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Flash fiction entry for 9/5/15
The sweet smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies was teasing little Marissa. She and Grandma made a whole bowlful of cookie dough and the first batch was almost done. “How much longer Grandma?” She asked with her nose guiding her closer to the hot oven.

“When you hear the buzzing of the timer.”

Marissa’s eyes widened as she watched each perfectly rounded lump of dough fall onto the next cookie sheet.
“Grandma, why can’t we eat the dough?” She climbed on the stool next to her Grandmother.

“Such an impatient little one, aren’t you?” She slapped Marissa’s chubby little hand from grabbing bits of cookie dough. “Eating that uncooked can make you sick, child.”

The buzzer went off and Marissa’s head turned with a start. “Grandma! They’re done! Yea!” Her whole body began bopping on the stool.

“Be careful, Honey. We don’t want you falling.” The hot sheet was placed on the stove for cooling.

Marissa’s eyes widened with the excitement of a four year old as she watched each cookie slide onto the cooling rack. “Oh! The cookies are done! The cookies are done!” She climbed down the stool and pulled on her Grandma’s apron.

“Let’s get out some milk and sit at the table. The cookies should be cooled by then.” The phone rang just as Grandma was walking to the cookies. “That’s probably your mom. I’ll be right back, be good.”

Marissa couldn’t believe it, just when the cookies were ready! With a “hrmph”, she slid the stool to the oven and grabbed a handful of cookies and ate to her heart’s content.

Grandma came back with a stunned look on her face. “Marissa, what do you have to say for yourself?” She shook her head and handed Marissa her glass of milk.

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