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Sasha, a young girl who notices a mysterious crack inside her bedroom closet.
Fresno, California, it was the Fall of 2016, it was a warm day, my family, and I lived in an old Victorian house, which needed a little updating. It needed a paint job, and the porch needed repair, this house had three bedrooms, a dining room, and a living room. My sister and I had our own room together, our older siblings stayed in the other rooms, and my parents slept in the master bedroom.

My name is Sasha, and I’m the youngest of all my siblings, when we were little my sister that is one year, and a half older than I, liked playing in our bedroom closet, it was our secret hiding place. It was an escape away from all the problems of the world, and our lives.
We used to imagine that our bedroom closet was our little cottage, and we’d fix it nice, and neat, and would stay playing in it for many hours...

One afternoon while we were in there, I came across a mysterious shaped hole crack on the left side of the corner of the closet wall.
“This is strange," I thought, I had never noticed it before,” I peeked inside the crack, and as, I got closer to get a better look, I suddenly found myself on the other the side of my closet wall looking inside out.

“What is this”, “what is going on,” I whispered loud to myself. Somehow, I was transported through the crack in my closet," but how I thought", I took a look at my surroundings “where the heck am I,” "I uttered nervously."?

After being suddenly shaken, a few moments later I felt my mind slowly settling down, and I no longer felt nervous, or tense, I felt light and serene, it was very delightful, I could sense so much goodness radiating from this place.

As I was having all this emotional euphoria, suddenly I could see everything in front of me, my mind could not fathom what I was seeing. I would've never imaged anything so wonderful like this…It's so beautiful,” nothing I’d ever felt compared to how I was feeling now...

I knew, I had uncovered something beyond anything anyone could have ever discovered, it was better then an oasis. It was unlike the dark dismal world I had been brought up in…

The world I was brought up in was dreary, cold, bad, deceitful, and there was a lot of suffering, yet the opposite was true in this peaceful oasis...

This feeling became permanent minutes after transporting through my closet, and for some strange reason, I felt welcomed, as if fate had brought me to this moment.

Not only did I feel like I was brought here purposely, but I came to find out later that God had a divine purpose for my life here, a special mission in mind for me... This abode is a small piece of Heaven in the King's entire kingdom.

Prior to the closet incident, earlier in my childhood, I had only heard of stories in the Bible about the Kingdom of heaven, but was told they were mere myths.

It’s sad to say there is no faith anymore in people, and in our world, it’s been like this for some time now, and almost everyone has lost hope in God, and our country, because our leaders, and our government, have let us down for their own personal gain.

Over time, little, bye little things in our nation started changing the quality of education went down, because they had less, and less resources to teach, schools funds were cut in half, and social programs that were aimed to help the less fortunate were also cut.

The government, and its leadership had an agenda, it wanted to control everything, and every penny everyone made, and it did eventually..

I feel like I’ve been in this abode many hours now, but it’s only been a few minutes, my sister in the meantime must be looking frantically for me, I was with her one minute, and gone the next.

"She must be really worried, I thought," I’d better hurry, and go back soon, but just the thought of leaving this oasis, even for a moment was a difficult decision to make. All of a sudden I felt I wasn’t alone anymore, and abrupt as that thought came to mind, as I turned around, I found myself surrounded by little Elves.

I wasn’t threatened by them, not even one bit. One of them came towards me, and introduced himself very politely, he said his name was Vinsage. He was kind, and seemed very wise, he told me that his brother Elpen’s, and he had brought me here to help the hurting innocents of the world...

Aside from being three feet tall, looking similar to each other, and wearing rounded pointed tipped hats of different hues, Elpen brothers also have grey hair, and grey beards, and some don’t...The elder wiser Elpen’s have white hair, and white beards.

Vinsage has a white hair, and a white beard, he is the 3rd wisest Elpen in Semtar, which is the name of their kingdom, it’s the smallest piece of heaven the King gave them to care for.. It is a most wonderful igmatic, mystical and illusive Kingdom, where only those pure of heart, can enter.

After Vinsage explained to me the reason why the Elpens had been expecting me, I had no doubt in my mind that he was sincere, I couldn’t explain it, but so deep was my trust in him, that it surged to the very tips of my fingers..

