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We all make choices every day. Some choices have more serious consequences than others.
The Rainbow Story
Version 2

Target age group: From 13 to 15 years old

Written by:
Lucinda Lynx

This part is thinking.

Gilda, the Queen of the Metal Kingdom, signed the letter and folded it. She put it in the envelope and pressed the royal seal to make sure the envelope wouldn't open on the way.
The time has come, my cousin. Floyd must hear the truth.
She shifted her position and grabbed the small, golden bell from her desk. It was no use to postpone delivering the letter to Countess Arianell of Silver Kingdom.
The door opened and a golden tomcat walked in.
"What do you command, my queen?
"Eurwyn, I want you to take this letter to Countess Arianell of the Silver Kingdom," Gilda said.
Eurwyn took the envelope and bowed
"That will happen, my queen."
Eurwyn rushed to the underground royal stable and mounted on Zahira, the royal horse.
"To the Silver Kingdom!" Eurwyn told Zahira.
The horse whinnied and galloped away.
# # #
Silver Countess Arianell groomed her curly shiny fur with silver brush to prepare herself for drinking tea in the Silver Drawing Room of her castle, when one of her servants, silver - colored female cat Fidda entered holding a silver tray with a letter on it.
"Greatly respected Silver Countess, your cousin, Gold Queen Gilda has sent you a message."
"Read it to me."
Fidda bowed and walked next to the Countess. Fidda opened the envelope and pulled the letter out.

"Dear cousin,
I need your help. The time has come. The truth must step out from the shadows.
Your loyal friend and cousin,
Gold Queen Gilda."

Fidda put the envelope and the letter on the round, silver table, bowed and retreated away.
Arianell sat on the couch as if a lightning had hit. She had always known this day would come. She realized she would face it unprepared. The hardest of Floyd's lessons was ahead.
She rushed to drink her tea. She knew she had to meet Gilda as soon as possible.
Oh cousin, you don't know how hard this is, Arianell thought. She looked at her image through the mirror with silver frame. She knew she had to write Gilda first. She couldn't just rush into her castle like some whirlwind.
Arianell walked into her office, which had dark emerald - green wallpaper. The wallpaper had been decorated with swirly silver ornament. In one corner she had a small, silver desk and a silver chair, that had emerald - green, velvet seat cushion. The ornament of the wallpaper had been embroidered on the cushion with silver thread.
Arianell sat down and pulled open one drawer with her front paw. If only I knew how that poor middle gray, exiled tomcat reacts, she thought. She pulled out some white paper, that had the same kind of silver decoration frame as the wallpaper. She grabbed the ballpoint pen in her right front paw. There was no use to postpone this.

"Dear Gilda,
I got your message. I hope you understand the difficulties we will face. Floyd believes the stories about the Rainbow Kingdom are just stories. He doesn't understand the Rainbow Kingdom is as real as Metal Kingdom. He doesn't know King Melanctos and Queen Candice are as real as you and me. He knows nothing about his parents or how Queen Candice exiled him because of his color. What worries me the most is Floyd still has not found any power. He had the rainbow power when he was born, but Queen Candice took it away from him before he was sent here. We have a massive task ahead of us. We have to do this right.
So far Count Sterling doesn't know anything about this, but I may have no choice but to tell him. Are you going to let King Goldwin know about this?

Your loyal friend and cousin
Silver Countess Arianell"

Arianell folded the paper, put it in the envelope and added her mate's seal to make sure Gilda would understand the urgency of the message. She wrote her cousin's name on the envelope and rang the small, silver bell.
Fidda walked in and curtseyed.
"What do you command, oh greatly respected Countess?"
"Fidda, I want you to mount Zahira and take this message to my cousin. Tell her I'll come as soon as I can. I'll ride in my fiacre," Arianell said.
"As you wish, oh greatly respected Countess," Fidda said, curtseyed and retreated to the stable. She hoped Zahira was still there.
Two and a half hours later Fidda leaped off from the saddle, dusted herself off and stepped into the elevator that took her to the hallway of Gilda's castle.
"I'm here to see The Gold Queen. Her cousin has sent her an urgent message," Fidda told the tomcat servant that stood next to the throne room's door.
As soon as Fidda was close enough, that Gilda could see her, she knelt down so that her head almost touched her knees and reached her front paws towards Gilda.
"Your Majesty, the greatly respected Silver Countess Arianell has sent you a message."
Fidda held the message in such a way Gilda could see the Silver Count's seal.
Gilda gasped.
"Thank you," she said and took the letter. She broke the seal with one of her sharp nails and read the letter.
In Fidda's mind the silence felt like an eternity, but a few heartbeats later Gilda spoke.
"The sooner my cousin comes here, the better," she said.
"Your Majesty, she said she will come in her fiacre. She sent me ahead of her to tell you," Fidda said.
"There's no use to postpone this any longer. The truth will step out of the shadows tonight," Gilda said.
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