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Do you sacrifice things you love to do to make time for other things you love to do?
I started drawing recently. (The cover image is a drawing I did last week) I’ve always enjoyed sketching random things during idle moments or while chatting on the phone. But, the last couple of weeks has been more involved than that. In fact, this is the first time I have sat down to write in 5 days.

During this 5 day stretch, I did a lot of thinking while the pencil (and erasers) danced across the paper. Moments of inner-chemical warfare. Moments of pure bliss. Moments of feeling like I am merely creating a new version of resistance. Moments of embracing this newly found talent and running with it. Moments of wondering how I could balance music, writing, and drawing to where I can maintain full focus on all of them simultaneously — and this is where I am tonight.


The confidence in knowing I am giving each discipline full focus. I wondered if combining all three of them would effect focus. How/what would that look like? I began analyzing it to the point where each thought had to weigh-in and be tested for steroids before entering the ring. Yes – I was getting in my own way.

I was creating my own resistance. I was forcing thoughts and forcing mental puzzle pieces to fit in places where they don’t naturally fit. Of course, if you force a puzzle piece into a place it doesn’t naturally fit, the end product isn’t as beautiful, or complete, as its naturally desired intention.

So – what can we do in this situation? Must one or two of these passions be set aside due to overstaffing of the mind? Must one or two of these passions take a back seat to the big boss? In short, the answer is no – to both questions.

In my experience – having multiple passions and/or intense focus on a few disciplines simultaneously can be beneficial for a few reasons:

1.Your brain craves stimulation.

It craves new information – so that it can flourish. By flourishing – you evolve yourself (because we live in our minds) and by evolving yourself, you open yourself up to more creative energy. That’s just cosmic law and order.

2.Multiple passions, when receiving approximately the same amount of focus from you, create the perfect outlet. The outlets assist in avoiding burnout or becoming trapped in the dreaded, monotonous/auto-pilot creation process.

3.We know that the majority of significant/inspiring moments occur while in “the zone.” This is a poetic way of saying: our mind is operating at the highest frequency available due to the continual, conscious focus on the task at hand.
By engaging in multiple creative processes, we are continually sending out creative energy into the universe – which is always “fresh” energy due to the switching of patterns in our minds.
It’s imperative to remember what focus is – especially in this sense. Focus is a deliberate and conscious effort in putting all attention on one specific task. There are other ways to define focus but when referring to creativity, this is how I see it.
When you focus on something – you’re creating an energy pattern within you. Those energy patterns are sent out into the universe to ultimately create our subjective realities.

We all play a part in this game.

I’ll even go as far to say – all wars, all illness, and all random moments within your life was/is/will be created by the conscious and sub-conscious minds of our fellow human beings – including you and I. Thoughts and actions create everything – including the physical world and all circumstances. A simple worldly shift in consciousness could revivify our shared experience here and create a much more pleasant existence for all of us. But, this is getting off topic. I digress –

The way this ties in with my suggestion on putting forth maximum effort on 2-3 of your most profound passions in life is this:

Think of your brain as a satellite that sends and receives signals. These signals come from all stimuli you receive through your 5 senses. You are receiving information at an incredible rate all day, every day. The information is then stored within your cells.This creates your perception. But, it’s important to understand that the main aspect of this perception creation is your initial thoughts on what you’re receiving. Your definitions or thoughts about whatever it is you’re receiving.

This does get tricky and I struggle with understanding how it works but many of the signals we get are while we are on “auto-pilot.” We may appear conscious, we may be talking, we may be working, or doing anything that we do on a daily basis but, at the same time, we are operating on a low conscious awareness. This is usually due to conditioning through repetition. It’s just how our brain works.

Focus. Intentional focus.

Multiple avenues to keep repetition-based conditioning from dulling our creative output. I think you see where I am going with this.

What are some of your hobbies? What was the subject recently when you said, “I used to blankety blank blank all the time when I was younger.” Or, what have you always wanted to try but never got around to giving it a shot? What are these things? Why are they a part of your life?
My suggestion to you – make them a priority immediately. They are more important than any TV show, sports franchise, video game, person, or anything else that provides no true value to your personal growth.
I am not suggesting that TV, sports, video games, or people are bad time investments but, it’s all about the balance and the sacrifices that are made to indulge in the things you enjoy doing.

a-beach-and-ocean-sunsetYou might be wondering what passions I am referencing and what inspired me to write this post. My 3 main, longest-lasting passions are writing words, writing music, and most recently, drawing. I get a cosmic glow within my mind when I spend time doing any of these things. This is how I know that my true purpose, my reason for being here, and my universal work is contained within one of those…or perhaps in all 3. The only way to ever know is to allow the disciplines to occupy your mind more than anything else and to ensure action backs up the intentional focus.

In time – this mindset becomes a habit and it becomes who you are. It feels strange when you’re not doing it.

Prove to the universe and to your true self that you are open to experience and then allow the process to unfold in front of your eyes. Be the observer of your own life and allow things to flow to you. I realize how that sounds. I realize, at first, that statement sounds a bit Harry Potter/Wizardly-voodooism but, I am standing by it. Don’t accept your initial reaction to it – think about it for a few minutes.

There will be times you don’t understand what’s happening or you’ll think it’s a waste of time…

If you’re investing any amount of time into something you love to do – you’re never wasting your time.

If you retain one bit of information from this post – have it be the following three short paragraphs:

In the moment, your actions and dedication may feel insignificant. Many people will not take notice of your work right away. Even your closest friends will never say a word about your work or your pursuits. Do not take this personally, they just don’t know what to say but believe me, on the inside they are pulling for you. They want to see you succeed.

When you’re having difficulty remembering these things – and you will have those days – just know that many plants, trees, and flowers require much nurturing and watering before they break the surface to display their natural beauty and perfection. While those plants, trees, and flowers are in the soil, they are silently allowing the natural progression to occur without judgment. They are as they are. Their work eventually is on display for the entire world to see.
Have you ever seen a tree upset that it’s not growing fast enough? I haven’t either.

Go after those things that are a part of you. Do not waste anymore time. Don’t wait for circumstances to change. Make time for them right now – because if you don’t, there will always be something standing in your way – most likely it’s just a molehill. Step over it instead of making a mountain out of it. *You know the phrase, I know you do*

I wish all of you the absolute best in your creative pursuits.

Thanks for reading, my friends.

As always, Much Love.

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