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The ghosts turn up at the wedding.
Chapter 33

. ҉

The day of the wedding arrived and the families were concerned about the health of Gloria's father. He was being admitted to the hospital on the following Monday and they all feared he might not be coming home again. He tried to look his best as he escorted Gloria to the church doors, but he had lost weight and had great difficulty walking. Nevertheless, he was an extremely proud man and grateful his daughter and future son-in-law had gone out of their way to bless him with this privilege. Despite his bad health, he felt this was one of the finest days of his life.

         Gordy and Rosie were unseen, sitting on a gravestone watching. "The way he's going they'll have to hold him up before they get there," Rosie said. "Look at him, keeps stooping over then trying to keep upright again. They've even brought an oxygen cylinder in one of the cars."

         "Poor old sod, I think I'll go in with him."

         "Don't be daft, you're not allowed in there."

         "Why not, all right so I may have been bad, selfish, and uncaring; and all right if you say so, a bit of a super-stud."

         "I didn't say so."

         Gordy ignored her remark. "But I've never been downright evil." He put his hands together and looked to the sky as if he were praying.

         "You're wasting your time," she said.

         Gordy gave a laugh and flew forward to the church doors. The organist was just about to start the cue for Gloria and her Father to commence their walk down the aisle. Gordy was struggling to get through the arched entrance as if a great gale were pushing against him. He persevered inching forward until he was almost inside and then the gale was suddenly behind him pushing him in. He whizzed into Gloria's father. Her father jerked bolt upright with his chest out and he began to march forward slowly, but proudly, like he were still a young man in the Royal Air Force. Neighbours, friends, and relatives, all with their heads turned were looking back at them, impressed that his proudest moments seemed to give him a boost of health and posture as if he were a different man. Ellis and Brian were standing half-turned, looking, and smiling. Gloria's father looked at his happy but concerned daughter and exchanged a smile with her. Their shared smiles letting each other know everything was fine.

         It was only one night in a local hotel, but to me, it was as good as a honeymoon suite at The Ritz.

         I changed into my dressing gown and I sat with Ellis on the bed. "They'll still be round at my house getting drunk; you'll miss it."

         "Who cares?" He reached over to me and we began kissing in an exchange of passion that had been simmering in us all day. My excitement was at a high level, and Ellis seemed equally excited as my gown slipped open revealing my white lacy underwear. He tried not to look, not stare at my underwear, my cleavage, my navel, my thighs. I didn't care and at first, made no attempt to cover myself. I suddenly pulled away from him, stood up, and pulled my gown closed.

         "Look," I said, holding my left arm straight out in front of me. "I'm trembling, and it's not cold, I feel like my skin's on fire."

         "You're trembling; I'm shaking so much I'm frightened of vibrating off of the bed. Look, Gloria, if you're not ready for us to start a family, I've still got them jonnies."

         I laughed. "You kept them! I knew you would, but we won't need them." I picked up my handbag, took out a packet of contraceptive pills, and waved them in the air. "I do work for a doctor you know." I laughed as I imagined that the grin across his face would split his head apart.

         He put his hand out to me, an invitation to join him on the bed again.

         "Just a minute," I said. "I've only got my bra and pants on under this gown. I think you should even things up before I take them off, don't you?" I looked at his trousers and gave a laugh.

         Ellis got the message and quickly stripped to his briefs. "I think I'll leave these on for now," he said.

         I laughed again. Despite his previous exhibitionist attitude at the swimming pool, Ellis was embarrassed to appear naked in front of me in the confines of the hotel room. "Oh no you won't," I said, reaching over to whip his underwear down to his knees.

         Ellis laughed as he kicked his pants across the room. "You bloody rude girl," he said, but the laughter stopped as we looked into each other's eyes. "Well, what happens now?"

         "I don't really know;" I dropped my dressing gown to the floor and smiled as I nervously unhooked my bra and tossed it onto a chair, "but I bet we'll have a lot of fun finding out."

         I took hold of his hands, still trembling nervously. "Please be careful, Ellis. I feel as we're about to enter a different world and to be perfectly honest, I'm still a bit nervous."

         He gave a laugh. "So am I, Gloria, so am I."

         We were awake until the early hours enjoying the pleasure of our newfound intimacy, exploring and discovering each other on a magical journey that brought us as close as any loving couple could be. The next morning we were totally infatuated with each other. Cuddling at every opportunity, touching each other on our arms, face, hair, and the slightest physical contact seeming to thrill us

         After breakfast, we packed and Ellis was about to go and telephone for a taxi. I suddenly grabbed hold of him and began to kiss him. Just as suddenly, I pulled away from him again and looked back at the bed. "One for the road," I said, with a saucy wink.


