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A short informal quiz to see how well you comprehend the English Language
I know this isn't posted in a Quiz format. Forgive me for that, this is more informal than anything.

Comprehension Test

         This is a test to see how well you comprehend the English language. But it’s an easy test, consisting of only 10 questions. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and answer each question correctly. Be sure to read every question first, and thoroughly, before answering any of them.

1. Writing.com (WDC) is run by a couple (Storymaster & Storymistress), who live near the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

         a. True
         b. False

2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was a song from which Disney movie?

         a. Mary Poppins
         b. Grease
         c. Electric Dreams
         d. West Side Story

3. Which of the following are not a color for a suitcase on WDC?

         a. Black
         b. Red
         c. Blue
         d. Pink

4. Complete this quote from “The Princess Bride” by reciting it aloud so any near can hear you. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. _________ ____ _____.”

         a. I kill you!
         b. Prepare to die!
         c. Now you die!
         d. You gonna die!

5. Write your name on a separate piece of paper. Make it as flowery or distinctive as you wish. Show it to your loved one if they are nearby. Did they like it?

         a. Yes
         b. No
         c. Indifferent
         d. They weren’t home

6. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote “Tarzan Of The Apes.” But he also wrote the ‘John Carter of Mars’ series.

         a. True
         b. False

7. What does a white suitcase denote for a WDC member?

         a. The member writes only poetry.
         b. The member has written a best seller.
         c. The member has passed away.
         d. The member has been published.

8. How many reviews must you complete in one month to earn a Merit Badge from the Anniversary Reviews forum?

         a. 35
         b. 5
         c. 25
         d. 15

9. Before answering the next question, make an entry in your notebook about how much you love WDC. Do you think it will get comments from any others?

         a. Yes
         b. No

10. In answering this last question, let's have a little fun. See how well you type by typing your answer with one hand. Hold the other hand in the air while doing so. The question is, “Do you write poetry, stories, or both?”

         a. Poetry
         b. Stories
         c. Both

Now that you have read the instructions, and every question, go back and answer only questions #1, and #3.


The correct answers are #1: True, #3: Pink. Since no other question should have been answered, if answered, they are all incorrect, even though there are correct answers for each.
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