smile widened as he picked her up and spun her around.
“Yes I am!” he grinned as their lips touched.
“I think I need to make an appointment with Dr. Beaumont just to make sure.” she replied as the lovers walked back to where she had been standing hand in hand. “Anyway…how was your day?”
“The best yet after hearing that news!”
Savannah rolled her eyes playfully as she poked him in the side.
“Aside from the baby, I mean.”
The mouthwatering aroma of the steak hit his nose just then, momentarily distracting him.
“It smells great in here. I’m starving.”
Savannah watched him in amusement as he sat down at the table. “There’s banana cream pie for dessert too.” she added with a smile as she went about getting their food.
Jacob’s face lit up at the mention of his favorite dessert.
“So this was how you were going to tell me, stuff me with my favorite foods?”
Savannah shrugged.
“It was either this or tell you during sex.’” she joked as she carried their plates then sat down beside him.
Jacob didn’t respond as he reached for the bottle of A-1 from the middle of the table.
“I wouldn’t have complained either way.” he smiled at her after swallowing and she once again rolled her eyes.
“Of course not because you’re a filthy pig.” she teased, her eyes dancing with laughter.
He gave her a sad look as he cut into his juicy medium well steak after pouring steak sauce over it.
“I am not.” he mumbled after taking a bite and swallowing.
The two of them ate in silence for the next few minutes, the conversation turning to how their day had been. Jacob recounting each of the times he had been bit, sneezed or vomited on in the ER where he had been called in as a fill in for someone else.
Savannah couldn’t stop smiling; her grandmother had been right and for that she said a silent prayer to God thanking Him.

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