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Will the best man win?
Most of the team, all but the quarterbacks, bunched up behind Coach in the blazing heat of the late summer afternoon to watch. The quarterbacks stayed out front, with Coach. The quarterback competition this year was tough and even though this was only high school, Coach had played and coached in the NFL. He was a pro and his quarterback drills showed it. They were fast, precise, demanding, and this was decision day.

Three players were competing to start at quarterback. “Ridiculous,” spat Rodney Collen, the starting right guard, and everyone knew what he meant. The team captain, running back DeJuan Castle, walked up to Rodney, jabbed a finger into his sweat-stained jersey, and barked, “Hey! You stuff that, Rodney. We all have a stake in this. Who starts at quarterback matters. Pay attention.”

Coach called DeJuan over to run pitch drills with the quarterbacks. It began. Number One tossed the ball too far in front of DeJuan as he sprinted out of the backfield. Number Two bobbled the snap before the play could get started. Number Three hit DeJuan square in the numbers.

Coach called the wide receivers in for the passing drill. Post routes, deep down the field. Number One took the snap and fired, three yards short of the receiver. Number Two fumbled the snap again. Number three fired a high arc and the ball nestled into the receiver’s outstretched hands, fifty yards down the field.
Coach turned to the team. “We’ve worked on this stuff all week,” he said. “I’ve decided. Starting quarterback is Jaala Danjou.”

Number Three grinned and removed her helmet, rseleasing a cascade of curly hair. “A quarterback with eye make-up,” said DeJuan Castle, with a smile. “This doesn’t make sense.”

Coach smiled back and said, “It does if you want to win.”

(Word count: 300)
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