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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2077432
A fat Tarutaru finds a growth spell while relaxing on the beach with her Mithra friend.
In the land of Vana'diel, two friends, a female Tarutaru and a Mithra, were traveling in the Zulkheim region. The Tarutaru, who was being carried by the Mithra, was named Tiramisu. Tiramisu was a level 99 White Mage and an expert cook. The Mithra who was carrying Tiramisu was named Myriel, a level 97 Red Mage who is also a veteran at fishing. Both Tiramisu and Myriel were friends ever since childhood, and both had adventures and quests together in Vana'diel.

One noticable thing about Tiramisu is her size  . Tiramisu loved to cook and eat a lot, and this was reflected by her heavy weight. Even though Tiramisu is about 2 feet tall, her weight of 150 kilograms (about 331 pounds) made her billowing with fat and wider than she is tall. Tiramisu didn't mind her obese body despite constant teasing from her peers. In fact, she loved it as it made her feel big compared to the other races that lived in Vana'diel, even though short stature was a common and natural trait for the Tarutaru. Tiramisu's obesity didn't affect her health, as her White Mage status allowed her to remain healthy. Not only that, the large amount of blubber on her gave her much more HP and Vitality compared to the average Tarutaru, making her an effective healer who can withstand harsh battles, even though her large weight had slowed her walking speed down to a waddle.

Myriel also loved how big Tiramisu was. Ever since she was a child, Myriel had a secret fondess for fat people. Myriel became best friends with Tiramisu when she saw how cute Tiramisu was with her short yet fat stature. Myriel liked to play with Tiramisu's fat in secret when they were children, enjoying how soft and jiggly Tiramisu was. Tiramisu didn't mind as it felt wonderful having someone playing with and massaging her body. Myriel also liked to roll Tiramisu around like a ball, and Tiramisu also enjoyed it, even though it made her dizzy by the time Myriel stopped rolling her. As both girls grew older, they also became closer as friends, and Myriel loved that Tiramisu remained like a fat child that only grows fatter and heavier as they became older.

When both girls were old enough to live on their own, they traveled throughout the land of Vana'diel having grand adventures and battling fierce monsters and bosses together. With Tiramisu as a White Mage and Myriel as a Red Mage, both girls were an inseperatable duo. Throughout their adventures, Tiramisu mastered the arts of being a White Mage and perfected her craft of cooking, while Myriel was about the same in terms of Red Magic, fishing, and certain dexterious roles like archery, stealth, and thievery. Tiramisu was always cooking whenever she wasn't battling monsters as she always have an excess of ingredients to cook with, and as a result she mastered her cooking skills moderately early on in her adventures. Tiramisu's cooking was so good, that Myriel enjoyed her seafood cooking more than raw fish (as Mithra usually prefer raw fish over cooked fish). As a result of cooking excess food, Tiramisu also overeats whenever outside of battle, worrying that the food may spoil anytime on the adventures. Myriel doesn't mind that Tiramisu eats most of the food in storage as there's still enough food left over and that all the binging Tiramisu does makes her bigger and fatter in the end. In fact, Myriel catches an excess amount of fish whenever she is near a body of water to Tiramisu more likely to overcook and overeat, which indirectly makes Myriel a feeder.

Whenever both girls travel together, Tiramisu prefers to be carried by Myriel rather than to waddle beside her. Tiramisu found it easier and faster to be carried than to walk, and the height from being carried made her feel confident about herself. Myriel carrying the obese Tiramisu whenever they travel always tire her out in the end though, but Myriel didn't mind as she enjoyed the sensation of Tiramisu's large belly being smooshed against her head. Not only that, but carrying Tiramisu everywhere made Myriel gain a bit more muscle and made her leaner than her somewhat chubby self when she began her adventure, juxtaposing her body more from Tiramisu's wide growing fat body.

Right now, both girls were traveling in the Zulkheim region. Both girls had adventured in Zulkheim before early on in their adventures. In their return to Zulkheim, the monsters they encountered, which at first were challenging opponents early on in their adventures, die in one hit due to the girls high levels. Myriel was piggybacking Tiramisu on her shoulders, and Tiramisu was eating Rice Dumplings and Juglan Jumble Cookies and drinking a couple of Elixers.

"That last monster encounter we had was so easy!" Myriel explained.

"I know! I didn't have to cast a healing spell at all during the fight-taru," Tiramisu said as she downed another Juglan Jumble.

"Hey, Tiramisu," Myriel said, "You're getting kinda heavy for me to carry (not that I don't mind *purr*). Sooner or later we'd have to rent a Chocobo to carry you around!"

