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It's chapter in a book about werewolves
Wolves Part 1


“Ah what a beautiful night, warm with a gentle breeze.” said Joe to the wind caressing his face. “What’s that?” He pauses with a beer half way to his mouth “Hmm sounds like a howling, but the wind isn’t that hard, could it be….. No not here in New Hampshire it is too far south.”


“There it is again it can’t be the wind and the moon is full……. Perhaps I have had one too many.” With that he drains his beer and heads inside for bed.

The next day the local paper reads.


Sometime late last night a pack of wild dogs entered

Jim Smith’s barn and killed three cows devouring most of the

Meat. Local police are mystified as to how it was done…….

The next morning as Joe heads to work he sees a new face walking through town a cute blonde walking, but not in the normal exercise outfit. She was wearing a pair of worn blue jeans and a sweatshirt. “I wish I could get a piece of that.” he thinks as he drives by. After a long day of no customers on the sales floor. He drives home daydreaming about the blonde he glimpsed earlier “If only I was going home to her. It would be great to come home to a woman that looks like that with dinner waiting on the table, hhhhmmmmm. I would give anything for it.

As he parks outside his lonely apartment a set of glowing yellow eyes watches him get out of his car and enter the building.

“That’s the one I want! I have been generous and granted all of you your wishes this is the one I must have.”

“As you wish mistress, the pack is lacking in a true master. It is your responsibility to find us one. Most of us have our mates, but we need a strong master to lead us. One that will keep the young ones in line, as well as keeping the neighboring packs at bay.”

“I know what I must do, but he has to be perfect. If the one I choose has any weakness he will be killed by the other males of our pack. I should have been the first to find my mate not one of the last. I just seek love and a true power it is just a lot to ask from a newly released. The rest of you have looked for beauty, I need more I must have it so the two of us combined can lead the pack to victory against the blood suckers. I believe this one is the one I just need to be sure.”

“As you wish mistress.”

As Joe opens his door he thinks “If only my dreams would come true.” he walks in, empties his pockets on to the table by the door and reheats some leftovers into the microwave. As it cooks he throws on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before eating. As he sits down to eat and watch some TV he wonders again about the blonde he saw earlier and why he never saw her before. He figures since she was walking through the center of town she could not live far away but there have not been any houses for sale in the center for ages. Where is she now? Is his biggest question. After finishing his meal and downing half dozen beers he heads for bed, with images of her swimming through his head and the burning curiosity of knowing where she is living and if she is single.

In the light of day thoughts of the blonde beauty are far from his mind as he shambles around making coffee and trying to figure out where he had left his smokes the night before. As it always is when the coffee pot is done brewing and he has had his first swallow he looks between the couch cushions and there they are dropped the night before. He sits, lights a smoke and starts talking to himself “Why do they always do this to me? I close the night before then I go into to open the store. You would have to think that if someone closes they can’t turn around and go right back to work, but the managers are always doing that god how I hate it.” He polishes off two pots of coffee while watching some mindless cartoon and trying to wake up enough to drive to work and hopefully make some sales.

He leaves his apartment as the sun is rising that same blonde is leaning on the library railing smoking, like she is waiting for it to open. Again he is puzzled “There is no car in the parking lot and the library will not open for hours. She has to be new the hours are not posted and without a car no one would walk over a mile just to borrow a book. It is the only explanation that I can think of, but of course it is oh dark thirty and I am not even thinking yet.” During the drive into work he wonders about the woman he has seen twice already and hoping he will see her again and maybe even meet her. When he walks into the store at 7:30 thoughts of her are chased from his mind when he finds out he not only has to cover lawn and garden (his department), but has to cover sporting goods and help out Jen in tools. “Hi Jen you would think that the managers would hire more people to cover the extra hours, instead of making us do three times the work. What am I saying I have had almost no sales all week so covering sports and helping you I might make some money.”

“Ya I know they always do that. It is one of the reasons that I changed to cashier. Thanks in advance for helping me today I know almost nothing about tools” says Jen as Joe and her walk over to their neighboring departments.

