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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2080499
Alexander Marques shares a dance with his newest quary.
Alexander Marques spotted his quary across the ballroom of the Maryan Hotel. She was on the arm of the son of the owner. Her lustrous red hair quaffed into an elaborate up-do, exposing the pale, creamy skin of her neck and shoulders.

Alex’s mouth water as he imagine tasting the soft flesh and warm sticky nectar flowing just beneath. He closed his eyes and inhaled a steadying breath. It would not do for him to allow his control to falter in front of an audience. When he was sure the red was gone from his eyes and his fangs were secured behind human incisors he advanced through the crowd. The bruquet of her filled his nostrils as he approached. The with her slid a protective arm around her and drew her against him. Alex stopped before them.

“Good evening, Alex.” David moved forward to place himself between the lady and him. “I do not recall you being invited to this affair.”

“I do not recall receiving an invitation.” Alex spared David a derisive look before shifting his gaze to the woman behind him. His lips curved into a smile exposing perfect white teeth. He stepped around David and extended his hand. “And who might you be?”

“I am Lynn Main.” She took his hand to shake it. Gasping, when he brought it to his lips and brushed them over her knuckles.

He swallowed the feril growl evoked by the close proximity of life to his mouth. Were they alone, he would turn her slender hand palm up and tease her palm with the lightest touch of the tip of his tongue. The contact would both enflame her desire and his appetite. The sound of the orchestra sliding into a tango drew him out of his fantasies. “Would you do me the honor of this dance?”

“I do not know the steps.” She tried to pull away but his grip on her hand firmed and he slid an armaround her waist, drawing her against him.

“Just follow my lead.” He turned his back to David sweeping Lynn from his reach and guided her into the group of dancers on the polished wooden dance floor. His hand slid down her bare back to rest above her rear, coaxing her to arch into him. Turning her into the side step motion of the dance he spied David watching them with a look of distane. Alex further encurred the other man’s ire when he swung Lynn into a dip and pressed his face into the smooth skin just above her breasts. Another soft gasp from her encouraged him to lift one of her slender legs and slide his hand over her muscles through the sheer material of her stocking. His hand made it to her garter before he straightened and plucked the small recording device clipped there. He clucked his tongue with distasted as he held it where only the two of them could see. “Were you planning on sneaking an interview with me while we danced Ms. Main?”

“What makes you think I intend to interview you?” Lynn asked. She averted her eyes from the device but he caught her chin in his hand so their eyes met. Her eyes glazed over as his compulsion took effect.
“Why did you come to our little island?” Alex tucked her recorder into the pocket of his jacket. He pulled against him to continue the dance. The smell of her arousal and the heat of her against his own heated loins made his control tenuous.

“I am here to dispel the rumors and expose the truth.” Lynn answered.

“What rumors?” Alex swung her away from him so he could get himself back in hand. When he drew her back to him he held her so her back was against his front. His hands drew hers down to rest over her hips. His bulge pushed against her firm little ass. He brushed his lips over her ear as he whispered, “What rumors Ms. Main?”

“The rumors of the monsters on this island.” Lynn breathed. She did not protest as his fingers slipped into the slits of her gown and traced the seams between her thighs and the apex between them.

“You do not believe in monsters?”

“Not the kind Stoker wrote about.”

Alex’s body shook with the effort to repress a silent chuckle. “So, you do not believe in vampires?” He wondered what she would do if he grazed her shoulder with the tips of his fangs.

“No.” She surprised him by turning in his arms to face him. Drawing back with a start she covered her mouth with her hand. “Your eyes!”

“What about them?” Alex did not draw her back to him but rested his hands on her hips so she could not run away.

“They are red!”

Alex closed his eyes and shook his head. “A trick of the lighting my dear.”

“Of course,” she nodded with relief and allowed him to draw her against him.

“I would be more than happy to clear up those rumors for you.” Alex offered. “If you will join me and my sister at our castle for dinner tomorrow night?”


“After sunset.”


Word Count: 866
© Copyright 2016 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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