"But the food I cook is so good," Tiramisu said as she stuffed her mouth with another Rice Dumpling, "It's impossible for me to not eat-taru. Besides, all this eating will help me make my buxom grow larger."

"Yeah, you are grrowing in the rright places," Myriel purred, "Your brreasts are larger than mine!"

"So Onee-chan, how long until we get to the beaches at Valkurm Dunes?" Tiramisu asked as she drank another bottle of Elixer.

"We'll be there soon," Myriel said, "And can you please stop calling me Onee-chan? We're supposed to be friends, not siblings (that and you're being too cute every time you call me that, I might just pass out)."

"Sorry, but we have been so close together and you are so much taller than me that it's hard not to call you Onee-chan," Tiramisu explained, "Besides, you always call me by my nickname."

"When have I-- Oh, right! I call you Tiramisu because you like to eat cake all the time   (even though I mispronounced your name when we first met and that had stuck for a long time)," Myriel said.

"Hey, look! Those are the Valkurm Dunes beaches!" Tiramisu exclaimed, "Can you put me down now?"

"Sure, at least my shoulders can finally get some air," Myriel said as she lowered Tiramisu down to the ground and bent her stressed spine back into its nimble, cat-like self.

And Tiramisu was right. The duo was finally at Valkurm Dunes, and the beaches were in sight, especially the Secret Beach to the west of Valkurm Dunes. There were very few monsters at Valkurm Dunes when the two girls arrived, and the monsters there wouldn't dare go near the girls as they were too overleveled for the area. Because of that, Tiramisu and Myriel could relax at the beach easily and unwind without any dangers. However, an unexpected surprise is going to happen for Tiramisu.


"Hey, Tiramisu! Are you done changing yet? You've been in that tent for a while!" Myriel, who had already changed from her Red Mage gear into a green one-piece swimsuit, shouted at the changing tent that Tiramisu was in.

"Hold on! I'm a little stuck in my outfit-taru! Just a minute, okay?" Tiramisu replied back.

"Okay then!" Myriel replied back.

After a minute, Tiramisu stepped out of the changing tent, wearing what appeared to be a very plain yet short White Mage robe without its hood and red flipflops on her feet. This confused Myriel, as she was expecting Tiramisu to wear something a bit lewder.

"What the heck, Tiramisu? You took all this time to wear a simple White Mage robe? What happened to your swimwear?" Myriel asked.

"Oh, this? That's my swimdress I bought-taru at the tailor shop," Tiramisu explained, "It just happened to have a White Mage design, which I liked."

"Okay, then," Myriel said, "But shouldn't you wear something a bit more revealing? We're at a beach with no other person in sight, though."

"Yeah, about that-taru," Tiramisu explained, "This swimdress is the only thing at the tailor shop that is my size. The bikinis and other swimsuits wouldn't fit-taru, and this swimdress is elastic so I don't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction."

"Suit yourself," Myriel said, "We'd probably stop by the tailor shop again to custom order some bikinis and swimsuits your size."

"That sounds great-taru," Tiramisu said, "So Onee-chan, what are you going to do now?"

"Me? I'm just going to have a cat nap in the sun for a while. I already got some sunglasses and a beach recliner for that," Myriel said, "After that, I'm going to fish at the beach waters and catch a lot of fish."

"That sounds great-taru!" Tiramisu exclaimed, "I hope you catch a lot of fish!"

"What about you, Tiramisu?" Myriel asked.

"Oh, I'm going to lay down and catch up on my reading!" Tiramisu said as she held up a thick, obsidian-colored book, "After that, I'm going to swim in the water. I heard that fat is less dense than water, so I want-taru to try it out for myself!"

"Hey, can I see this book for a moment?" Myriel asked.

"Sure you can," Tiramisu said as she handed the tome to Myriel, "I picked this up a while ago on our adventures."

Myriel read the title of the book, which was called 'Magicka Exper: A Complete and Detailed Encyclopedia of All Magic Spells--Volume 15'. She then flipped through the pages through the thick tome, and saw spells for all types of magic: Black Magic, White Magic, Red Magic, Blue Magic, Geomancy, even Brown Magic from that one Tarutaru in Lower Jeuno. Myriel was surprised by how much spells were contained in the book.

"You're gonna read all this?" Myriel asked, "But I thought you're a White Mage."