“Oh you are welcome I am happy to do it especially with the way things have been, but with my luck when we open at open at eight I am going to be slammed. I should feel lucky and enjoy it, but when lots of irate customers are waiting it is nothing but added stress when I do get to help them.”

“Well if that happens just send them over to me to be cashed out and I will ring everything out in your number so you will get the sale.”

“Cool that will help.” When they reach their departments Joe goes and opens the registers he is responsible for, purges the paint machine and gets ready for a busy day. As predicted once the doors open a stream of people enter the store and start browsing while talking amongst themselves. Most of the customers that are in Joe’s area appear shabby without a whole lot of money, but as he was told in training never prejudge a sale. This time the training was right, the first customers he helped must have been setting up some kind of lawn business. They bought a couple of each landscaping tool in addition to a string trimmer, riding mower and a collapsible trailer. They even bought the extended warranties and accessories for everything. He over loaded three carts for them and sent them to Jen with a list of items that were at merchandise pick up. Then it was off to the next sale, this time in tools the customer was dressed in a similar way to the first, and yet again bought an excessive amount of stuff like he was going into business building houses.

That was how the morning went all kinds of shabby looking customers with high dollar sales. That is not that there were not rich people shopping, but they were the ones who got irate when they were not helped right away and then did not want to buy. The poor looking ones waited forever just for Joe to help them and then bought a lot. That held true even after more sales people showed up they only wanted help from him.

When lunch time came Joe was lucky enough to find himself eating out at the picnic table with Jen. “Wow what a morning” says Joe.

“I know most of those people did not look like they had two pennies to rub together let alone what they spent.” replies Jen “Did you know that you now have over ten thousand in sales. I think all of it was cash sales too. I had to get a manager to come get some of it there were just too many hundreds and fifties in my cash drawer.”

“I guess it was a good morning then more than I made all month. At least I can pay my rent now.”

When they finished their lunch and went to punch back in Joe caught a glimpse of a beat up pick up with what appeared to be the same blonde he has dreaming of for days. While walking back to their departments they realized that there were a lot less customers browsing now than before. The afternoon progressed slowly until Joe saw a familiar face walking in the door. That same cute blonde he has seen so many times she walked right in and started looking at the game tables. Since Terry was working the department he contented himself with his day dreams. That is until Terry came over to him.

“Joe that young lady there said you had talked to her brother earlier and only wants you to help her.”

“I will as long as it is ok with you.”

“It is fine with me I Have been kind of busy and that couple over there is setting up an exercise room. It will be a big sale once they decide on the specific machines they want.”

“Ok thanks.” he walks up to the blonde “Hello I’m Joe how may I help you?”

“Hi my name is Pandora. You were talking to my brother this morning and we would like to set up a game room.”

“I can’t remember exactly what we discussed, But what were you thinking of getting?”

“Oh a couple of pub table sets, poker table the mini bar pool table and anything else you could suggest. “

“I would add one of these five piece table sets, a fuss ball table and a dart board if you have room. What are your plans for the room and how many people do plan on entertaining there?”

“Oh a few just close family and friends. It all sounds great I will take it all.” As Joe goes around getting the numbers off of the tables she asks “So how long have you lived in town?”


“How long have you lived in town? I just moved in and I have seen you around. I haven’t met many of my neighbors yet and was just curious.”

“Oh ok I have been there my whole life. Which house did you buy?”

“The old barn that was converted to a house, I love it.”

“That place is beautiful and I have not been there in ages. I would love to see if it looks the same as I remember.”

“Ok what time do you get off of work?”

“In about an hour, why?”

“Well if you don’t have any other plans why don’t we go grab a bite to eat and you can come see the place. You can even help me decide how to set all this up.”

“Sounds great I will meet you at merchandise pick up then we can eat and I will help you unload all this. “

At five Joe finds himself at merchandise pick up waiting, with the most beautiful blond he has ever seen, for the guys at receiving to gather all the items. Their excuse for not having it ready was that no one would order so much and expect them to have it ready to load in 5 minutes. Joe just thinks that their manager Jan is going to know all about how they had an hour to prep this one purchase but, still had the customer waiting for half an hour before they were ready to load the first box. Pandora did not seem concerned but Joe was just ready to eat and go home, or more correctly Pandora’s home.

