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Two men and a woman at a masquerade.
Jillian stood against the wall of a ballroom in the home of some very well off friends. She watched couples sway to the classical music of the orchestra through the eye holes of her black feline eared mask. She sipped the expensive champagne and hummed with appreciation as the bubbles tickled down her throat.

"Hey there, miss kitty." A husky voice breathed in her ear. The warm breath of the whisper made her loins tighten. Moisture coated her tender folds as a man's hand slid beneath the split seam of her gown and cupped her bare buttock. "What do you say we go have a private party?"

Jillian turned her head and stared into dark green eyes framed by a silver mask. Long dark, red, wavy locks covered the band of the mask. A pair of masculine lips curved in a suggestive smile revealing a set of white teeth. Jillian considered for a moment before cupping his buttock through his black dress pants. "Lead the way."

He continued to massage her ass as he guided her out of the ballroom, up a flight of stairs, and into a dimly lit bedroom. Another man sat on the bed wearing the same silver mask. His eyes were green as well but they were more timid than those of the other. "I hope you don't mind if my brother joins us."

"Not at all." Jillian smiled at her escort. "Can we leave the masks on?"

"Of course," her escort answered. He was already unbuttoning his dress shirt to reveal a firm chest and abdomen covered in dark curly hair. Jillian could not help sliding her fingers through is and purring. "You may call me Jurgen if you like. My brother is Bertrand."

"Are those your real names?" Jillian asked.

"No," Jurgen answered. "But I figure if we're going to wear the masks why not keep our identities a secret. Now, what shall we call you?"

"Miss Kitty is fine," Jillian answered.

"Very well." Jurgen took her by the hand and led her to stand before his brother. "Bertrand this is Miss Kitty."

The other man stood and cautiously held out a hand. "Nice to meet you."

Jillian smiled and shook his hand, feeling a bit awkward. This was not the way her one night stands usually went. She wondered if Bertrand was a virgin. Jurgen was too confident for her to wonder the same about him. He stepped behind her and untied the strings behind her neck that held her dress up. He lowered the front of her dress, revealing her large, soft breasts to Bertrand. The exposed portion of Bertrand's face reddened at the sight and he swallowed a visible lump of tension. He cupped one of her breasts and circle the rosy nipple with his thumb. Her hum of pleasure encouraged him to lean forward and take the tender bud between his lips. Her head fell back on Jurgen's shoulder as Bertrand suckled. She unbuttoned Bertrand's shirt, revealing a similar chest and abdomen to Jgen's but cover in a thinner layer of hair.

While Bertrand switched to her other nipple, Jgen pulled her dress off, revealing gold G-string panties. He took hold of the strings with both hands and slid the garment down her legs, grazing her smooth, heated skin with his knuckles. She moaned as two of his fingers slid between her folds. "Oh, Miss Kitty, you're soaked already."

"Y-yes." Jillian gasped as two of his fingers slid inside her. She slid Bertrand's shirt from his shoulders and went to work on opening his pants. Bertrand slid back on the bed as she removed his pants and boxers. She felt her face flush and her body tense as Jurgen's fingers worked her to an orgasm before Bertrand's eyes.

Jurgen removed his fingers from her and gave her a light swat on her bare bottom. Jillian climbed onto the bed and crawled up Bertrand until she was straddling his lap. She slid her slowly up and down the underside of his rigid shaft.

"Please stop." Bertrand gasped, gripping her hips to halt her mid slide. "I'll explode if you keep that up."

"Try your mouth on him first," Jurgen suggested as he climbed onto the bed behind her. "That way he'll stay hard, even if he comes."

Jillian nodded and scooted back to lay in Bertrand's lap. She gripped the root of him in one hand and slid her mouth down his length, touching her lips to her finger. Using her lips and tongue she massaged an orgasm from Bertrand, which she swallowed. She moaned around Bertrand's cock as she felt Jgen rub his against her soaked sex. He rubbed her until his cock was covered in her juices. More moans erupted from her as she felt him lick her from her clit to her anus.

Jgen pulled her up short just before she drove Bertrand wild. He guided her so her wet pussy slid onto Bertrand's cock, and then inserted his into her anus. The tight fit made it difficult to move at first. Her breasts flopped wildly as both men drove into her until they filled her with their hot release.

Word Count: 862
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