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Rated: 18+ · Novella · Sci-fi · #2081313
A woman named Raleigh shrinks the non-white portion of humanity
Chapter 1: Arrival of Raleigh the Conqueror

Some time in the early 21st century, a mysterious star-cruiser materialized in low Earth orbit directly over the equator, then descended into the upper ozone layer as the fingers of the lone astronaut piloting the craft danced gracefully over the control console in front of her. Matter from the ozone layer was pulled upwards through vents and converted nearly instantly by replicators into sophisticated satellites armed with neutrino dissimilators, which were launched into space.

Within less than an hour, hundreds of thousands of these satellites had circumnavigated the Earth and were positioned directly above the equator, each satellite within visual range from one another, in geosynchronous orbit. Once they were in place, the woman piloting the star-cruiser took over every radio and television channel, civilian and military, and spoke to the world for the first time. Television viewing on every station, including satellite and cable, was interrupted by an image of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman wearing a black Nazi SS uniform. A swastika armband was on her left arm, and she wore a black leather miniskirt and black leather mid-calf boots. Atop her head was a black leather cap worn by Nazi officers during World War Two, and behind her there was a huge black Swastika on a red and white banner.

"People of Earth, I am Raleigh Doran, but you can call me Raleigh. I am a time traveler from the 221st century of an alternate reality called Dimension Zero, a world where the Nazis emerged victorious from World War Two. Imagine my dismay when I learned that some worlds, such as yours, had a different outcome during the second world war. I am here to correct that mistake. This Sunday morning, at 7:00 a.m. according to the time in Berlin, my satellites will miniaturize every man and woman on the planet who possess less than fifty percent Caucasian ancestry. Within ten generations, all the inhabitants of this world shall be Aryan! Over the next several hours, I will set up collection centers at every county courthouse on the planet, where my fembots will provide you with transparent titanium containers to keep your captives in! To prove this is not a hoax, I will now shrink the Washington monument down to one one-hundredth of its normal height. I will also soon choose a reporter from one of your news networks to interview me, because I know you have a lot of questions for me. And now, a warning: if any manned space shuttles are launched to try to thwart my satellites, they will be dealt with by me!"

Raleigh piloted her star-cruiser down through the atmosphere, and flew in over Washington, DC. The people on the ground looked up to see a starship the size of ten pro football stadiums. The fifty-terawatt generators gave off an audible hum that pierced every structure in the city. When her star-cruiser was in position about a hundred yards above the Washington monument, Raleigh let loose with a neutrino dissimilator cannon and reduced it to less than six feet high. Everyone on the planet who had a television set on at that time witnessed the event.

In a living room somewhere in Arroyo Lucia, a city on the central coast of California, 21-year-old Pearl Grinder sat watching her television with her 25-year-old brother Chip and her 21-year-old friend Hayley Holland. All three of them had blonde hair and blue eyes. Together, they had listened to Raleigh's entire speech, and saw the Washington monument shrink down to size on television. The message repeated itself as Chip used the remote control to check the channels, only to find that Raleigh's message was on every single station.

"Awesome!" Pearl said.

"It would be awesome, if it were true," Chip said.

"What makes you say that, Chip?" Hayley asked.

"Whoever this 'Raleigh' is, she had the ability to take over all the TV channels, including cable. That's a pretty amazing accomplishment, but it doesn't mean she has shrink-rays. She could've used special effects to make it look like the Washington monument was shrunk!"

"My brother's got a point," Pearl said, "we shouldn't get our hopes up, but that doesn't mean he's one-hundred percent right. He has his doubts, and that's good, but all we can do is wait until 7:00 a.m. Berlin time on Saturday, and see if all the Mexicans in our neighborhood shrink!"

"What time will it be here on the West coast when it's 7:00 a.m. Sunday in Berlin?" Hayley asked.

"I went to Germany last Summer," said Pearl. "Berlin is nine hours ahead of us, so that would mean..." Pearl counted on her fingers, "It'll be 10 o'clock Saturday night our time!"

"I've got an idea!" Hayley said. "Let's throw a party here on Saturday, and invite all the Mexicans we know! If that Raleigh chick is legit, we can watch them shrink!"

