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Just trying my hand at something new sorry in advance if my story telling is rough
Disclaimer: I DON'T own Brave or any other licensed things used in this story all the rights go to their respective owners
Prologue: A Fateful Chance Encounter

It was a calm afternoon in the highland kingdom of Dunbroch, the kingdom was a peaceful land, ruled over by king Fergus & queen Elinor. Soon the queen bore 4 children, Princess Merida & her 3 brothers Princes Hamish, Hubert, & Harris.

Under normal circumstances Merida would spend her days being groomed by her mother to be the future queen of the kingdom, However today is not one of those days. On these days Merida would go out into the forest to practice her archery & explore, Little did Merida know that her fate would change in more was then one by the end of the day.
Meanwhile in the forest we see a young man sitting against a tree with 2 wolves next to him one a female with white fur & red tattoo like markings, the other male with black fur & blue markings. "Do you think anything interesting will happen today?" The boy asks the wolves, "No telling Jack just gonna have to wait & see." The blue wolf responds "Your probably right Amateraku." The boy replies back to the male wolf known as Amateraku (Aku for short) as Aku gives a sly smile & says "I'm always right."

This gets a snort out of the white wolf as she mutters "Stupid airhead of a brother." which Jack hears as he says "Hey Amaterasu? isn't Aku supposed to be the arrogant one?" which gets a glare out of her as Jack shakes his head & sighs as he thinks ("What am I going to do with you 2?) to himself blissfully unaware of the fact that his fate & a certain princess's would intertwine soon.
As Merida strolled through town, bow strapped to her back a wide grin spread across her face as she stops in front of her horse, Angus' stable. The horse in question neighs in response to his master's approach "I missed ya too Angus." Merida says kindly. With no more words to be said the princess along with her horse companion speed off into the forest.

Not 2 minutes into their exploring Merida suddenly notices a wisp floating up ahead going on instinct Merida decides to fallow it unaware of where the wisp would lead her.
Jack & Amaterasu decided to start exploring the forest for a little while. (They started around the time Merida & Angus did, & if your wondering where Aku went he went back in Jack's subconscious to stay out of the sun.) While on Amaterasu's back Jack notices a wisp floating in front of them, not having to be told what to do Amaterasu begins to speed after it. "Whoa!!!" Merida & Jack both shout as their companions come to a dead stop & they're flung forward (What the-) they both think as they're both flying at each other until..


They both connect with simultaneous shouts of "OWWWW!!!" upon impact, after a few seconds Jack gets back on his feet with a groan as he rubs at the sore spot on his forehead. "Well that was rather... unexpected." Jack says with a sigh as he goes over to Merida whom says "Ye can say that again." with a groan of her own.

Jack holds out his hand for her as he asks "Based on that dress of yours I'm guessing that your part of the royal family?" Jack asks as Merida takes his hand before saying "Ye guess correctly, names Merida yours?" "Jack. I must say though it's rather uncommon for a princess like yourself to be out in the woods like this."

A smirk crosses Merida's face as she says "Well, I'm not like most princess's.
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