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You might ask, "If you're a Christian, why so much ENM writing?"
I originally wrote this as a fiction chapter in my interactive "Ben and Jason: ENM Adventures but after I wrote it, I realized how much it is like my biography and how it explains my fetish writing in light of my Christianity. I was planning on writing something to explain my fetish in light of my Christianity anyway but I decided, this explains that better than anything else I could write so I just cut and pasted that chapter here:

Ben is lonely. His parents are not the most loving parents on Earth.

Ben's dad is religiously strict. When Ben was six, he had come home from school to proudly announce that he had learned that boys have a penis. His dad had scolded him for using that dirty word and if it hadn't been for his mom, little Ben would have gotten a spanking. To this day, Ben's dad wears long sleeved shirts and long pants no matter the circumstances.

His mom is unpredictable. She is probably manic-depressive but refuses to allow a doctor to diagnose her. She treats Ben like her own private porcelain baby doll. She takes him out to show off to her friends so they can tell her what a good mother she is but then she puts her porcelain doll into storage for safe keeping. OR she'll pull him out and pretend that he is very sick so she can take him to the doctor and hear the doctor tell her what a good mother she is. She has to be the center of attention.

Ben doesn't have friends. Most people don't understand why he's sick all the time or why he has to stay home so much. They think he's faking it, that he's a momma's boy who refuses to venture out from his momma's protection. Doesn't the Mafia also offer "protection"? Ben is shunned. Other boys refuse to hang out with Ben. They treat Ben like he's got a contagious disease. He's a popular target for bullies.

To add to the problem, Ben wasn't allowed to join the boy scouts, he wasn't allowed to try out for sports, he wasn't allowed to be involved in any activities that normal boys do. Such activities are sinful, according to Ben's dad.

Ben is protected from life. With all this protection, you would think nothing ever happened to harm Ben. You would think that he hadn't been sexually molested when he was five because his parents wouldn't have allowed it. They didn't know it happened. His parents were too busy with their own lives to notice.

Ben is now seventeen although he might as well be eight since his parents won't let him grow up. He wants a job but his mom calls his potential employers and tells them not to hire him. He has sexual urges like any young man but he has no idea what to do with these urges. The only sex he knows about is the abuse he experienced when he was five. He really isn't interested in girls because he hasn't been allowed to know about them. He is interested in boys but doesn't want to have sex, at least not like the sex he had. What Ben wishes for most is a friend.

One day, a box appears in his room. It's a metal box with a hinged lid. Ben opens the box and there is a seventeen year old boy inside the box.

"Jason, you're here. My wish came true."

Jason wakes up, "Ben, what? Where am I? I shrank? What happened?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't think my wish would come true."

"You wished me this way? Well unwish this."

"I don't think I can. I don't know how wishes work. I'll try."

Jason is still there. He looks up at Ben. "Why am I naked?"

"Weren't you a boy scout?"

"Yes, I was in scouts."

"Didn't you go skinny dipping with the other boys."

"Yes, but this isn't the lake."

"You're brave like the Ancient Olympians. You're not afraid to be naked. It's not a sin to you."

"You're a freak. I'm no Olympian. You're projecting your own wishful thinking onto me. Now find me some clothes."

"I don't have any dolls. I'm too old for toys."

"Did you ever have toys?"

"Wait, I do have a hand-me-down Barbie. I wish I had a Ken or a GI Joe but I don't have any brothers. Maybe I can find something in Barbie's clothes that are neutral enough that you could wear."

Ben finds a halter top and a pair of capri pants for Jason. Jason says, "I'll skip the halter top." He puts the capri pants on.

"Hold me."

"What? Are you a faggot?"

"No, just hold me. No one holds me."

"How can I hold you. I'm only what, six inches tall." Just then, Jason and his pants grow.

"Apparently my wishes control your size."

"Apparently." Jason says, "My only hope of escaping is to make you happy. This is kidnapping."

Ben says, "Oh no. I want you to want to be with me. What can I do to make you like me."

Jason says, "You can let me go."

Ben says, "But then you won't come back. Unless my wishes bring you back but that won't make you happy."

Jason says, "Then we're at a stalemate. Your move."
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