When everything was finally loaded into the old pick up Pandora handed Joe one end of a rope “Lets tie all this down to be sure it won’t shift and fall out.”

“Sure but, it looks like everything is packed in so tight I don’t think anything can shift. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Where are we going to eat?”

“Anywhere is fine with me I don’t know anything around here.”

“Well if I can be honest I just want something quick. What about grinders. I know this little grinder shop which I love. They make an awesome steak and cheese.”

“Sounds good, I will follow you.”

Ten minutes later they park outside the grinder shop and get out of their vehicles. “Here it is I hope you like it.” says Joe.

“Oh I am sure I will.” she replies “why don’t you order for both of us I have to call my brother and make sure he is there to help us unload when we get there.”

“Ok what do you want?”

“Whatever you are having will be fine.”

“Then steak and cheese with peppers and onions is what we are having.”

“Sounds delicious I will be there in a minute and we can eat” as Joe enters she picks up the phone and dials her house.

“Ah… hello.”

“Angel when will you be comfortable using modern electronics?”

“Probably never, I just don’t like the things; I am most comfortable running through the forest.”

“Well I won’t make you use them, much. I need you to have the entire pack disappear into the forest for the night but, make sure the house is clean and have my brother Brutis waiting there to help me unload. I picked up a bunch of stuff for the bar down stairs.”

“As you wish mistress. For the record I think he is cute and almost everyone liked him some are not sure he is strong enough but we will have to see.”

“Thanks for your approval, now just make sure everything is all set.”

Inside Joe gets their order and heads towards a table by the front window to be able to see her truck. When Pandora glides through the door straight to his side and guides him to a booth as far from any of the other patrons as possible. “Over here I like my space. Too many strangers and I tend to get a little nervous.” She whispers.

“That’s ok” Says Joe “I just wanted to keep an eye on your truck.”

“It will be fine while we eat.”

While they enjoy their food Joe feels like he is in heaven. Pandora says very little throughout the meal she just listens to him ramble on. “At least he is cute” she thinks.

Now as Joe talks between bites he knows he is rambling but, he can’t help himself. This woman who seems to be attracted to him just keeps smiling and letting him talk she is so intoxicating. “I want her to know everything about me. Even my deepest darkest secrets are hers if she will only be mine.” he says to himself.

When they finish the food Pandora stands and gives Joe a smile saying “let’s get to my place before it gets too late.” With that they each get into their vehicles and Joe follows her home.

After a twenty minute drive Pandora pulls onto her lawn next to the old converted barn. Joe pulls in behind her noticing the basement lights are on and one of the big doors is open spilling a glow off into the night. As he gets out he notices a rough looking guy walking through the open door, straight to Pandora and sweeps her into a hug. Pandora slips out of his arms grabs his hand and pulls him over to Joe. “Joe this is my brother Brutis. Brutis this is my new friend Joe.”

Brutis holds out his hand saying “hi”

Joe takes the offered hand shaking firmly saying “Hi nice to meet you.”

“Yup” mumbles Brutis “let’s get this stuff inside so I can get some sleep. I have been getting this basement ready for the party tomorrow.”

Pandora looks at Brutis sternly “WHAT PARTY?”

“Don’t you remember the reason we looked into getting all this stuff. To entertain all our OLD friends. Come on in and at least look at what I have been doing all day. I think I did pretty good since I started with an unfinished, dirty basement I even kept the rustic style that you loved upstairs.”

“Yes ok let’s look.”

Joe walks in behind her with Brutis entering behind him and sees the basement. It is a large room the entire length of the building with a few stout logs supporting the exposed beams of the ceiling. He had never been down here in his younger days, but it looks like the same style he remembers from up stairs. It looked like someone took the time to sand and polyurethane an old barn very rustic similar to the inside of a nicely finished log cabin.