Across town, there lived a woman named Jasmine Jenson who didn't know the Nordic-featured trio. She was sitting in the living room with her father Elroy and her uncle Leroy.

"I was stationed in Germany when I was in the army," said Elroy. "Berlin is nine hours ahead of us, so Raleigh's attack should take place at 10 o'clock Saturday night our time!"

"That gives us two days to prepare!" said Leroy.

Elroy turned and looked at his daughter. "Jasmine, if that lady is tellin' the truth, then you should stay normal-sized when me and your Uncle Leroy shrink, because your mom was white! According to Raleigh, anyone who's half-white won't get shrunk!"

"Daddy," Jasmine replied, "this is all just a publicity stunt! When it looked like the Washington monument was shrunk, it was just a hoax!"

"Well," Elroy said, "you just make sure you're here on Saturday night just in case!"

Jasmine's Uncle Leroy added, "And round up all your white friends to help you! Once this shrinking goes down, anyone who's not white will be a target!"

"Uncle Leroy, I don't have any white friends!"

"Then round up all your half-white friends! Who's that half-white, half-Mexican chick you hang around with? B-girl, or C-girl or something like that?"

"It's G-girl, Uncle Leroy!" Jasmine replied. "She's a gangster!."

"Well, you just make sure you know how to get a hold of her!" said Uncle Leroy.

The next day was Friday, and it was sunny and bright all across Arroyo Lucia. When school was out, 18-year-old Taz Thompson, a senior in high school and the youngest of Pearl Grinder's friends, came over with a cardboard box. After Pearl let her inside, Taz dumped out the contents of the box on the carpet, revealing several dozen transparent containers about the size of matchboxes.

"Look what I got at the courthouse today!" said Taz. "There were a couple of Raleigh's scoutships parked there, and a troop of fembots that looked just like Raleigh were handing these out!"

"Fembots?" Pearl asked.

"These containers are all made of transparent titanium!" said Taz. "They have little transparent gears, and a fuel cell of transparent liquid! You just press this button on top, and the gear assembly slides the box open!"

"Transparent titanium?" Pearl asked.

"Yep!" Taz replied. "Let me show you!"

Taz took one of the transparent boxes to Pearl's wooden dining room table, and dropped it onto the table. It made a metallic clanging sound. Taz picked it up and handed it to Pearl.

"See?" Taz said. "Raleigh's technology is real! We're at the dawn of a new age! The Aryan race is taking over! Isn't it beautiful?"

"I used to have a Mexican boyfriend who fantasized about this," said Pearl, "I think I'll invite him to the party tomorrow night!"

"If the shrinking takes place Friday night," Taz asked, "what's gonna happen Monday when we go back to school?"

"What do you mean?" Pearl asked.

"I have a couple of teachers who aren't white," Taz said, "do you think we might have chaos, what with half the working class shrunk?"

"I don't think we'll have anarchy," Pearl replied. "I think the world will manage to survive!"

"At least my geography teacher will be shrunk," Taz said, "he's a jerk!"

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and when Pearl opened it, 21-year-old Hayley Holland and her 25-year-old sister Hannah entered.

"Have you seen the news?" Hayley asked, as she turned on the television.

"What station?" Pearl asked.

"Any station!" said Hayley, "Just like before! Look! Someone attacked that Raleigh chick!"

The news showed Raleigh being interviewed by a reporter. "This is Stephanie Mathews, reporting from Washington, D.C. I am here with Raleigh Doran, the mysterious visitor from a far-flung alternate future reality, who came to our world offering both perils and promises." The reporter turned her head and faced Raleigh. "You said you came from an alternate reality known as Dimension Zero. Could you provide us with more information about where you originated?"

"Dimension Zero is the primal reality from which your universe and all other universes branched off from. If a numerical signature were to be applied to your universe, you would have a number a Googol or more in length, but since my reality was the first reality, we assign the numeral zero, because before our world existed, there were no other universes. My technology will never allow me to return to my original universe, because so many alternate universes are created every picosecond, that my equipment can't maintain a lock on my home reality. In my quest to conquer other realities, the price I paid is that I can never return home."

