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Flattop Forest would soon need a new King. Who would it be and, at what cost?

Twilight the elf, had been bullied all her life. The biggest and meanest bully was Everest the giant. Everest was the son of Mr. and Mrs.

Mount. They were a very wealthy family, they owned most everything in the forest. Twilight the elf on the other hand was born into

poverty. Her parents were the servants of Mr. and Mrs. Mount. As servants they were never mistreated but, they were also paid very

little for their labor. They ate beans and bread most nights for dinner and, had only one room for the whole family to share. Twilight was

the baby at 14 years old and had one older brother named Napf who was 16. Their parents did the very best they could but every day

was a struggle. The kids couldn't wait for the holidays to come, their parents were given the leftovers from the Mounts that usually

meant plenty of meat and potatoes and Napfs favorite, gravy. They dressed in rags and were quite filthy most times. The water

supply was very limited for the poor and that which was given, was given freely, from the Mounts. The cost of water was very high and

not many in the Forest could afford it so they went without. Whenever there was a rain storm they would get all the buckets they could

and made sure to fill up each and every one. There were many more who lived in poverty in Flattop Forest. The Mounts were in control

of everything and they owned everything. They weren't very generous with material things but, they had a great spirit and for the most

part treated the citizens of Flattop kindly. Dampier Mount was the King of the Forest and his wife. Pen Y Fan, his Queen. They had

ruled Flattop for decades but they were growing old. King Dampiers health was fading. He had called Dr. Good Hope to do a complete

check of his health. When the Dr. had finished all the test on the King he found out the King had K2, a disease that lives on the Fuji

tree. When the King was healthy he would roam the forest for days, even set up a small campfire and spend the night in the forest

without fear. The Dr. had decided that during his roaming he had come into contact with the K2 bush. Once the human body touches

the K2 the poison goes through the pores of the skin and bury its poison within the blood. The K2 was not found in many places but,

the King had unfortunately come in contact with it. The K2 disease takes years to really affect your body in a bad way, over the yrs it

had a bad affect on the King, he didn't have much longer to live. He was becoming weaker and weaker every day and soon, he would

have to crown another King.The Kings two sons Kaiser and Everest were very different. Kaiser was the kind one and loved to mingle

with the less fortunate. He found them to be respectful, very polite, and lots of fun even though they lived in poverty. They never blamed

Kaiser for the little pay the King gave them. Kaiser wanted very much to help them all but his brother was the older and, he would

become the next King. Kaiser helped in every way he could but he knew it wasn't enough. He loved and respected his parents but it

broke his heart to see how much wealth they had. The servants that did all the work had very little, it just broke his heart. His brother

Everest on the other hand, was a cruel soul. He not only wanted more, he felt the poor people already had too much, and more than

they deserved. He swore he would change that. He hated when the holidays came along because his parents would give their leftovers

to the servants. He felt the leftovers should be given to the beast of the Forest, the Aranat, and the Balkan. The Aranat protected the

forest. It could soar high up in the sky and had fangs as sharp as knives. Its speed was like flying through a time warp, everyone feared

them. The Balkan was a snake like creature that slithered among the dust and dirt of the ground. It made a roaring noise as if it were a

relative of the lion. The Balkan could coil its body like a spring. It could lift its body upright in a walking position when it was ready to

strike. The Aranat and the Balkan were his favorite of all the beast. He promised himself he would have one of each when he became

King. His mother, the Queen, knew of this. In her heart of hearts she knew Kaiser would be a much better King but, there was nothing

she could do. She would spend night after night thinking about it. One night the answer came to her in a dream, could she, would she

dare? Soon her question would be answered, but, at what cost?
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