"I know, but I mastered everything there is to know about White Magic," Tiramisu explained, "I haven't done much for my support-taru jobs yet, so I'm going to read as much from this book to become well rounded in magic. Tarutarus are really skilled in magic, so this will be easy for me! I could have a Black Mage, a Blue Mage, or even a Scholar as my support job soon!"

"I see," Myriel said, "I already have a Ranger and Thief as support jobs before, so I understand why you would want one."

"Exactly!" Tiramisu exclaimed.

"Well, I'm going to take a nap. Have fun reading!" Myriel said as she walked to her beach recliner.

"You have fun napping!" Tiramisu exclaimed.

Myriel went to her beach recliner, put on her glasses, and rested on it. However, Myriel wasn't tired at all. Her gaze was kept on the Tarutaru, who, with book, towel, and sack filled with goodies in hand, waddled to a desired spot several meters from Myriel. Myriel observed how Tiramisu's body jiggled and bottom bounced with every step Tiramisu makes, and she noticed how tight the elastic swimdress on Tiramisu was, accentuating Tiramisu's large, round assets. Myriel purred at the site of Tiramisu and thanked herself for bringing sunglasses so that Tiramisu wouldn't suspect Myriel of watching her. Myriel continued to watch as Tiramisu bended over to unfurl her towel on the sand, allowing Myriel full view of Tiramisu's behind in that ever so tightening swimdress. Myriel's blood continued to pump excitedly as Myriel watches Tiramisu lays down on her soft belly like a water mattress over the towel, causing Tiramisu to sink slightly and her belly spreading ever so slightly over the towel. Myriel felt like she was in heaven at the sight of this.

Meanwhile, as Tiramisu laid on her belly, unaware that her Mithra friend was spying on her, she made a couple of preparations to make her reading more comfortable. She took the sack beside her and opened it, revealing several high quality crepes that she cooked herself as well as a couple of bottles of Elixir. She took a glass and straw from the sack and poured herself a glass of Elixir, which she then dug onto the sand to keep it from spilling over. Tiramisu then took the obsidian book, placed it in front of her, and opened it. Even though her large breasts were obscuring some of her vision, she was able to read the book. Tiramisu went through the pages of the book, reading about the various spells, traits, and abilities of each magic-using job while occasionally eating some of her hand-made crepes and taking a sip of Elixir. Tiramisu then decided to test out a couple of spells on her own. She read up on the spell Thunder in the book, and decided to test that out on a lone sand castle tower several meters in front of her. She focused on the sand tower, mentally chanted the incantation, and then released, unleashing a lightning bolt on the pile of sand. When the dust cleared, Tiramisu saw that the sand castle tower became a glass pillar. Tiramisu applauded herself for being able to successfully perform such a spell on her first try. Meanwhile, Myriel, who was startled by the sudden lightning bolt, was impressed that Tiramisu was able to perform an Elemental Magic spell with ease.

Tiramisu wanted to try out another spell after the success of the Thunder spell. She decided on trying out Freeze, a high level spell. She focused on the water on the beach, prepared the spell mentally, and released it on the portion of water. The saltwater that Tiramisu focused on instantly froze into a platform of ice, which was impressive as saltwater requires much lower temperatures than pure water to freeze. Tiramisu noticed that the spell took a bit longer to cast and is much more strenious on her than Thunder, so she decided to down her Elixir. However, Tiramisu got an idea. She poured more Elixir into the glass with the straw and focused a Freeze spell onto the glass, causing the Elixir in the glass to freeze. Tiramisu then removed the frozen Elixir out through the straw and used the straw as a handle, revealing an Elixir ice pop. Tiramisu began to eat the ice pop, feeling more refreshed as she ate the frozen Elixir.

Tiramisu wanted to try out even more spells, so she went to the table of contents of the book to find any types of spells to work with. As she was reading the table of contents and munching on more crepes, she noticed that the last section of the book is called 'Recently Discovered/Other Spells'. Tiramisu was curious to know what type of spells are in that section, so she flipped the pages of the book to said section. There, she found a lot of interesting spells that were either works in progress, not categorized under a class of magic yet, or just simply taboo to use. However, there was one spell that caught Tiramisu's eye:

Causes the user or chosen ally to increase in size for a period of time, resulting in a temporary increase in Strength and Vitality.

Tiramisu couldn't believe what she had read. A spell that could make the user bigger? This is like a dream come true to her. Tiramisu had always wanted to be taller since she disliked her short stature, and now she found a spell that could let her live that. However, Tiramisu began to have second thoughts about this. The spell was listed in the last section of the book, so the spell is probably a work in progress and it most likely not go as intended. Not only that, there are II and III variations of the Grow spell but there aren't descriptions to those like the first one, so Tiramisu doesn't know if the later variations would make her even bigger or make the spell last longer. Suddenly, Tiramisu decided to take the risk and perform the spell on herself. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for her, after all.

