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The team was split up should Clarence worry or cope with working alone?
In the Service of Our Lord

         Clarence got caught off guard, normally archangels worked in pairs. Clarence stood almost seven feet tall standing on his bare feet he had grown over the centuries an eight foot long three feet wide set of white fluffy wings. His brightly shining halo hovering three inches above his head always seemed to tip a little to the right. Clarence liked to think he was a normal or sometimes an average archangel. He had golden blond hair hanging down past his shoulders. He had a pale white skin with glowing blue eyes that felt like warm inviting pools of water. His huge wing's feathers glowed with a white light so bright a normal human couldn’t stand to look at them even with dark sunglasses on. Harry his partner of several hundred years had to go take care of an emergency without him. Now he received a call to go to earth to help out an angel in training team, Noel and Charlie.

         What on Earth was going on down there that required our Lord to split up teams? Wondered Clarence as he flew down to Earth.

         Clarence was aware that strange things were going on down there, but splitting up teams had him worried. Nothing like this had ever happened before in the history of mankind. Except maybe when Jesus was born and the lord had them all doing crowd control. Though Clarence.

         He landed next to Charlie who was comforting Noel, who was crying pretty hard over something. Of the two angel team Charlie had his wings like Clarence did but Charlie was still in training to become an archangel like Clarence. Charlie was training Noel to help her earn her wings to progress into the archangel training.

         “Charlie, What on Earth is going on here? You sent for me? Why please? “

         Charlie still comforting Noel spoke, “Her client was just possessed by a demon when she granted him his one miracle.”

         “Oh boy, now that does justify what I’m seeing now. As long as the client is possessed you cannot intercede and fix it either. Okay, let’s fix this. What is her clients name please?”

         “His name is Richard Shunary and that I believe is our problem the demon told me that our client actually held the demon’s definition and as such he had the right to possess him.”

         “Hum, that name now that you mention it does sound familiar in a weird sort of way. What was the miracle the client asked for in his prayers?”

         “All he kept praying for was a name change to anything but Dick or Richard. He was quite fond of George and Grayson.”

         “What name did Noel grant him in his miracle?”

         “I granted him the name of Grayson, Clarence.”

         “Okay, let’s try and piece this together before I summon him to me and purge the demon.”

         “Well Clarence, he really hated the name Dick. He said his friends always made fun of him because he was a big know-it-all.”

         “Wait a minute a big know-it-all? Okay Richard Shunary or Dick Shunary. Oh, no, Dictionary. No wonder he got possessed the demon is right he does indeed hold the definitions of demon inside him. No wonder he needs his name changed. Guys in order to make this work we need to perform three miracles. Two of which will not be related to Richard. Noel you cast the miracle of time travel on me and Charlie.”

         Noel stopped crying and bravely wiped away her tears then stood up proud to be an angle in service of our lord and granted the miracle of time travel on Clarence and Charlie. She stayed right where she was as the anchor to the present while Clarence manipulated time to go back to Richard’s birth. Once there Charlie granted the locator miracle to find his mother in the hospital. Once there Clarence waited until little Richard was born and when the mother went to name him he granted the name change to Grayson Shunary. Now that the changes were done the Time miracle wore off and both Clarence and Charlie were shot back to Noel. Upon their arrival they noticed that Noel now had her wings.

         They both congratulated her and Clarence returned back to his office in heaven. His job now was to assign an archangel to Charlie to finish training him as an archangel. Noel would receive a new wingless angle in training and Clarence would continue to monitor them. After finishing up the paper work that all those miracles required. It was the one part of the job he understood well. The paperwork made sure that they didn’t change the overall plan of salvation and were safe to leave in place.

         Harry came in sat down looking frazzled, worn out, and extremely agitated.

         “My favorite guardian angel Eric granted a miracle to a guy named Ralph. He wanted his name to be Theo. The problem with the name change was his last name Saurous. When you put the two names together you get Thesaurus. Do you how many demons I had to expunge from that man from the name change? I hope our lord will do something about demon definitions in that name or put a demon lock on it. I never want to try that again.”

         The room grew brighter, this was a sign that a message was being handed down from on high. It was always an honor to receive messages from the lord.

         “Archangels from now on you will use the three miracle approach to name changes as shown us today by Archangel Clarence. We would prefer this method over the hard working efforts of Archangel Harry. We believe he set a new world record of over three hundred and sixty miracles preformed in one day. The demons have figured out a new way to trick our beloved brothers and sisters below into allowing themselves to be possessed. If you have any questions please consult with Archangel Clarence for answers. Please keep up the good work my angels.”

         Clarence felt the bottom fall out from under him as millions of Archangels wanted to know the three miracle method. Harry looked over to him and started laughing. He took pity on him and granted him the miracle to speak at once to all Archangels. As funny as it was he still wanted to know the three miracle method himself.

Prompt: Archangel
Contest: The Lair
Word count: 1,033
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