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Daniel envies his housemate Tom. He also harbors a desire to be Tom's lover.
House Mates

Daniel stood in front of the stove stirring a pot of soup when Tom entered their galley kitchen from the side door, which opened in from the carport. Daniel pressed up against the stove to let Tom pass through. As Tom passed by his front brushed against Danielâs back. Daniel inhaled as he felt the bulge of Tomâs erection brush his ass.

"Smells great," Tom whispered. "Do I have time for a shower?"

"I can keep it warm for you," Daniel assured him.

He noted Tom was wearing workout shorts and a tank top, and his muscles glistened with sweat. His own cock stiffened at the thought licking salty sweat from his smooth skin. Daniel fell for Tom as soon as he met him. He loved to look at Tom when the other man wasn't looking. Tom was a prominent feature in many of Daniel's fantasies. He wondered if Tom ever thought of him the same way.

Daniel wished he could be as popular with men as Tom. He also wished he were as built as Tom. He did a lot of yoga and aerobics, but he was not really a fan of weight lifting. He inhaled sharply a second time when he felt Tom's large hands grip his slender hips. He could not help the small laugh that escaped him when Tom nuzzled into his neck, and took a deep sniff.

"Hey, that tickles," Daniel protested. He indicated the pot as he tried to squirm away from Tomâs caressing hands. He froze when he felt the length of Tomâs cock against his ass. "I have to serve this before the vegetables get mushy."

"Alright," Tom sighed. He pressed his firm lips to Daniel's neck before releasing him. "I'll get us beers."

As Daniel served the soup he made note Tom wore pajama pants and no shirt. After their meal Daniel collected the bowls and rinsed them in the sink. Tom put the remaining soup in a glass left over container. He placed the large pot in the sink and filled it with soap and water. When Daniel reached for the dish cloth Tom caught his wrist.

"Let's leave that to soak for now," Tom suggested.

Tom kept a firm but gentle grip on Daniel's wrist as he led him back down the hall to their bedrooms. He led him into his room, pulled him into an embrace, and kissed him passionately. Daniel felt the ground drop out from under his feet as Tom lifted him and carried him to the bed. Tom had Daniel naked in a matter of moments and was trailing hot kisses down his smooth skin to his twitching cock. Tom paused when he felt the crown of the other man's cock touch his chin. He looked up at Daniel with a questioning smile. All Daniel could do was nod. At the nod Tom enveloped Daniel's smooth tip in his hot wet mouth. Daniel laid his head back and closed his eyes as Tom slid his mouth over his length sucking and licking every inch of him. Daniel enjoyed his housemates enthusiasm. He was curious as to why Tom would suddenly want to go down on him, but he was not in any position to form a coherent phrase let alone a question. Instead he merely moaned and groaned as Tom sucked and licked. As Tom's sucking became more ravenous Daniel thrust his hips up, pushing his throbbing cock into his cavernous mouth.

"I'm gonna cum," Daniel warned.

Tom cupped Daniel's firm ass in his big hands to keep his mouth full of cock as Daniel's warm salty orgasm bathed his tongue. Daniel removed Tom's pants and indulged in the long hard flesh, which taunted him for so long.

Word Count: 625
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