When he told to me that only the pure of heart could enter Semtar, I suddenly had a flashback, I could barely remember clearly.
I had a strong sense that I had already seen Vinsage somewhere before, It turned out I had, as these memes were coming back to me, Vinsage had already read my thoughts, and calmly told me that he’d already visited me some nights before.

When, I was asleep he to doused me with a mystical plant powder only known to grow in Semtar, to protect me against evil dark forces of the earthy world that would try, and snag on to my soul before entering their Semtar..

Semtar is protected from the forces of darkness of the world that wish it’s destruction, Vinsage goes on to explain, but if an evil spirit clings on to the soul of a mortal this is the only way it can enter our kingdom, otherwise there is no other way..

Vinsage, adamantly determined to not let that mistake happen again, of mistakingly allowing Dark Forces into Semtar, not if Vinsage can help it, they never will.. It’s imperative that the Darkness of the World never enter our Semtar again, my Elpens brothers, and I have really never recovered from that traumatic experience the first time it did..

Never the less, we Elpens, have promised to serve the true King, “he gave us orders to help bring hope back to the lives of all the Innocents of the world.” Vinsage continues, “my Elpen brothers, and I are more than happy to except our kings request”.

Vinsage told me how they're are graciously indebted to the King, the Elpens owe their life to him. Since the beginning of creation the King has protected the Elpens, and their kingdom from the Dark Forces, but when the King had to leave his throne for some time to attend other very important matters, Semtar sadly remained vulnerable to the power of the Dark Forces.

The King put his men in charge of his kingdom, and he ordered them to protect, and guard, the lower abodes of Mediun, his kingdom, which includes Semtar the the abode of the Elpens, but some of the Dark Forces seeped their way into Semtar, and it was very hard to get them out...

There are twelve lower abodes under Median all together, Semtar is the 3rd lower abode, and Spartum is the leader, and wisest of all the Elpens. The King bestowed mighty powers on Spartum, he has the ability too over-see everything that happens in the earthly world.

Vinsage, I asked why have you come to me, and what could I, a young girl do to help to save the Innocents,? "Sasha, resuming " I have nothing to offer the King... Vinsage then explained that the King doesn’t expect any offerings from me to bestow upon him, the King he said, looks for someone with a pure, sincere, humble heart...

"Sasha," didn't quiet understand, she did not think of herself that way, my girl, Vinsage began that is why the King chose you, because you have a very deep humility. Humility, fortitude, virtue, and loyalty are the essential ingredients to destroy the evil that lurks to destroy everything in it's path...

“Sasha,”! Vinsage persisted, the King knows your heart very well, and there is no doubt in his mind that you will courageously conquer the dark forces of the earthly world. The King doesn’t make mistakes...

“I didn’t know what to say…I was stunned, “I stood quite a few moments, to take in everything I’d just heard. “Sasha”!, “Sasha”! I heard my name repeated distantly, and startled, I answered “yes...” Vinsage asked me, are you okay my girl.? I replied “yes”, “yes of course.

I could tell that Vinsage was in suspense to hear my answer, he went on to inquire my decision “well my dear have you thought about it?” “Yes” I replied back, “I’d told Vinsage that I’d be more than honored to his Lordship the King in any situation he needed that I could be of any help.

I was not only honored to take on this project, but also delighted to be part of it, because it was a subject so close to my heart, It was a wonderful gift from the King..

Vinsage, and the rest of the Elpens were also very delighted about my decision..Vinsage was very pleased with me. He stated "like the King Sasha," I also believe in you, you are a special person with a good heart, there are so few in the universe like you left.

The King knew he could trust you, and so do I, but have to act quickly, the Kings enemies are getting stronger by the second, this warning has just been communicated to me by central headquarters in Semtar.

Our leader Spartum is using all his power to keep all the innocents from falling away from the Kings graces.. "Sasha", eagerly persists,"what can I do"? How can I help.?”

First of all, "Vinsage proceeds to speak," we need to find a way to get inside a T.V news station, and on the air waves, to let the innocents of the world know there is hope, that the King he cares for them, and that he is coming soon to save them from his chastisement against the Dark Forces of the world..

Vinsage began, the world is in turmoil right now, and those who have power, and are in charge of all the wealth, like the government, wealthy politicians, those who have special interests, and everything that’s corrupt in this nations great system, have put the Innocents in a den of lions to be devoured.

The only thing the elite care about is power, and money, they have no remorse, nor empathy towards their fellow impoverished, kinsman.


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