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Required Assignment 15 for NaNo Prep
An Afternoon Ride

Matrim climbed the twisting stone steps leading to the tower chambers of the Royal Magus. He could use the secret passage that connected his room to Gwen's but there was a good chance her mother Morgan would be awake. He knocked on the large wood door. The door opened a crack and Gwen peered out. Matrim smiled one of his most charming smiles.

"Good day, My Lady."

"Your Grace?" Gwen opened the door a bit more and offered him a polite courtsey.

Matrim took her by the hand and drew her out onto the landing in front of the door. Gwen was a few months younger than he and she was a foot shorter. At thirteen he stood at five feet and three inches. The boots he wore lifted him at least an inch or two more. He stared down at her through his dark blue eyes.

"Are you busy?"

"I am working on a potion."

"How long have you been at it?"

"A few hours."

"Then you should be ready for a break."

"You are supposed to be observing your father as he holds court."

"I am bored." Matrim drew her closer, sliding an arm around her waist. 'Come on Gwen. Do not make me beg."

"You are already begging." Gwen laughed.

"Then do not make me continue to beg." Matrim leaned in and brushed his lips over her ear. "I want to give you something, but you have to agree to come with me."

Gwen smiled and nodded. After cleaning up her potion tools, she allowed him to lead her down the stairs, out of the palace, and across the courtyard to the stables. Their horses were already saddled for them. Gwen swung herself into the saddle of a large black stallion named Tempest. He was originally meant for Matrim but he would only cooperate with Gwen. Matrim climbed onto a white mare named Serenity. She was a gentle horse who just wanted to please her rider. Once they were past the palace gates Gwen allowed Tempest to have his head. The horse went from trot to gallop without passing through canter. Matrim kept Serenity at a canter until Gwen finally slowed Tempest back to a trot. Matrim smiled at the sight of the fly away strands of hair that broke loose from Gwenâs braid. A pink ribbon was entwined in the elaborate twists of hair. Morgan performed the ritual on the twelfth anniversary of Gwen's birth, signifying her eligibility for courtship. After that Matrim made his interest in her, as more than a friend, abundantly clear.

"Let us rest here." Matrim suggested when they reached a meadow. They walked their horses into the soft green grass and dismounted. As soon as their reins were dropped the animals lowered their heads to graze. Matrim led Gwen a few feet away from the animals and settled onto a soft patch of grass. She settled beside him and pressed her hip to his. He slid an arm around her shoulders and squeezed with his fingers. Gwen looked up at him thinking he was going to speak. He surprised her by pressing his lips to hers. She let out a small sound of surprise and pulled back..

"What is wrong?" Matrim turned to face her and rest his free hand on her waist. "I have kissed you before."

"Yes but you should not." Gwen protested. She pressed her hands to the front of his silk coat in an attempt to halt him as he nipped playfully at her lips. "Matrim, please, you know you should not."

"What is a few kisses between friends?" He took her face in both hands and massaged her soft cheeks with his thumbs.

The corners of her sweet mouth turned up in a smile. Her eyes slid closed as he leaned in and brushed his lips over hers. She made soft sounds of surrender as his tongue gently probed her lips apart. As it slid into her soft wet mouth, he inhaled through his nose and sealed his lips over hers. The sound he made when her tongue met his was a soft chuckle in his throat. As he continued slow licks into her mouth he eased her back and lay over her. She made a soft sound of alarm but did not pull away. His hands slid from her face, down her neck, and over her shoulders, exposing her smooth light skin to the sun and grass. She squirmed beneath in and pulled away on a shy giggle.

"What is so funny?"

"The grass tickles my skin."

Matrim smiled and pressed light kisses to her neck. Gwen squirmed and giggled a bit more at the light brush of his lips over sensitive skin. He pulled back and looked down at her. Her skin blushed with arousal, as Lilian, his maid, told him it would. He slid his finger tips bsck up her smooth shoulders and down the small amount of cleavage above her bodice.

"Matrim," Gwen gasped. She caught his fingers before they traveled further into her bodice. "You know I am not of age for..."

"I was not going to go any further."

Matrim lay on his side facing her. He rested his hand on her tiny, flat stomach. He rested his head on the other and stared down into her beautiful green eyes. The hand he rested on her stomach slid up over her bosom and toyed with one of the strands of hair that escaped her braid.

"When you are old enough, may I be the one to introduce you to the pleasure of sharing a bed with a man?"

"I am not sure that is a good idea." She turned her head away to avoid his gaze.

"Why?" He touched her cheek to bring her eyes back to his. âI promise I will do my best not to hurt you.â

"I believe you." Gwen reached up and caressed his cheek. "Unless the law preventing mages to hold positions above the Royal Magus is changed, we cannot hope to be more than lovers. You will have to marry a princess..."

"I will not be betrothed for another two years." Matrim interrupted. "Much can change in two years."

He leaned down an caught her mouth in another kiss. His fingers slid from her cheek to her large braid and he gave it a gentle tug. Her head tilted back and he deepened the kiss. When she pulled away to catch her breath he whispered soft words in her ear.

"Promise me you will save yourself for me."

"I will do my best."

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