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We think we don't believe in ghosts. Tell we see one for real.
Growing up in a big city, I never thought much about ghosts. Then, I moved into a house just after my second child was born. I fell in love with the two bedroom with a huge loft upstairs. It took us four days to move everything in and put all the stuff where it belonged. I had gotten the kids play room upstairs set up so they could have a huge area just for them. They were old enough to climb up and down the stairs. My oldest, Jessica, loved to play with her new dollhouse. I gave Heather my middle one some new dolls for Christmas that year.

After a week of being in the house, I'd put the kids down for their mid-afternoon naps and decided to lay down as will. I was just about ready to fall asleep and I heard a strange noise. It seemed to be coming from inside my room. I opened my eyes and didn't see anything there. I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep, so I got up, checked on the kids and went into the living room. I figured I'd watch some television. Then, I heard the noise again but, it seemed louder and it wasn't coming from my room it was coming from upstairs.

I made my way upstairs to see what the noise was. I got to the top of the stairs and saw a ball rolling for the loft room into the room I was standing in. I wasn't really scared, I was more intrigued then anything else. I slowly picked up the ball and walked into the other room. At first I didn't see anything then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small ghostly figure standing in front of the window. I looked closer and I could see right through it. I jumped backward just a bit. I wasn't going to scream, one thing it would wake my kids, two I seemed to be more relaxed then I thought I was and three, maybe I should say something.

I'd never dealt with ghosts before but, I knew deep within myself that whatever this was, wasn't going to hurt me or my kids. I stood there looking towards the window and the next thing I saw brought shock to every part of my body. The ghost was a little girl and she was looking right at me. I froze. ' Oh, my God!' I thought to myself. What the hell!

I said, " hello, can you talk?" I didn't know if it would answer me. I then saw it move a few steps towards me and then disappear. I quickly made my way back downstairs and checked on the kids again. They were still sleeping. I sat down on the couch. The only thought running through my mind was, my house has a ghost and its a child.

By the time Saturday came around. I'd told my boyfriend that I was heading to the library to find a book. I hadn't told him about the ghost and I would rather not for now. It didn't seem to bother the kids while they played upstairs. So, I was going to do some research on my house.

I knew that I could look at old newspapers and find out if there had been anything that happened in the house or neighborhood. I went through the papers on file and didn't find anything on any murders but, I did find one story about a girl that had been killed by her father. It happened 10 years before I moved into my house. The house has had only one owner. My next move was to call the homeowner and ask her if she knows anything about the house.

I left the library and headed back home. When I got home, I heard my daughter trying to tell their dad that she met a new friend. I knew who she was talking about. My boyfriend didn't believe her. I did.

I grabbed the phone and went out on the front porch. Dialed my managers number and waited for someone to answer.

After the third ring, I heard, " Hello."

" Good afternoon Mrs. Herbert. This is Shelly, the one that's renting your house. I'm calling to ask you if you know about a little girl and her father that used to stay in the house about 10 years ago." I could hear her breathing on the other end of the phone a little harder then normal.

" Miss Shelly," she said calmly. " I don't know anything about that and if I did, its none of your business."

She seemed a little angry and she hung up on me. Right then, that told me there was something. Maybe, it had to deal with her or something else. I didn't know and all I could do was guess.

Over all, we only stayed in the house for a whole year then, we moved out. The noises didn't stop but, it only happened once in awhile. My oldest, Jessica, never said much more about the little girl she called her friend and after we moved, she never brought it up. My boyfriend did find out about the ghost and just told me that its harmless. We only moved because he got a new job in another town.

The End.
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