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Rated: E · Short Story · Holiday · #2062866
Magic happens to Frankie the Siamese and Anna Trudy McGill on their favorite night.
A Halloween Story

Frankie the aging Siamese shivered himself awake. He opened one startling blue eye and then the other, and in the manner of all Siamese since the beginning of time a purr formed deep in his throat fast becoming the yowl he was known for. Somehow it didn't sound as loud this dark night, but his eyes had yet to focus on the FULL MOON which energized him so.

He stretched first one slender brown leg and then another, arched his back, held his crooked tail high in the air and looked around for Anna Trudy McGill. At first he was afraid she was going to sleep through their adventure of the most special night of the year , but then he heard her humming by the front door. She was dressed in a warm winter coat and high boots to protect her feet against the wintry slush. She looked ready to go and when she heard him she smiled and motioned for him to follow her.

Frankie tried a heroic leap from the top book shelf where he slept but stiffness of joints and advancing age impeded his movements and he hit the old record player to his right sending 45s flying and BREAKING one. He had missed a jump from the MUDDY WHEELBARROW last night, when he was trying to protect his newly cleaned paws, SMASHING a few PUMPKINS in the process. He wasn't too worried and Anna only laughed at him when he grumbled and growled.

To anyone watching that night it would have been a strange sight, but not one to bring much curiosity to the mind. The little lady of a certain age with her wispy hair in a bun and BIFOCALS perched on her nose, and her Siamese cat often wandered at night. But tonight had a different feeling. They were both restless and anxious for what lay ahead.

They approached the small structure at the back of the woods. It was not more than a shack and had not been visited for a year. There was s SCARECROW that was losing its straw slumping beside the front door. Frankie was excited to see it again and ran on ahead. His legs seemed younger already.

The door to the shack was held tight by a latch on a RUSTY NAIL. Anna had been meaning to replace it, but each year went by with the same arrangement. The door squeaked as it was pushed open and Frankie darted inside, almost tripping
over his own feet. He felt so kitten like now. He knew he could leap anywhere and not miss. His purr filled the room.

Anna Trudy McGill hung her coat and took a cape down from a hook by the door. She donned jeweled bangled bracelets and a lustrous GOLD HOOP EARRING. The hair that had been wispy and grey glowed blond and full and a smile played around her lips as she looked around. She drew aside a curtain which hid a deep shelf and from its interior withdrew a glass globe. At her touch it began to glow with an inner FIRE, warming her hands and heart. It beamed and danced and came to life, for it had not been touched in a year and it radiated joy and youth. Anna Trudy luxuriated in the MAGNIFICANT view for some time.

It was with great resignation that she pulled herself away, replaced the globe on its curtained shelf and returned all her finery for another season. The cloak again hung by the door and she pulled on her heavy coat to face the night outside. Frankie took one final stretch, exercised a magnificent leap from the highest shelf and emitted a supremely satisfying Siamese yowl.

As they closed the door and made their way across the forest to their ordinary home it didn't seems so bad after all. Anna Trudy had decorated with COLORFUL GOURDS and Jack-o-lanterns . There was a basket of CANDY CORN by the door for the children to have, and Frankie would sometimes allow them a pet or two as he lay in his chair on the porch.

Anna Trudy did frown at the FLAT TIRE on her bicycle however. It never was a problem when she rode her broomstick.
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