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Rated: E · Assignment · Fantasy · #2059746
Required Assignment 1 for NaNo Prep
Main: Gwen Maneherder
Minor 1: Taurus Longhorn
Minor 2: Matrim Hallowfang


Gwen Maneherder: Wishes to master all five natural elements through her training as a Mage. She also wishes to find a way to be with Prince Matrim Hallowfang; even though the law forbids Mages to hold a position of power above Royal Magus.

Taurus Longhorn: To find his place as the child of a human woman and Minotaur man. Taurus has no interest in learning magic. He wishes to be an Ambassador to Leo Terranroar; King of Bastion; as his father before him. He also wishes to be husband to Gwen.

Matrim Hallowfang: A true example of someone who wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become King of Trellion, but not at the cost of his budding relationship with Gwen.


As          mentioned above the law of Trellion states a mage cannot hold power          above the position of Royal Magus, so there is no way for Gwen to be          an appropriate match for Prince Matrim. While Gwen is away on her          year of seclusion, King Jarrod announces Prince Matrim's betrothal          to Lady Brianne, the supposed daughter of King Marcus of Adoren.          When Gwen returns from her year of seclusion she discovers she is          two months pregnant and she is certain it is Matrim's child.          

When          Taurus reveals his feelings for Gwen she tries to let him down          gently and informs him she is in love with someone else. It is not          hard for him to figure out she is in love with Prince Matrim.          Before he is able to pursue her further he loses his father on a          mission and falls into a depression which leaves him uninterested in          pursuing any type of serious relationship.

After          learning of his betrothal to Brianne Matrim attempts to talk his          father out of the match. When Jarrod refuses, Matrim leaves the          palace and joins Gwen at the Elemental Coast during her year of          seclusion. They share Gwen's tent, and he tries to convince her          not to return to the palace. He plans for them to live on the coast          for the rest of their days.


Demona Black Reaver presents her daughter Brianne Blackreaver as the daughter of King Marcus of Adoren. There is some truth behind the deception; Brianne is Marcus's daughter but he has never claimed her as his. She has no claim to Adoren until he does.

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