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This is an old essay that I wrote in eighth grade. It is about MY childhood specifically.

Everyone's views of America are different. In the eyes of a child, there are no problems, no worries, and nothing to fear. When you are a kid, you can find fun in almost everything. You do not really understand a lot of important issues like politics, divorces, etc. Growing up is so easy and fun because things like new toys, surprises, or even getting something like a candy necklace can make you happy for hours.

When you are a kid, you wake up in the morning and lay there for a couple seconds, adjusting to the morning sunlight. You slide out of bed and run downstairs to wake your parents up, jumping into their bed with them as they are rubbing their eyes, trying to wake up. You scream, "Good morning!" as you jump up and down, excited to start your day. When your parents finally get up, you run to the bathroom and take a bath. You play with the bubbles, making beards and yelling, "Ho ho ho!!" like you are Santa Clause.

When you are all clean, you run to the TV and watch your favorite cartoons until everyone else is ready. Your whole family is finally awake, and it is time to start everything! Sometimes your parents will surprise you and say, "You guys want to go get some ice-cream?" or, "How about we go to the library and get you a new book?" or even, "You guys want to go to Grandma's?" No matter where your parents ask you to go, you will always say yes. The exciting car ride to your destination is always suspenseful and you are growing impatient. You scream, "Are we there yet?" and your parents look at you in the mirror and smile saying, "Almost there."

When you come back home, you still have time to kill, so you play outside on the trampoline, or you play on the swings, or if it is too cold out, then you stay in and play in your room or play some cheesy computer games. You could play with your dog or have a tea party or play with your doll house when you're bored with whatever you were doing before. The choices were unlimited to you because you could find the fun in anything. Sometimes, dad will be working on the car and he will let you help with little things, or he will be burning branches in the fire pit and you get to light the fire. Every once in a while, your parents will take you and your sibling to the forest at the far end of the field and show you the train tracks and tell you about how Abraham Lincoln once rode in a train over them.

Every time there was a holiday, your two houses would be the places of honor. Everyone would show up and the pool would be open, the bonfire burning, and there would be torches placed all over the yard. The tough kids of the family would go into the dark field of tall grass with flashlights and look for snake holes and rabbits. The nights would usually end with people going to the second house to stay the night, and others would just head home. In the morning, the people who stayed the night would come back to the main house and the best cooks in the family would make pancakes, waffles, eggs, and pretty much a huge buffet!

When you go to sleep, you think about your day. You get all snug in your blankets and you look around the room at the stickers on your wall, smiling at them. Then you close your eyes, and drift off to sleep with a faint smile still spread on your face. As you have the most amazing dream, you anticipate tomorrow, and it will be amazing because you are a kid, and there is nothing in the world that is more amazing than a child's life.

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