“Ok Brutis it looks good but what about this party!” demands Pandora.

“Ah you know you wanted to show off the new one to all the old friends. When I talked to Angel she thought it was a great idea.”

“Ya she would, but it is ok And I have made my choice. So Joe since my brother has planned this party why don’t you come too. I would like your help getting all this stuff set up, especially since my brother is going to sleep while I am stuck putting it all together. If you do help you may as well enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

“Of course I’ll help like I promised. I would love to be at a party with someone as beautiful as you but I got to work.” Responds Joe.

“Couldn’t you just call in? She asks sliding up next to him so that their bodies touch. “For me, I would love to spend the day with you getting to know each other.”

“Ahem” interrupts Brutis “The truck won’t unload itself.”

So they all pitch in and get the truck unloaded, once the last box is inside Joe starts opening the first one to start the long process of putting everything together. While Pandora pulls Brutis outside, “What is with the party? You are not getting the old ones here are you?”

“No not the old ones just the pack, it will be the same as every night without a hunt except your new pup will be there.”

“If he will come.”

“Oh he will come, just ask him again when everything is together and you guys have had some time together. Talking about the party was my way of telling you I approve. You should ask Angel if she will bite him. Aside from me you and she is the next oldest and you should not turn your own mate. It may cause difficulties with any pups you might have. I would not worry about the other males the ones who are not mated are just jealous. Joe appears strong the bite will only increase his power and I will be with him when you are not to help teach him the ways.”

“Thank you and I hope you are right” with that she hugs her brother “goodnight.”

Brutis walks off into the night and Pandora walks inside.

They work into the night assembling tables, and setting everything in place. Late in the evening Pandora walks up to Joe, hands him a beer and sits at one of the tables lighting a cigarette. “Well it looks like it is finally all set.”

“Yes I think it is,” responds Joe “Everyone should have a great time tomorrow night”

“Let me show you the rest of the house” she takes his hand and guides him up stairs. Looking around it looks the same as it did when he was young, big and open in the middle with the second floor on both sides and a walkway across in the middle right around the chimney. Off the end of the second floor is a set of stairs going up to a small third floor room like a hay loft. It is the only room aside from the bathrooms with walls it also has a small window looking down into the middle of the house. The whole place looked just as rustic and beautiful as he could remember. She led him through the house pointing out some of her favorite things right up to the loft,” And this is my room, What do you think?”

“It is beautiful but, where is Brutis?”

“Never mind my brother, I have other things in mind.” With that Pandora pulls him into an embrace and draws him in to a deep passionate kiss.

Joe responds and guides her down onto the bed. From there they loose themselves in each other and pleasures beyond their wildest dreams, pleasure that can only be found when two true soul mates find each other. When exhaustion finally overtakes them they collapse in to each other’s arm and drift off into sleep.

In the light of day just before noon Joe wakes up with a naked Pandora pressing up against him in a most delightful way and her watching him intently “Good morning.” She says rubbing her body against his “I hope you slept well, you were great last night. I hope you reconsidered skipping work, to keep happy all day and night just like you did last night.”

“I would if I could, especially after last night, but I really need my job and they are really cracking down on people who try to skip work without a valid reason. Just last weekend they fired a kid who called in saying he had car trouble, the manager called his house telling him to take a taxi and she would pay for it he was not there, and when they confronted him he knew he was caught and confessed he went to a concert and they fired him.”

“well if they decide to fire you because you stayed with me I will take care of all your bills until you get another job. I have plenty of money and last night you made me feel complete. I have never felt like that with anyone please. Think about it.” with that she rolls on top of him pressing her naked body onto his as she gives him a deep kiss before rolling off him and the bed. “Think about it I will be in the shower.”

Laying there still feeling her heat on him he knows he will be calling in sick knowing he shouldn’t, but after last night how could he say no. She made him feel alive and gave him the best night of his entire life the many pleasures she gave him were unimaginable before last night. With it decided he rolls out of bed heading to the bathroom. As he gets halfway across the walkway between the second floor left and right sides he sees a woman walk through the glass door staring at him and he freezes like a deer caught in headlights.

