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A lucky young boy gets a surprise with his catch of the day.
         There was once a small fishing village in the old country. In that village fishing was a serious job since that's how the village got their main food source. Every once in a while something unique occurs in the world that can't be explained. It was on this day in that fishing village that something wondrous happened.

         It all came about when a young boy decided to catch a fish for dinner for his mother. This little boy's name was Nate. He and his mother Lucille lived near the edge of town. His mother didn't get out as much since his father had been swept overboard in a storm just last summer. She had taken to keeping to herself since then and it was up to Nate to provide them food for their table.

         His mother managed to get them by on whatever she could find in the house to put in their bellies. Sometimes she went out and collected plants that were edible. Little Nate ate what was provided and didn't complain. But he was used to having more solid and tasty things like fish to fill his gut. He decided on that particular day he would take up his father's job and catch them a fish. It would be a catch to make his mom proud. And so off he went to fulfill this promise.

         He went down to the river where all the fishermen went to make their catch. He found a spot near the shore where he'd try his luck. It was a warm day and he had been out there for more than an hour before he found himself on alert. Something was pulling on his line. He immediately began reeling it in. This went on for a while before the line suddenly snapped and Nate fell backward on his backside. But he was persistent. He got up on a rock nearby and watched as ''the fish''as he now called it, jumped out of the water.

         He wasn't really thinking this through but he went through with it because it was all he had at this point. When it came up again he lunged towards it causing a big splash. He came up again with his prize clutched tightly between his hands. he couldn't hold it long so he released it into his net. He strutted proudly away from the shore back home to show his efforts to his mother. Wouldn't she be proud?

         He opened the door of his home and went to find his mother. She was in a rocking chair fixing an old worn sock of his. She patched up the hole where his ones toes once stuck out. She smiled as she saw him walk up to her. He showed her what his efforts had produced. She was delighted with the boy's catch and also surprised at what lay beneath it. The fish still twitched in the net but under it a gold coin. The two were bewildered by the turn of events. Neither could imagine how such a thing had come about. They were very happy that such good luck would favor them that day. Not only did the mother and son have a substantial meal that day, but they were even fortunate to have a little coin to see them through lean times.

         It was a very lucky day for their family indeed.
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