Tiramisu then memorized the first Grow spell, focused her magic ability onto herself, mentally chanted the spell, and casted the spell onto herself. At first, nothing happened to Tiramisu. She doesn't feel anything happen to her body, and she doesn't appear to grow taller. Tiramisu was about to admit defeat when suddenly she felt a tingling feeling inside her body. Tiramisu's hopes went up again and braced herself for the growing. However, instead of growing bigger, she was growing fatter. Because her body consisted mostly of fat, the Grow spell multiplied the amount of fat on her instead of making her proportionally taller. Her body began to gain more and more blubber by the second. Tiramisu could feel her elastic swimdress stretching over her expanding body. Her breasts grew large enough to cover the view of the book, her behind grew larger and more pronounced, and her belly she lied on gained enough fat to cover the entire towel she was on and elevate her head by another foot from the ground. Tiramisu was now twice her weight, and she enjoyed the feeling of growing bigger and the sensation of her belly making her rise a bit taller.

During all this, Myriel was in confusion as she witnessed Tiramisu growing.

Did Tiramisu grew larger? Myriel thought to herself, It seemed like she just grew twice her weight! I know that Tiramisu loves to eat all the time, but I doubt that we brought her weight in food with us to the beach. Oh well, it's probably just the sunlight playing tricks on me. At least she looks much cuterr at that size.

As Myriel was observing Tiramisu after her weight gain, Tiramisu was playing with her now fatter body.

This is so cool! Tiramisu thought to herself, I definitely grew bigger and taller! Even my buxom is much bigger! Still, I don't think I'm tall enough. I bet-taru that Grow II and III will make me even bigger!

Tiramisu then reached down to grab the spell book and placed the book on her breasts to get a good view of the spells. Tiramisu couldn't wait to grow again that she didn't think whether or not Grow II or III will stack with the regular Grow spell. All that was on her mind was that she wants to grow. Tiramisu read the spell for Grow II, focused on herself, and casted Grow II. Tiramisu began to gain weight much faster than before, and she enjoyed the sensation of growing bigger and fatter. Her breasts grew as large as giant beach balls, a fitting metaphor for this setting. Her bottom expanded with tons of jiggly blubber, and her arms, thighs, and chin gained many folds of flab. Her belly continued spread out more over the beach sand as it gained more adipose, and her belly made Tiramisu rose another 5 feet into the air. Her swimdress felt tighter on her body due to the sudden growth, and the dress outlined the curves and folds of her body. Tiramisu loved the sense of height all the weight gain gave her, and she adored how her body felt like a bounce castle filled with soft blubber.

Meanwhile, Myriel watched in amazement as Tiramisu grew fatter than before. Myriel doesn't know how Tiramisu grew this fat, but she doesn't care at this point. The blood in her body pumped more than usual as she stared at Tiramisu's oversized belly and behind. Myriel began to feel lustious for Tiramisu at her larger size, purring every time Tiramisu's body jiggled, and she could go up to Tiramisu and glomp her if not for the fact that such action would ruin the illusion that she was sleeping to her Tarutaru friend. As much as Myriel was enjoying the sight she was seeing, she was worried that Tiramisu was now too large to carry everywhere. Myriel decided to make this last, and she absorbed the sight of the blubbery Tarutaru beauty in front of her as long as possible.

Tiramisu was ecstatic about her new, gigantic size. Not only was her belly lifting her several feet off the ground, but she was covering a noticable portion of the beach with her flab. Her desires to be tall got to Tiramisu and she wanted to grow more, no questions asked. Tiramisu went to the Grow III spell and casted it on herself. Tiramisu began to grow again, much faster than the previous two times. Every right place on her body grew much bigger and fatter. Tiramisu's breasts were now like blimps filled with blubber, and her buttocks grew into giant comfy piles of soft fat. Tiramisu was cushioned everywhere with adipose, especially around her neck and arms. Her belly made her grow the largest, as it made her rise 15 more feet into the air and spread to over half of the beach, essentially turning Tiramisu into a landmass of fat. Tiramisu's body reached from the waters of the beach up to Myriel's beach recliner, making Tiramisu's presence impossible to ignore. The swimdress that Tiramisu was wearing began to show signs of strain, showcasing the limits of the swimdress's elasticity. Tiramisu knew she was beyond huge.

