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would you really want to meet this character? I sure wouldn't...
There is a stage in an auditorium; all the chairs in the auditorium are empty except for yours. The room is silent and dark, every sound you hear is echoed off the walls. You sit in the darkness because you know something is going to happen… eventually.

With a loud snap, a spot light illuminates the stage, which intern spreads its light through out the room. Then the room returns to silence. The red curtains really stand out in the spotlight, as does the microphone stand that it is centered on. At this point you begin to get excited because its obvious something is going to happen.

The silence is broken once again by a single figure coming out of the darkness, the click-clack of the heels of its shoes resonating throughout the auditorium. Suddenly a figure appears to enter the spot light, walk up to the microphone and stop in front of it. The figures hair is pulled back in a ponytail, showing off its dark eyes, and pale skin and dark colored lips.

The figure looks directly at you, but you know it can’t see you through the spot light.
“Of course I can see you,” A small voice says in your head which startles you then the voice breaks out in an eerie laugh.

You begin to feel a bit uncomfortable sitting there, as he is watching you. The voice that was laughing at you fades away. The figure steps up to the microphone, leans toward it.

“I’ll bet your wondering why you are here?” the soft voice spoke, instantly bring you a calm you have never felt before.

“Oh God!” you whisper under your breath as you realize that this sounds like another sales presentation, like the one you got sucked into last summer on your vacation to Orlando.

“You would you call on Him?” the figure states mockingly into the microphone,” He wont help you.”

You are surprised and a bit shocked that he heard you from about thirty feet away, when your voice was at a whisper. Now you begin to get nervous, and what’s worse is the figure at the microphone begins to look energized the more nervous you become.

The figure watches you for a few minutes, trying to get a feel for you and what you are going to do. Again the silence sets in quicker this time as it did the last time. The figures gaze bores through you coldly, like nothing you ever felt before.

You adjust your position I the seat, as you did before nervously. He notices it.

“Don’t be nervous,” he states plainly,” I am not like my other brothers, I will not hurt you. I want you to know why you are here.”

You say nothing but just sit there staring at him, as he returns his gaze to you, and through you.

“You want to know more about religion, don’t you?”

You nod, but say nothing at this time.

“Well you might say that I have a distinctly different view on , what you call religion,” the figure continued,” You see I know there is a God, and that there is a Devil. And that the Devil, or Satan, as you call him, is more like a prosecuting attorney in a courtroom, than anything else. He has to prove you, meaning humans, are unworthy of the Love that God, the Judge gave them.”

The figure just stood there while that sank in a bit before continuing.

“I have a strong feeling about this subject mainly because I have been here, among you for a long time. And I have watched you when it comes to your, religions” He said taking the microphone out of the stand and walking side to side in the spotlight, before turning around and walking the other direction.”

“You people,” his speech broke with a bit of a laugh to it,” have all of it wrong. You people fight over anything and everything that is possible in this world. Killing is your trademark; in fact you are so good at it, that you surpassed anything any one of us angels could do.”

He stopped a second dead in his tracks and looked directly at you.

“Wait, I never told you I was an angel, did I?” he asked, although from his tone of voice it was obvious he already knew the answer to that question.

“Well,” he continued his conversation, and resumed pacing across the floor, trying to keep one eye on you at all times,” I laugh at your religion, in fact I detest anything having to do with God. Let me tell you why.”

With sudden ferocity, the figure ran towards you and knelt down in front of you near the edge of the stage, put one hand on the ground while holding the microphone in the other.

“ You see, God, My father, or what ever you want to call it,” he said as his voice changed to sound different indicating that there was no uncertain terms being used here,” He abandoned me in this Godforsaken place, amongst you screaming monkeys, all because I did not take a side against Lucifer, during his uprising a little bit ago.”

“He completely stripped me of everything I needed to survived ,” He stated truthfully as a rage built up inside him, turning his eyes a bright blood red,” in the midst of you vile little creatures he claims to love.”

With all the agility of an untamed animal the figure leapt into the air and landed on the very top of the chair in front of you, squatted down and looked straight at you.

“So you see, monkey!” he said as the rage built inside him,” I have no countenance for your race’s little petty things.”
He then stood on the back of the chair balancing there without so much as an unsteady movement, leaned over and got in your face,” And I care less than nothing for what happens to you or your race.”

In the blink of an eye, the being, and the spot light were gone, and you were left sitting in the dark once again. The feeling of fear still residing in your chest as you weren’t really sure what was to happen next. After a bit you got up and quietly left the theater to rejoin your short , pointless life.

word count= 1067

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