The interview went on for several more minutes, then a group of Black Panthers broke into the room, and opened fire with machine-guns. Raleigh was wearing a force-field belt that protected both her and the reporter from the hail of bullets. Raleigh unholstered her neutrino dissimilator pistol, and fired at each of her five attackers. They were instantly reduced to the size of ants, and Raleigh collected each of them and put them on her left palm.

"This is what happens to traitors!" Raleigh said, and dragged her tongue across her palm, licking up her would-be attackers, and swallowed them whole.

The female reporter raised an eyebrow at this, and asked: "Is this the size the people you are targeting will be reduced to?"

"Yes," Raleigh replied, "they will be reduced to the size of ants. I chose to give the world a couple of days before I shrink them, so Aryans with non-white family members have time to make arrangements to care for their loved ones."

"What if someone is only part white?" the reporter asked. "Suppose someone is three-quarters white, one quarter Cherokee, like an uncle of mine?"

Raleigh replied, "The cut-off point is fifty percent Caucasian. Let's assume that someone is half black, and half white. By outward appearance, it could be assumed by a casual observer that this person is black. My technology scans down to the genetic level, and if it is determined that they had a white parent, my neutrino dissimilator cannons will pass over them, leaving them at normal size."

The reporter thought about this, then asked: "Is there any way for the non-white people of the world to pay you off somehow? There are a lot of black billionaires who could team up to make an astounding offer in an effort to convince you not to go through with this!"

"Your money is worthless to me," Raleigh replied. "I'm doing this for political reasons. On my world, all non-white people were enslaved by the 21st century, because the Nazis won World War Two, and ever since that time, they had been selectively bred out of the Aryan gene pool through eugenics!"

"Earlier today, a top-secret manned space plane was launched to investigate your satellites, and it disappeared. Do you have any knowledge of this?"

"I sent that space plane to an alternate reality as punishment. When I first arrived here, I warned you not to launch any space shuttles, and I saw today's launch as an act of defiance! The two astronauts who were on-board are now stranded on a world of giants known as Asgard, and I am able to monitor them for my amusement!"

"The German government actively opposes you, and they are protesting in the streets of Berlin." said the reporter. "What do you think about their resistance?"

"I find it both puzzling and disturbing," said Raleigh. "On my world, the Germans led the revolution that led to the dominance of the Aryan race, so it baffles me that the Germans of your world would oppose me! That is why I have chosen to deal mainly with the people of the United States during the course of my invasion."

The reporter introduced a man in a business suit seated next to her. "This is Professor Ivan Quaid, professor of physics at Cal Tech in Pasadena. Professor, do you have any questions for Raleigh?"

"Yes," said the professor, "you mentioned that your targets will be shrunk down to ant-size. Are there any risks associated with miniaturization that the public should be made aware of?"

"There are no health risks," Raleigh replied. "In the time of the reality I come from, it is the year 22,013! In that era, we have completely eradicated health complications associated with miniaturization that existed in earlier times. The shrunken people will be able to assimilate normal-sized oxygen atoms into their bloodstreams, and they will be able to consume normal-sized food and drink regular water. The transparent titanium containers I've provided will ensure the captives get an adequate air supply, even when stacked together and placed in boxes."

The professor replied, "You mentioned that the miniaturized victims will have their physiology altered so their bodies will be able to process normal-sized air, food, and water."

"That's correct," Raleigh replied.

"But how will miniaturization affect their resilience to temperature extremes?"

Raleigh replied, "The transparent titanium containers have climate controls that keep the captives within the temperature spectrum their bodies require. In northern latitudes, if captives aren't found and put in the containers I provided, they will freeze to death on a cold night. The same is true for extremely warm climates. The captives would die in the heat of the day."

"And another question," Professor Quaid asked, "you mentioned neutrino dissimilators. What are they, and how do they work?"

"Neutrino dissimilators strip matter in the form of neutrino particles from the quarks and gluons that compose protons, neutrons, and electrons."

The professor asked, "Why is it important to reduce the size of the electrons, also?"

Raleigh replied, "Electrons hold atoms in place through magnetic force. There is a certain amount of empty space in between normal-sized atoms, and this proportionate distance must be maintained during the miniaturization process. If two normal-sized atoms are a distance of ten atoms apart from one another, then when they're shrunk they should be ten miniaturized atoms apart. Shrinking the electrons causes this to happen, because the resistance the electrons impose on each other is diminished, which forces the miniaturized atoms closer together."

