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Rated: 13+ · Assignment · Fantasy · #2063329
Required Assignment 28 for NaNo Prep
Full Name: Taurus Longhorn
Meaning of Name: Named after the sign of Taurus. A common practice of Bastionites when their children are born on the first day of a solar period.
Nickname: Calf (a pet name given by Gwen)
Birth Date: Taurus 1, 57
Astrological Sign and Details: Taurus
Birth Place: Trellion Palace
Age: 19
Race: Half-human Half-Minotaur
Hair Color: Black with natural purple highlights
Hair Style: Long, bushy, and wild
Shape and Features of Face: Square face, funnel shaped nose, round eyes, firm upturned mouth.
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Tone: Sun darkened
Most predominant feature: A set of 19" bull horns protruding through his thick hair sticking straight out and curled at the ends.
Scars or Distinguishing Marks: Four lightning bolt shaped red lines protruding from his navel in the shape of an "X".
Build or Body Type: Thick; Muscular; Hard
Weight: 320lbs
Speech Patterns: Gruff but polite
Gestures: Fluid and Graceful
Weakness: A short temper

Family and Childhood

Mother: Evelynn Stormsong
Father: Virgo Longhorn
Mother's Occupation: Grand Enchantress of the Trellion Tower of Magi
Father's Occupation: Ambassador of the King of Bastion
Best Friend: Gwen Maneherder
Other Friends: Matrim Hallowfang, Cortan and Biarric Stonemason
Enemies: Pisces
Home Life During Childhood:
Taurus lived in the Trellion tower of Magi with his mother. He was feared and ridiculed by the other children because of his Minotaur features. He spent most of his time either practicing with his sword, or in the garden with Lyra Oakwood the Tower Herbalist.
What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like:
Taurus stayed in the small bedroom reserved for the Grand Enchanter's Apprentice. The small metal cot and mattress have been replaced by a large wooden bed to support Taurus's weight. There is a large wardrobe to the right of the bed and a chest of drawers.

Schooling: Taurus has been taught to read and write by his mother and Lyra.
Favorite Subject: Great heroes and past battles
Popular or Loner: Loner
Important Experiences or Events:

Shortly before the fifth anniversary of his birth Taurus's father arrived at the Tower of Magi and with the help of the Tower Blacksmith assisted Taurus in crafting his first blade.

Scorpius of his fifth year; Morgan allows Taurus to hold her daughter Gwen while his mother tests her for magical aptitude.

Litha of his eleventh year; Taurus spends time getting to know Prince Matrim and Gwen. Finds himself attracted to Gwen.

Litha of his sixteenth year; he tells Gwen he loves her but she tries to let him down easy by explaining she does not feel the same way.

Mabon of his sixteenth year; He accompanies his father on a mission into Reaven. His father dies on the mission.

Eve of the sixteenth anniversary of Prince Matrim's birth; Taurus attends the ball as a representative of Bastion. After the ball he and his mother were supposed to escort Gwen to the Trellion Tower of Magi where she would birth and raise her child. Everything goes wrong when Matrim and Gwen mysteriously disappear. Taurus believes Gwen and Matrim ran away together.

Religion and beliefs: Believes in the Great Spirit of Creation and the Taurus the Great Bull who fathered the Minotaur race.

Your Character's Character
Bad Habits: Carousing
Good Habits: Hygienic and Physically active
Best Characteristic: Loyal, trustworthy, dependable
Worst Characteristic: short temper, aggressive, impatient
Worst Memory: Witnessing his father fall in battle
Best Memory: Kissing Gwen
Proud of: His paternal heritage as an Ambassador and great warrior.
Embarrassed by: The negative reactions of those who see him as a beast rather than a man.
Strong Points: His gentle nature when unprovoked.
Temperament: Boisterous and assertive. Tendency to be aggressive when provoked.
Attitude: Self-reliant
Weakness: untrusting of those he encounters for the first time
Fears: Persecution
Phobias: Wild fire
Regrets: Not doing more to keep Gwen with him on the night of her disappearance
Feels Vulnerable When: He is in a crowd of people he does not know.
Pet Peeves: Intolerant people
Conflicts: He wants to be with Gwen but he knows his physical appearance will garner unwanted negative attention. He also has to contend with the fact that she is in love with someone else.
Motivation: A desire to live harmoniously with the woman he loves.
Short Term Goals and Hopes: Blending in as best he can
Long Term Goals and Hopes:
To open the boarders between Trellion and Bastion to promote unions between their two peoples.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Day or Night Person: Either
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist

Likes and Styles
Music: Drinking songs, war songs, songs laced with innuendo
Foods: Things he hunts or catches
Drinks: Ale and Mead
Social Issues: The treatment of Bastionites outside of Bastion
Clothing: Linen tunics, baggy trousers, and leather boots and bracers. A sword belt across his upper torso that secures the sheath of his two-handed great sword to his back.
Jewelry: A leather cord holding an iron pendant with the symbol of Taurus engraved in the center.
Games: Drinking games and games of chance such as dice and cards
Greatest Want: Gwen's love
Greatest Need: Acceptance by those who are not citizens of Bastion

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now
Home: The Palace of Bastion
Household furnishings: Elegant and luxurious
Favorite Possession: His father's sword
Most Cherished Possession: The pendant he wears. It was given to him by Gwen to celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of his birth when he became a man.
Relationship with Family: Close to his mother
Career: Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bastion
Dream Career: Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bastion
Dream Life: Married to Gwen, raising her unborn child as his own
Love Life: Active but uncommitted
Sexual Turn Ons: Soft well-endowed women who are willing participants
Sexual Turn Offs: Looks of disgust or fear
Hobbies: Sword fighting; hunting; leather working
Guilty Pleasure: Drinking; gambling; physical pleasure
Talents or Skills: Use of a sword; tracking; hunting
Intelligence Level: Average
Greatest Strength: Adaptation and survival
Greatest Weakness: Anxiety over his physical appearance
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