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This is the fourth installment in my novella
Outworld- Chapter Four  (E)
This is the fourth installment in my novella
#2049995 by Chris Breva - 6 Years at WDC!

Danoth left the T'alockhhnah Empire and returned to his office in the palace of his own King, Shikjstra'khat the third of the Fourth Dynasty He had been transferred to the palace soon after returning from his encounter with the melothnoth'nk. His commanders had said it was for his protection. He thought it probably had more to do with keeping track of his progress and the fact his research could be more easily conducted there.
"Enter Zarahth" he called when the door buzzer went off. He knew it was Zarahth because he was the only senior officer who buzzed for admission and on this office all he had was senior staff. He had a standing protocol that senior officers did not have to obtain permission to enter his office. Then if an emergency were to occur they would be accustomed to simply entering. If he needed privacy he simply told his aide to keep everybody out. The only member of his senior staff who insisted on obtaining permission now was Zarahth. Zarahth felt it was disrespectful not to obtain permission before entering.
'What do you need my friend" Danoth asked, not waiting for Zarahth to go through the process of formally reporting.
Zarahth did so anyway and then stated "Science Officer Zarahth wishes to thank the Commander sir."
"Thank me for what Science Officer", Danoth asked. He already knew because the news traveled faster through the palace deplttakak than it did if it was broadcasted on the local news channels. He simply wanted to hear it from Zarahth.
" My emperor has awarded me the Legion of Honor, clans highest award. Itnd comes with a promotion all the way to knighthood, and vast holdings of land as a personal gift from His Majesty. And I owe it all to you sir, because the emperor cited his reason as being the fact that you spoke highly of me."
"Zarahth you give me all sorts of invaluable advice. Now do mind if I give you some?"
"Of course not sir" Zarahth answered, knowing that if your commanding officer asks your permission to say something, it's going to be of a personal nature.
"My advice to you is this old friend. When somebody commends you for a job well done, simply smile and say thank you."
"I think I can do that sir, Zarahth answered. " Thank you sir."
It was then that the door slid open and Sub-Commander Le'Quon entered. "If you two are done having your pat yourself on the back party in here, some of us have to save the world" he said with a dry sense of humor.
Secretly he was very pleased for Zarahth. In the short time he had known the older officer, he had grown to like and respect him deeply. If anybody on the planet deserved to be knighted it was Zarahth.
"Commander, your transport is waiting to take to your meeting with Warlord Gatletiant. Do you wish us to accompany you sir?"
"Yes Sub-Commander. I do wish you to accompany me. I also require Science Officer or should I say Lord Zarahth to accompany me!!"
"Yes sir", Zarahth answered without questioning. He did not know why Danoth wanted him along but like a good sailor he never questioned an order.
After a somewhat lengthy trip they'll were assigned quarters in Lord Gaetian's palace. Then after a period of rest they were escorted to a conference room.
" Gentlemen, I trust you rested well" Galetiant stated. "I ordered my servants and my men not to interfere with your rest cyclestelepate is nothing more disturbing than trying to clear one's mind in meditation and have a bunch of telepaths bombarding your mind with thoughts.
Danoth had indeed rested well as a result of a concoction a certain science officer had developed prior to their transport down here. Danoth did not have much background information on Lord Galetiant. The warlord had just recently ascended to power and the Delitight'nks were not a clan to keep many records. So the information available about the new warlord was sketchy at best. Therefore, assuming that the telepath and his cohorts would attempt to meddle with their minds, Danoth had taken the
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