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Breaking and Entering?
(word count 300)

"Gigantopithecus" Charlie said, staring at the massive hole.

"What?" Dr Morgan asked.

"Gigantopithecus. You said, 'There has to be an explanation,' and I said, 'Gigantopithecus'."

Dr. Morgan knelt and picked up a piece of debris. The back of the storage shed had been ripped apart in order to gain entry. The entire wall was missing. It was destroyed. Morgan looked at Charlie, "I don't understand. There was nothing in this shed but research samples. And, according to the dispatch I just received from the university, they were nothing of value."

Charlie Unger, Morgan's graduate assistant, was checking the bushes while Dr. Morgan inspected the shed itself. Paleo-archeology had been her passion since she was a little girl. Now, deep in the rain forest of Washington, she was studying, collaborating really, with one of the greatest minds in the field. They had been digging sites and mapping a theory of co-existence between the aboriginal tribes and the most unusual habitat in North America.

"Maybe it was the loggers?" Morgan suggested. "Just a case of simple sabotage."

Charlie shook her head and continued searching the bushes. "They don't care about us. Any delay we cause them, they can beat with a single phone call."

"Okay, it could have been kids. Vandalism."

Again, Charlie shook her head. "It's the wrong season for hikers, and this is a permit only area. It'd be too easy to catch them."

"Well, do you have any better suggestion?" Morgan asked, walking over to where she was kneeling.

"Gigantopithecus!" she repeated, looking up from her notebook. "It was in his way."

Dr. Morgan looked down and gasped. There, in the soft earth of the rain forest, was a trail of massive size 51 footprints heading off into the forest.

"Sounds better than, Bigfoot." Charlie said flatly.
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