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A colorful way to recycle those old, broken crayons
This is a great way to recycle those old pieces of crayons.

Items Needed:

An electric griddle
Crayons - broken pieces work best
Aluminum Foil
Drawing Paper

This project is great for kids but definitely needs adult supervision!

*Crayons* *Crayons2* *Crayons3* *Crayons4* *Crayons5* *Crayons6* *Crayons7* *Crayons8* *Crayons9* *Crayons10*

Place a sheet of aluminum foil on griddle

Set griddle on low; should be just warm enough to melt the wax

Have adult place pieces of crayons on the griddle

As the wax melts (with supervision) the kids can mix the colors and make designs. Use bamboo skewers or long sticks

When the wax is melted, the adult can place a piece of paper on the griddle and VOILA! you have a wax print. Use the potholders to remove the paper. Be very careful the wax will be VERY HOT!

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