Professor Quaid answered, "That corresponds with what we know in modern physics about electron theory. Of course, our 'modern' must seem primitive by your standards, Raleigh."

"I will be turning over some of my technology to your people after the non-whites are shrunk at the appointed time. I will show you how to construct anti-matter reactors and a few other things."

At this point, the television repeated itself, and showed the Black Panther attack all over again. Hayley shut off the television.

"We need to find a way to invite some Mexicans over here for a party tomorrow afternoon." Hayley told Pearl. "Me and my sister will buy the beer."

"Why not call G-girl?" Taz asked.

"I don't have her number," Hayley replied.

"I do," Taz said, handing Hayley her cell-phone. "Just hit send." Hayley hit the button, and waited for G-girl to respond.

G-girl was half-Mexican with a tan complexion, light brown hair, and green eyes. She was standing in Jasmine Jenson's living room, about to hand over one of the transparent titanium containers to Jasmine, when her cell-phone rang. She quickly handed Jasmine the box, and answered her phone.

"Hello?" G-girl answered. The name on the display screen read "Taz," but the voice on the other end sounded different.

"This is Hayley Holland," the voice said, "I know you, but I've only met you a couple of times. My friend Pearl is throwing a party tomorrow, and I was wondering if you could swing by her house this afternoon."

"Sure!" G-girl replied, "Give me the address, and I'll come right over!"

Hayley gave G-girl the address and G-girl wrote it down, said goodbye, and hung up.

"Jasmine," G-girl said, "you need one of these containers to put your dad and uncle in after they shrink! It's going to happen at 10 o'clock Saturday night!"

"Nobody's gonna shrink tomorrow!" Jasmine countered. "This is all some publicity stunt for some new product, and tomorrow at 10 o'clock it's gonna be unveiled, end of story!"

"Jasmine," G-girl replied, "that bitch is for real! This box is for real! It's made from transparent metal!"

"Whatever!" Jasmine said.

"Just hold onto it, and stay here tomorrow night at 10:00! I have to go visit a friend of Taz!"

G-girl left Jasmine's and got in her hot-rod Chevy Impala and headed for Pearl's house, across town. Within ten minutes, she was parked in front of the address Hayley had given her over the phone. When she knocked on the door, Hayley answered, and let her in.

"I'm Hayley, this is my sister Hannah, you already know Taz, and this is Pearl. Pearl lives here, and this is where the party is gonna be tomorrow."

"How can I help?" G-girl asked.

Hayley replied, "I want you to invite a lot of Mexicans to our party tomorrow."

"That won't be a problem," G-girl said, "most of the people I know are Mexican. Are you trying to watch them shrink?"

"Yes!" several of the girls said simultaneously.

"I know a Mexican guy named Sparky," Pearl explained, "but he's the only Mexican I know."

"I know Sparky," G-girl said, "he's an electrician, and he's cute."

"Can you help us?" Hayley asked G-girl.

"If I invite a Mexican chick named Zu-Zu," G-girl explained, "and her boyfriend Wam-Wam, there's gonna be a whole crowd of Mexicans following them over here. Zu-Zu and Wam-Wam and the crowd they run with are convinced this whole shrinking thing is a big hoax, even though I tried to warn them. As far as I'm concerned, if they get shrunk at your party, it serves them right."

"Why don't they believe Raleigh's for real?" Hayley asked.

G-girl replied, "They got some of those transparent titanium cartridges, and they're convinced that the government recently developed the industrial process for rendering metals transparent. They think this whole thing with Raleigh taking over the TV channels is a big publicity stunt that will be unveiled tomorrow night at 10:00."

"Do you believe it's for real?" Taz asked.

"Yeah," G-girl replied, "and since I'm half-white I won't get shrunk. I'll meet you guys here tomorrow at 4 o'clock."

Chapter 2: The day of the Party

The next day at about 3:30 in the afternoon, Hannah Holland and her younger sister Hayley pulled up in front of Pearl Grinder's house. Each girl grabbed a case of Corona beer, and headed toward the front door. Hannah rang the doorbell, and Pearl answered.

"There's more Coronas in the car," Hannah informed Pearl, and Pearl went to the car to help. A Hispanic guy named Sparky showed up, and offered to help her.

