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To lure out Captain Taryn Bellin and the crew of the Zenith you require the perfect bait.
The corridor was empty, the only source of light came from the office at the far end of the hallway. It was the start of the weekend and the majority of the staff had departed hours ago.

Aiko Komatsu pushed a laundry cart along the corridor. The sound of her soft footfalls and a squeaky wheel on the cart were amplified by the silence of the rest of the building. She paused for a brief moment at the door to the office with its lights still burning to read the name on the door before going inside.

"Oh goodness!" She exclaimed in mock surprise as the man seated at the desk looked up at her, "I'm sorry Colonel, I thought everyone had gone home for the night."

Jon Lachlan flashed a smile as he waved away her apology. "Sorry," he replied with a shrug of his broad shoulders, "Finishing off a few reports. I was in meetings for most of the day and my paperwork's fallen behind."

"Want me to come back?"

"Yeah, that'd be great." He said, favouring her with another winning smile. Aiko placed Lachlan in his mid-forties but despite his somewhat advanced years it wasn't hard to see why Captain Bellin was so taken with the man. He had at least fifteen years on Aiko herself but he was effortlessly handsome; flint-jawed, tall, tanned, with thick dark hair that was showing the first hint of grey at the temples. The informal olive green uniform of Strident Defence Solutions was worn tight against his muscular frame.

"If you could give me...thirty minutes?" Lachlan asked, checking the time on a heavy and clearly expensive gold watch, clasped tightly onto his left wrist.

"Sure Colonel, just let me empty your waste basket." Aiko said, stepping forward.

"That's not necessary," Lachlan said quickly as she reached his desk. "It contains some confidential information. Company policy says I have to dispose of all such paperwork personally." His tone was kind and patient, obviously assuming he was talking to the newest member of SDS staff who had not been fully briefed on the do's and don'ts of her job.

"Oh, I'm sorry Colonel."

"It's fine," Lachlan replied, "And it's Jon by the way. I haven't been a Major since I left the Terran Navy."

"No problem Col-I mean, Jon." She gave a nervous laugh. Aiko guessed Lachlan was the chivalrous type, all too willing to show a kindness to a timid young woman.

"Thirty minutes?" He tapped the face of his watch as he turned back to his work.

"Sure thing Jon," she said as she turned to go. "Oh! I almost forgot..." She spun around as she pulled a small cannister from her pocket and slammed it on Lachlan's desk. Thick white smoke began to spew from the device instantly, catching the former Major where he sat. She quickly stepped back and raised the previously hidden breather to her nose and mouth as the gas quickly enveloped Lachlan.

"What....*cough*.... "What is this!?" Lachlan waved the smoke away as he rose to his feet but it was a fruitless task. He coughed again as he sank back into his chair. With a soft moan he slumped over his desk and remained motionless.

She waited until the gas began to dissipate and never took her eyes from Lachlan who had not moved since he collapsed across his desk.She grabbed a hold of his left wrist and lifted it into the air. There was no resistance to the action and she let the limp limb drop. Lachlan's heavy gold watch racketing noisily against the polished wood was music to her ears.

She allowed herself her first real smile of the evening as she seized the unconscious man under the arms and locking her hands across his chest pulled him from his slumped position. Even a man with such a large frame at a dead weight was little trouble for her and she easily dragged his limp body across his office and to the waiting laundry cart outside.

With care Aiko opened the lid. As she lowered the unconscious form she allowed herself a moment to plant a soft kiss on Lachlan's lips. "Sleep tight Major," she purred as she dropped him down onto bed of clothing held inside.

She took a moment to admire Lachlan and her own handiwork as the sound of footsteps approached from the far end of the corridor. "Miss Komatsu?"

Aiko turned with a triumphant grin, seizing Lachlan's limp wrist once more, holding it up to her man; "We have him. If this doesn't bring Bellin and the the rest of that damned crew of hers running to us, nothing will."
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