“Why hello there, you must be the one she has been talking about and I can see why. I am Angel her best and oldest friend, also the one who desires that sexy brother of hers, is he around? I guess not if he was I think you would actually have some clothes on. Why don’t you go join Pandora before she catches you flashing me.”

Realizing that he is still naked he hurries for cover “Ah good idea.” He says over his shoulder.

“Do me one big favor tell that sexy vixen that you are going to be at her party.”

“Ok I will” with that he enters the bath room seeing Pandora drying herself off.

“I heard you out there, I guess you met Angel, I guess I don’t have to brag how well endowed you are she already knows,” smirks Pandora “and I heard your promise to her. We can go to your house for clothes before the party if you like. Just make the phone call and I am your vixen forever.”

“Yes I met her and I will call in.” says Joe pulling her close.

“No after your shower I am all clean and you smell sweaty. You had your chance to get clean while getting dirty but you had to stop and talk to Angel. So we are going to have some girl talk about you while having coffee during your shower alone. Take your time.” Pandora wraps her silk robe around her body and heads down to the kitchen.

As Pandora pushes through the door Angel hands her a cup of coffee “He is cute and I hope he can use what he has.”

“Oh he can and did all last night,” brags Pandora “It is like we are opposite sides of the same coin. He knew what I wanted where to touch me to give me the most pleasure and it was the same for me I knew what would give him the most pleasure. It was like we have been together for years and not just a day.”

“That is how I feel just being close to your brother we compliment each other…..”

“I see you are done talking about me.” Says Joe as he enters the kitchen in nothing but a towel “Was I that good last night?”

“Oh you were the greatest” says Angel smiling “what would you like in your coffee?”

“Nothing black please. You two really do share everything don’t you?” asks Joe taking his coffee and leaning against the counter.

“We do tell each other everything, except other peoples secrets so don’t worry about that,” responds Angel “but we were talking about the man I want, I wonder if he even knows I exist.”

“He knows you exist you have to trust me just give him some time.”

“I wish he would let me know…….”

“Who?” asks Brutis as he walks into the kitchen.

“You.” responds a sad looking Angel.

“You know my past right before you came to us right?” asks a confused Brutis.

“Ah Brutis if you did not tell her I didn’t, it was not my secret to share.” explains Pandora.

“Shit you could have told her, she is your closest friend. I am sorry Angel I should have told you long ago. I know you are right here and I owe you a story, but because of our company can it wait a bit?”

“I guess so, just don’t make me wait too long.” says a pouting Angel.

Pandora stands, tops off her coffee and walks over to kiss Joe “I can’t wait you need to know everything before we go any farther, I want no secrets between us. Go get dressed and come back I need tou to too grab your smokes too this could take some time,”

“I have jeans in the car and more smokes let me go grab those.” Says Joe heading out the door dressed only in a towel.

“He is just so cute,” Smiles Pandora watching him go “You two hang tight as I we get dressed I may need your help at least the moral support. If he says no I don’t know what I am going to do, Angel would you make some more coffee while waiting?”

“Of course and I will be right here.”

“Ya me too sis I can’t abandon you when you need me.”

“Thanks” with that she goes upstairs to get dressed.

Once Brutis and Angel are alone, he looks at her “I am sorry I thought Pandora would have told you, because I am not good at explaining things, so I am just going to say it and try to keep it short. You know our custom of mating for life but when our mates are taken from us what do we do? Well custom says since we are immortal we wait thirty years before choosing a new mate. No let me finish! On the next full moon it will be thirty years since my mate was taken from me by a blood sucker. I see you understand and yes tonight is the night that at its end I will be free to choose another mate.”

“I am sorry I did not know.” says a teary eyed Angel.

“It’s ok it is my fault I thought my sister would tell you when she noticed your flirtations, since I was too busy enjoying them. It is not every day an old geezer like me catches the eye of such a sweet young thing.”