Ten years passed, we were just returning home after celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary with some friends in a local restaurant. I was heavily pregnant with our third child and I was hoping for a girl after previously giving birth to two fine sons and knowing this would probably be my last chance.

         "It's a lovely evening," Ellis said. "Let's go down to Carver's Hollow."

         "The swimming pool in the woods, sodding heck we haven't been there in years. I don't even know if it's still there."

         "Well let's go and find out. Come on it'll be great, lying on the grass looking up at all the stars again, just like when we were courting. Do you remember?" He stopped and gave a laugh. "Do you remember the bright twinkleness?"

         "Yes I do you old romantic you, but how can we get in? I'd never be able to get over the gate in my condition."

         "I've got my tools in the boot; the bolt croppers will easily take care of the chain."

         "Well we can't go swimming or do anything rude you know, it's too near my time."

         "It's just memories, let's go for the memories. It just seems like the thing to do, it seems to be the right time to remember our mate Gordy, down there where I used to spend time with him, until the tragedy."

         "You've had a drink though?"

         "I've only had two bottles. I'm okay." He took hold of my hand. "Come on, love, I want to do this."

         We were soon at the pool, lying on the grass talking, reminiscing, and every now and then, kissing. Ellis stood up and took off his shirt. "Sod it, I'll have a swim while I'm here."

         "You can't leave me here on my own."

         "I'll only have a quick dip, I won't be long."

         I gave a wolf whistle and a laugh as Ellis stripped naked. He posed like Charles Atlas. "Go and have your swim," I said. "You look like a right idiot standing there." Ellis dashed over to the pool, eager to try the new diving board that had been installed.

         "Watch this," he called. "I can still do them." He threw himself backward off the board in an attempt to do a backflip, but he misjudged and hit his head on the board before tumbling into the pool.

         "Ellis, Ellis, are you all right?" He didn't answer me and there was not a sound coming from the pool. I began to panic and I tried to get up, but felt sudden pains in my belly and eased back down. "Ellis, what's happening, please come and help me, Ellis." I tried to get up again, but I was in agony and dropped onto my elbows, crying and screaming out for Ellis. I feared he was in trouble and couldn't hear me, floating in the pool, unconscious, his mouth filling with water.

. ҉

         The spirits of Gordy and Rosie were at the poolside dangling their feet in the pool. "I told him, I bloody told him about doing them backflips," Gordy remarked smugly. "But I suppose we've got to get him out of there, we've got to help them."

         "What for, it's nothing to do with us. Anyway, it's all because of her stubbornness that we're here. It should have been them two here, not us."

         "But they're my friends, they're here for me. Let me have all your power, I'll get in and get him out. I'm not strong enough to do it on my own now."

         "Let me have all your power and I'll go over and have the baby, I wouldn't mind trying that."

         Gordy looked over to Gloria. "It's a girl you know, they wanted a girl. Come on, Rosie, we've got to help."

         "Oh, all right, you big softie." She blended into him and together they whizzed into Ellis's body.

         Ellis climbed out of the pool and took a few steps towards Gloria before Gordy and Rosie left his body. He tumbled to the ground causing more distress to Gloria, but he was soon on his feet again coughing and spluttering while rubbing at a large bump on his head. "What happened, what happened?" he said.

         "I'm having the baby, Ellis; you've got to get me to the hospital."

         Ellis was in panic and was clumsily trying to dress while hurrying over to open the gates. He backed his car over and helped Gloria into her seat. He was still panicking, but Gloria told him to calm down; her pains had eased and she was feeling more relaxed. However, he was taking no chances and sped out through the gates. They just started down the approach road when he noticed a bright light behind them. "There's a motorbike behind us, where on earth did he come from?" Ellis slowed down and he pulled to the left to let the motorcycle pass. A young couple on a Triumph Bonneville flashed past them. "I know, just my imagination, but I'd swear that was Gordy. Just in case." He rolled down the window and put his arm out giving a thumbs up. "Cheers, Gordy."

         The couple looked back, gave a wave, and then disappeared.

         Gordy and Rosie were off on their journey to find eternal happiness, their joint action having lifted the curse of Carver's Hollow, the ghostly goings-on, gone forever.
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