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Rated: E · Assignment · Fantasy · #2063451
Required Assignment 31 for NaNo Prep
Protagonist(s).          Who is(are) your main character(s)?

Gwen Maneherder
Matrim Hallowfang
Taurus Longhorn

Goal(s).          What do they want?

Gwen√Ęs goal is to ensure a safe life for herself and her unborn child.
Matrim wants to run away with Gwen and maintain a life with her hidden from his responsibilities as Crowned Prince.
Taurus's goal is to love Gwen and her unborn child as if it were his own.

Conflict.          What is keeping them from their goal?

Gwen's love for Matrim and her desire to be with him
Matrim's honor and duty to his father and his kingdom
Taurus's fear of the negative response to his relationship with Gwen. Also his hurt pride from her rejecting him when he attempted to tell her how he feels about her.

In the background Demona Blackreaver, the Empress of Reaven is attempting to marry her daughter to Prince Matrim through an intercut web of deception. When she perceives Gwen as a threat to her plan she casts a spell to remove Gwen from their reality. Matrim is caught as a casual loss.

Antagonist(s).          Who(what) is creating the conflict?

The Trellion law that keeps mages from holding a position higher than the Royal Magus.
Demona Blackreaver

Theme:          What is the theme or moral of the story?

Love the one you're with.

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