“I hope I am not interrupting anything?” asks a smiling Pandora

“No I think I explained it well enough.” Responds Brutis

“For now.” Adds Angel

“Ok I’m dressed and have my smokes, hopefully you have lighter nearby because mine is missing.” says Joe walking into the kitchen with a cigarette hanging from his mouth.”

“Here you go.” responds Pandora handing him a lighter and taking his pack out and lighting up her own smoke “Now that we are all back let’s have a seat so I can begin. Angel, serve the coffee all around please.”

“As you wish.” responds Angel in her most formal manor.

“Ok, she just got serious, what am I in for?” asks Joe.

“Well it just got a lot more serious, please sit and let me explain.” requests Pandora from her seat at the head of the table.

He sits next to her placing an ashtray between them “Ok I am ready.”

Brutis lights up himself setting another ashtray down and sitting at the other end of the table nodding to his sister that he is ready. Angel fills every ones mugs with coffee and has a seat next to Brutis, giving Pandora and Joe as much space as possible and still be at the same table.

“Ok Joe I just need you to listen and I hope you decide to stay with me. I have been looking for someone like you for a very long time some one to complete me and now I have. So I would really like this to work, in order for that to happen there can be no secrets between us. The three of us and many others most of which you saw or sold things to yesterday are different. We are Mother Nature’s Warriors, Which is to say we have received the blessing or curse depending how you look at it. I see you are looking a little confused just let me talk, Angel more coffee.” Pandora drains her cup and waits for Angel to finish refreshing everyone’s coffee before lighting another cigarette and taking a swallow of coffee. “To use plain language we are all lycans, lycanthropes or even more simple werewolves. I see the disbelief but I will prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt in a moment. I am the leader of the pack and my mate needs to be strong and the perfect match for me, because we would need to lead the pack as one. That is why every time you looked around you felt watched because I was watching every move you made for the last month to be sure and after last night I am. You are my soul mate and I know I am asking a lot but if you willingly take the blessing for me I can promise you eternal life and as long as I make you happy eternal happiness. It is a serious commitment since we mate for life, and if our mate is killed we cannot take another mate for thirty years. Me being the leader my mate must be uncontested by the pack or it could cause problems. After watching you I know that after the embrace you will become one of the strongest in the pack and the pack members have all at least seen you and all have given me their blessing. So now I ask you with all my heart and all my love please accept the embrace. I will now show you your proof, if you are ready Angel will be the one to administer the blessing it is real quick and by her doing it, it will prevent us from having problems later. I know I am stalling to prolong the time I have with you if you say no. Ok I will show you.” with that she drops her clothes and her body starts to contort and twist and for a brief moment she pauses in her half wolf and half woman shape, a wolf snout but shapely body like she always had just more muscular and cover with shining silver fur. Once he had seen she continued and her body twisted even more till she was full wolf larger than a normal wolf and she had the most beautiful silver fur.

“Now my turn,” says Angel breaking the silence “It can be a little painful at first but the energy and power make up for it.” and she starts drops her clothes and starts to change just the same as Pandora only her fur was jet black and she was a few inches shorter but just as beautiful.”

“No I am not going to change unless I have to” says Brutis lighting another smoke and drinking his coffee. “I am here as protection and if I change it will not be slow like theirs but quick and deadly. It is your choice I know my little sister truly loves you and needs you. You have not ran like I have seen others do in your same situation and I thank you for that since you are her first. It is all up to you.” with that he becomes quite, smokes and sips his coffee waiting for Joe’s decision.

“It is a lot to take in at once, but I like the idea and even though it is quick it feels so right. Yes Pandora I will become yours.” With that he takes a knee and bows to the silver wolf. She starts a slow transformation back to human form with Joe still bowed Angel slides up next to him in her wolf form a bites him on the left forearm just hard enough to draw blood and backs away. He never even flinched just kept his eyes focused on the ground till Pandora takes his chin in her human hand and guides his eyes to hers and he rises taking her into an embrace.

“Thank you.” she says giving him a deep passionate kiss.
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