"Hi, Sparky!" Pearl said.

Sparky was wearing a backpack. He carried two cases into Pearl's house. When all the beer was unloaded, Sparky took a small machine out of his backpack and set it on the dining room table. While he was tinkering with the device, two more people showed up.

Susan Stabler had dark hair, and went to the same college as Hayley and Pearl, and was the same age as them. She approached Sparky.

"What are you doing?" Susan asked.

Sparky replied, "This is an amplifier I built. When me and all the other Mexicans are all shrunk, this device will make our voices loud enough for you to hear us."

Susan looked Sparky in the eye and said, "Talking about shrinking makes me hungry. Can I swallow you when you're shrunk?"

"Hopefully," Sparky said, "I will have served you well enough by providing this amplifier that you'll decide not to eat me!"

"Yeah," said Susan, "I suppose so."

Sparky approached Pearl. "Pearl, when is your brother Chip going to get here?"

"When he gets off work." said Pearl.

"There's something I wanted to talk to you about," Sparky began. "If this shrinking thing goes down and I get shrunk down to ant-size tonight, I'd like to belong to you."

"Really?" Pearl asked. "Why me?"

"You were my girlfriend once, and I trust you. Some of the girls, like Susan, want to swallow any shrunken people they capture. Can I trust you?"

"Sure, I guess so," Pearl said, and they shook hands to close the deal.

"Listen up," Pearl announced to everyone, "when the Mexicans get shrunk tonight at 10 o'clock, anyone who captures Sparky is to turn him over to me. He belongs to me!"

The front door was open, and Taz entered with her friend Polly Price. Taz and Polly were both 18-year-old high school seniors, and they attended Arroyo Lucia High School, the same school Pearl and the other girls had attended before they started going to college. Taz approached Pearl.

"Pearl," Taz said, "you know my friend Polly, right?"

"Sure!" said Pearl.

"I told my parents I was spending the night at Polly's house, and Polly told her parents she was spending the night at my house! Can we spend the night here tonight?"

"Sure!" said Pearl. "My parents moved to the Bahamas last year, after winning the lotto. They bought this house for me and my brother Chip before they left, and they left me and Chip in charge!"

"So you can do whatever you want?" said Taz.

"Basically," said Pearl, "but they still expect me to get good grades in college. If I don't, they'll cut me off!"

Meanwhile, outside, half a dozen cars pulled up in front of Pearl's house. Some of the drivers couldn't find parking spaces right in front, so they pulled into various driveways and backed up, then pulled in front of houses across the street, and to either side of Pearl's house. Led by G-girl, close to twenty Mexicans exited the vehicles and headed toward the front door.

Hannah observed this, and told Pearl: "We're gonna need a keg!" Hannah turned around and spotted Sparky, who was over twenty-one. "Sparky! You wanna come with me to score a keg?"

"Sure!" Sparky said, and the two of them departed as the Mexicans arrived.

G-girl approached Pearl, followed by a Mexican guy and a Mexican girl. They were about Pearl and G-girl's age.

"This is Zu-Zu," G-girl said, pointing at the girl, "and this is her boyfriend Wam-Wam!"

"The beer is over there," Pearl instructed, "in those ice chests in the dining room. Drink up!"

Chip Grinder tried to find a parking space in his work truck, but ended up parking in front of a house three houses down from where he lived. When he got to the front door, he saw that the party was in full swing. He went through the crowd to the dining room, and pulled a Corona from an ice chest. G-girl was there talking to his sister Pearl.

"So what I was thinking," G-girl explained to Pearl, "is once all the Mexicans are shrunk, we can cruise up north and score some Mexicans from the territory of our enemies. That way, if someone wants to swallow a captive, they can swallow one of them, instead of hurting my homeboys. What do you think?"

"Sounds good," Pearl said, "you should talk to Hayley's older sister Hannah, because she has a car."

"I have a car, that's not the issue," G-girl explained, "I'm gonna need money to buy captives up in Ashwood City, because all the white people are going to be selling them for buku dinero!"

"I've got a hundred-thousand dollars, it's the living allowance my parents give me every year. I can loan you twenty grand, if you split the captives with me!"

"You've got a deal!" G-girl said, and shook hands with Pearl.

