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Smart women who rely on needles and prostitution

She says she doesn’t want to be the type to treat good people like shit anymore

She swears she won’t spend another second kissing the asses of wasteoids and narcissists

Her super power is her Extra Sensory Perceptions

That wildness just beneath thin skin, demanding some goddamn air and a map showing the way out

She feels crippled because of all that leaves her unneeded

all sorts of abandonment and stories most people don’t even believe are true

So she stopped telling

Now she’s forgotten how to communicate without feeling like a perfectly positioned little lie

Cater to your crowd. You just have to entertain people, they’re easy, she’ll tell me.

And even crippled, that’s another one of her superpowers

She is a performer


I’ve accepted that I have to get up at 4:30 am to catch a flight

I’ve accepted that I won’t be sleeping tonight

It’s just nice to know that she won’t be either

I bet she’s writing right now, too

When she isn’t high

Her priorities escape

Parading themselves all over the house

Haunting her roommates

Picking fights with the dogs

Like glitter on a staircase

She isn’t going anywhere

Not like this


If I’m not high, I’m drunk. You know that. This sure as hell ain’t coffee I’m drinkin. I sniff the rim of her dirty mug and nod in agreement, that ain’t coffee at all.

Her super power is her boundlessness

If I could find a way, I’d take photographs of her every single part

and spend the night on the floor of her paper room

The two of getting as high as we know we should always be

Taking our time putting the pictures back in order

Some type of shrine to her sanity

a reminder that she is no lie, nor the butt of any joke

Afterwards, I’d show her story to the doctors

police officers and junkie friends

people that claimed she’d lost it, or was simply too much to handle.

I want to share with them her super powers, just to see if they can be kind to a good person


You know, earlier I asked myself, ‘Is this tease worth all the trouble?’ And my answer was yes, but *only* because you’re hot…Trust me, I’ll get that pussy one day

she chuckles at herself and moves her gaze from me to the dirt speckling the window

itchy fingers can’t hide for long

so she rubs the mudspot with her pinky

leaving a smudge where a thought might have been
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2034800