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Just One Point Of View Contest entry
The evening was cool and there was no natural light because of the cloud cover. Even though he was blind he could see more than people thought possible. Memories of those long ago days still ran through his head as if he had just lived each event. flooded by the sounds, feelings, smells so familiar he knew exactly where he was and which way to go to get to the place where it all began fifteen years ago. Details of his birthday celebration came rushing into his thoughts as he slowly tapped his way through the city streets. Why this had happened and how was responsible was no mystery or so he believed.

The eerie darkness was not noticed by this determined traveler because he focused on taking all the information he needed to be oriented to his surroundings. Street lights which usually lit the area brightly were dark and lifeless because of the power outage which was very convenient for the blind man who wanted to again celebrate this anniversary of his unique birthday event in a way no one would ever forget. For fifteen years all he thought about was returning to the place where his life was forever changed and he would spend the rest of his life struggling to be normal like everyone else. For him this time of remembrance would be sweeter than honey.

As he entered the building and went up the steps to the bar room where he had celebrated his birthday of 19 years, he took in the musty smells, listened to the echo of the stairwell, and strained to determine if the person he was seeking could be heard within. Just before he entered through the door, it was obvious that person wasn't there. The smell, voice, and scent of alcohol consumed by his query was not making it's way to him, so he turned to retreat, when unexpectedly the voice sounded behind him. The smell of oil soon hit his nostrils and there was no doubt in his mind he had found who he wanted.

Oddly there was other smells and sounds which didn't fit with his memory of the person who caused him to become blind. The clicking of nails and panting seemed very strange and made his so uncomfortable that he almost jumped out of his skin. Quickly opening a closet door he slithered inside and waited for his victim to pass. Then seconds later he was aware of a great cheer which erupted in his ears as if it were the entire democratic and republican convention wrapped into one.

With little hope of getting revenge now, and knowing there was too much activity and too many people to witness his plan, he reluctantly retreated. Knowing there would be tomorrow to do in his enemy he went home flopped into bed, and fell asleep.

Meanwhile his enemy enjoyed the cheering and welcoming of his friends. "good to see ya, my man." and other similar statements were made towards this individual who apparently had been gone for quite some time. "how long have you been out?" was the most asked question?" and the response was "much longer than I care to think about."

From my point of witness these events seemed quite strange at first, yet after having time to consider what happened, I knew the matter of fifteen years ago had already been concluded to the unknowing of both parties. Sure was amazing how things turned out after the fight at that fateful birthday party.

I know all about these events because I'm the detective who has been on the case for all these years and who managed to solve the case of these murders around this area. The missing links are now linked closely together and for my money they have already received their imprisonment.

The two conspirators who were part of this plan now are imprisoned in total darkness for the rest of their lives. One of them travels using a long white cane and the other travels with a guide dog who leads them around. I believe they have received the most harsh sentences possible. As for the cane traveler, he wound up going to another state to be with family because during the night that he was returning to get revenge, revenge got him with a heart attack. The dog guide user never knew how close he came to breathing his last breath.

Go figure, these fellers will never know what happened to each other but also, they won't know what I know. Not long after finding both of them in the same town, learning that both of them were blind, and being very, very close to retiring, I decided to call it quits and went back to a desk job to finish out my last week as detective. No harm, no foul as I see it.
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