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Tom and Lynn explore a deeper relationship after receiving permanent positions at the zoo.
Lynn Main sat at a table in the San Diego Zoo cafeteria. She barely touched her tuna fish sandwich and chips. The shiny name tag on the lepel of her doctor’s length lab coat kept drawing her attention. She spent the last year as an intern, working with the large cat expert Dr. Lee. Now she, Lynn Main, was the large cat expert. Dr. Lee’s retirement party would be held in the next two days, and then she was Hawaii bound. Lynn was eager to fill the role of the Zoo’s large cat expert. She could hardly wait to get started.
“Lynn!” a soft masculine voice drew her attention from her name tag. She looked up into the sparkling blue eyes of Tom Marshall. The brilliant smile on his face was all she needed to see to determine why he was so excited.
“You’re the one,” she entoned reverently, “Dr. Sanders chose you to be his assistant in the breeding department.”
“Yes!” He plopped down beside her, and set his tray down. “We made it Lynn! All of our hard work has paid off!”
“Congratulations, Tom,” Lynn smiled.
“And to you as well,” he laughed. He flicked the corner of the name tag on her lapel. “Congratulations Dr. Main.”
“Thank you, Dr. Marshall.” She gave his name tag a flick of her own.
“We should celebrate!” Tom exclaimed. He caught her hand before she pulled it away, and pressed his lips to to her fingers. “Do you have a date to Dr. Lee’s retirement party?”
“I did not realize it was a plus one event,” Lynn laughed. She attempted to reclaim her hand, but he held onto it. “I suppose we could go together.”
“You said we could give us as a couple a try after our year as interns,” he reminded her. “I would like to take you up on that; unless you’ve changed your mind.”
“No,” Lynn smiled, “But I think we should try before such a public event.”
“How about tonight?” Tom asked. “We could go to dinner, or a movie, or….”
“Why don’t you come to my place?” Lynn invited. “I’ll make dinner, and we can watch a movie; dating on a budget.”
“Sounds good,” Tom leaned in, and pressed a kiss to her cheek.
After a long day at the office Lynn came home to her one bedroom duplex. She started her shower, and stripped out of her work clothes. As the steaming hot water sluiced off the grime and animal smell she lathered her Cherry blossom body-wash over her smooth slick skin. Her nipples puckered at her touch, and her sex clenched at the thought of Tom’s large hands. As she rinsed off she slid one hand over her breasts, and the other down to her shorn crotch. Her fingers slipped between the smooth folds of her sex in search of her clit. She stroked the small bundle of nerves, and moaned Tom’s name as she brought herself to a small orgasm.
After her shower she dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, and a crop top. Her doorbell rang just as she was coming down the stair. She opened it to find Tom on the other side. He wore a black t-shirt, a pair of faded Levi’s, and sneakers. He held a boquet in one hand, and a bottle of wine in the other.
“Come in,” Lynn invited. She stepped aside, and closed the door after he entered. She took a moment to check out his fine ass as he moved further into the room. “I haven’t started dinner yet. I wasn’t sure what you would like.”
“It’s alright,” Tom smiled. “I’ll eat anything.”
Lynn led him into her eat in kitchen. She put the wine he brought into the refridgerator, and the flowers into a vase. “These are beautiful, thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” Tom looked away sheepishly. He rubbed the back of his neck. “I just picked them up at the grocery store.”
Lynn made two salmon filets, a pilaf in a box, and a frozen vegetable. As they ate they talked about their pasts, and why they chose to work at the San Diego Zoo. Tom was a California native, and did most of his schooling at the University of San Diego. His hobbies included surfing, and leisure reading on the beach.
“So, how about you, Lynn? What brings you to sunny California?”
“I hate the cold,” Lynn admitted. “Pennsylvania is not bad most of the time, but in the winter it’s freezing.”
She emphasized her point by shuddering dramatically and rubbing her bare arms. After their meal they moved into the living room, settled into Lynn’s couch, and set their wine glasses on the coffee table. Lynn picked up the remote and flipped on the television.
“So, what would you like to watch?” she asked bringing up the On-Demand menu.
“I’m not really interested in a movie,” Tom admitted. He leaned in and pressed his mouth to hers. When she did not pull away he cupped the back of her neck and angled his head to deepen the kiss.
Lynn let the remote fall from her hand and slid her fingers into Tom’s thick blonde curls.

Word Count: 869
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