During all the third Grow spell, Myriel doesn't know what to think about Tiramisu's massive growth at this point. Her heart was beating much faster than usual, and she was hot and sweating everywhere from lusting over Tiramisu's size. When she thought that this event wouldn't get this good, Tiramisu's body fat spreaded faster towards Myriel. As soon as Tiramisu's belly grazed Myriel, Myriel blood pressure sky rocketed to the point where a blood vessel in her nose broke, giving her a nose bleed. If watching the then 150 kg Tiramisu waddle to her spot was heaven to Myriel, then having the Tarutaru grow larger than a Leviathan was beyond heaven. Even though Tiramisu's flab is literally touching the Mithra, Myriel couldn't hug Tiramisu just yet. She needed a sign to be allowed to do such an action.

Tiramisu, who is enjoying her newfound height and all-encompassing comfort, suddenly yelled out for Myriel: "Myriel! Wake up! I got something to show you!"

Myriel, who was already wide awake the whole time, saw this as her cue and got off her beach recliner, pushing away Tiramisu's fat that was trying to make her stuck. As Myriel walked towards the front of Tiramisu, she observed how huge the pile of Tarutaru became  . Tiramisu's belly covered the majority of the beach, and the breasts and behind of the Tarutaru were gigantic zepplins of fat. Even when lying on her blubbery belly bed, Tiramisu was more than 20 feet tall. Myriel finally went to the front of Tiramisu (or at least to the point where Tiramisu could see her), and she saw Tiramisu happily reading from her spell book, her head sitting comfortably within flabs of blubber, and her swimdress stretched beyond the point of repair. When Tiramisu noticed Myriel, she laid her book aside and made the biggest announcement.

"Who's the short one now, Onee-chan!" Tiramisu exclaimed her newfound superiority.

"T-Tirramisu, h-how did you get this big...and fat!?" Myriel tried to ask while trying to control her lustful urges to hug Tiramisu for an eternity.

"Oh, I found a couple of spells in this book that made me bigger!" Tiramisu explained,"Do you like my new size?"

"Like it? I LOVE IT!" Myriel exclaimed as she finally glomped the mega-sized Tarutaru, embracing Tiramisu's blubbery flesh and allowing it to ripple and jiggle wildly.

"Myriel! What-taru has gotten into you?! You're making feel so ticklish! Also, you feel hot and sweaty, and you're leaking blood from your nose! Do you want-taru me to heal you?" Tiramisu worriedly asked.

"No, I'm fine rright now," Myriel purred as she continued to jiggle Tiramisu's blubber, "It's just that I loved you from the verry beginning. You werre so cute when I firrst met you, like a pudgy kid who wants to grrow bigger. I was the only one who played with you and agrreed to play with yourr fat unlike anyone else, who would just make fun of you. I stood up forr you when you got bullied by yourr peerrs. I stood by yourr side wheneverr we went out adventurring, and I prrotected you frrom all those monsterrs attacking us. You don't know how much you mean to me."

"I-I understand..." Tiramisu blushed.

"But deep down, I had urges forr you gaining weight!" Myriel continued as she groped Tiramisu's belly, "I made surre to catch as much fish and let you eat as much food just to see you grrow biggerr. I brroke my back carrrying you just so you won't lose any weight trraveling across the land. When you instantly grrew this big with yourr spells, I just lost it. I had to lust overr you like forreverr. Please forrgive me if I'm being irrrational!"

"It's okay, I forgive you," Tiramisu replied, "You have been there for me since the beginning, so I had to repay you in some way, other than healing you in those battles, of course. You can play with my huge body whenever you want-taru."

"Thanks, Tiramisu," Myriel responded back, "You're just really beautiful this size, but I now that I think about it, you're kinda too huge. It would be impossible for me to carry you out of this beach."

"Don't worry. This spell says it's only temporary, so I'm gonna shrink back down to my regular fatty self sooner or later. I might use these spells to squash any of those tougher monsters, though," Tiramisu explained.

"That's a relief. Looks like I could finally let you gain the natural way with the fish I'm going to catch," Myriel said.

"Great-taru! I haven't had a meal for some time!" Tiramisu exclaimed.

Both girls laughed together at Tiramisu's comment. Tiramisu then said:

"So, Myriel, can you climb up to me? I wanna be closer to you."

Myriel didn't even resist. She climbed up the mounds of fat that was Tiramisu up to her face and cuddled and purred beside her. Sunset was approaching the beach, and Myriel and Tiramisu wished this moment wouldn't end.
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