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Required Assignment 30 for NaNo Prep
In the beginning of the story Gwen becomes close friends with Prince Matrim of Trellion. She resits at first when he attempts to push their friendship into a more serious and intimate relationship. Her reasoning is that the law prevents her from becoming his Queen, and that he will have to marry a princess from one of the other kingdoms in order to maintain diplomatic relations. He eventually coaxes her into an elicit affair which ends after his betrothed arrives at the Trellion palace on the eve of the Winter Solstice of his fifteenth solar cycle.

By this time Gwen has discovered she is pregnant with Matrimâs child. She knows she cannot tell him but refuses Morgan's offers of potions that could cause her to miscarry. Instead Morgan and Evelynn make plans to have Gwen sent to the Tower of Magi where she will birth and raise her baby in secret. Evelynnâs son Taurus has agreed to marry Gwen before the baby is born and will claim the child as his own. Gwen realizes this is the best way to secure her own life and the life of her child. She also knows keeping the knowledge of the child from Matrim is the best way to ensure he will fulfill his duties to the kingdom.

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