Meanwhile, across town, Hannah was driving her car with Sparky in the passenger seat. "We had no problem finding a keg," Hannah said, "but we can't find a tap anywhere!"

"Stop by my parents' house," said Sparky, "I have a tap."

Hannah drove where Sparky instructed, and pulled up in front of a modest house. Hannah got out and went inside with Sparky. When they got inside, Sparky's parents were seated with Sparky's younger sisters, and a young blonde woman with blue eyes was with them. After introducing his family, Sparky introduced Hannah to the blonde.

"This is my cousin Blanca, she's going to look after my family after they shrink!"

Hannah shook hands with Blanca. Sparky's dad spoke up. "Are you sure you don't want to stick with us at 10:00 tonight? We'll be in good hands. You'd be safe!"

"I'd rather take my chances with Pearl," Sparky explained. "I don't want to spend the rest of my life being cared for by my cousin. If I cast my lot with Pearl and her friends, I might live a shorter life, but I'll be fulfilling a lifelong fantasy. Oh, and by the way, I came for the keg tap."

"It's in the junk drawer in the kitchen," Sparky's dad said.

Back at Pearl's house, a 21-year-old brunette named Crystal Mae Miller showed up at the open front door, carrying a bottle of Bacardi. Susan spotted her, and asked if she wanted a Corona.

"I don't screw around with the kid stuff," said Crystal Mae, "I drink Bacardi!"

Susan approached Pearl, and asked, "Is there enough beer?"

"Hannah and Sparky went to score a keg. They'll be back any time."

Just then, through the open front door, Susan saw Pearl's brother Chip exit at the same time Hannah was dropping Sparky off with the keg. Chip helped Sparky carry it inside.

Susan looked at Pearl, and said, "These Mexicans are being so helpful, even though it's their funeral!"

"I don't think they fully comprehend what's going to happen to them tonight!" said Pearl.

Chapter 3: Saturday Night, Zero Hour, 10:00 P.M.

It was five minutes to 10:00, and it was dark outside. The front door to Pearl Grinder's house was closed, and inside, everyone anticipated the event that would occur at 10:00 p.m. A car pulled up onto the lawn because there was no room to park anywhere else. A 21-year-old blonde-haired woman clad in a violet and green Matheson Titans cheerleader uniform stepped out and went to the front door and rang the doorbell. She went to the same university as Pearl and the other girls. Pearl opened the door and let her in.

"Hi, Ashleigh!" said Pearl, letting her in.

"I heard about this party yesterday, but I didn't think I'd make it here on time!" said Ashleigh. "We had a football game tonight, and it just ended about half an hour ago!"

"Everybody," said Pearl, "for those of you who don't know her, this is Ashleigh Ashbury, a friend of mine from school!"

As 10 o'clock drew near, Sparky gave Pearl one last, deep French-kiss, then directed her brother Chip to the dining room table to show him a set of schematics he kept in a manila envelope. Ashleigh, Taz, and Polly were clustered around Sparky, eager to watch his transformation while overhearing his conversation with Chip.

"I've been meaning to show you these schematics, but you've either been in your bedroom or on the phone since I got here. You'll have to hire some of your construction buddies to handle the bricks and mortar aspect," Sparky explained, "but since you're an electrician just like me, these schematics will show you how to construct a zapper grid around the perimeter of the brick structure!"

Chip looked at the diagram and said, "So this is kind of like an electrical fence, but on bug-scale?"

"Exactly! You can go into business building these things, because every Aryan will want one to contain their captives!"

Chip and Sparky continued to discuss the project, and before long, the crowd began counting down: "30! 29! 28!" they chanted in unison.

"Let me show you one last thing!" Sparky told Chip. He pointed to a device on the table. "This is an amplifier I built! When I'm shrunk down to ant-size, if you put me in one of those transparent containers and leave it open, by turning this on, you should be able to hear me!"

The chanting reached: "3! 2! 1!" and every Mexican in the room was reduced to the size of an ant, except G-girl, who was half-white. It happened instantly. Every normal-sized girl set out to capture the miniaturized Mexicans, transparent titanium cartridge in hand. Pearl knew Sparky was talking to her brother just before shrinking, so she quickly collected him and put him in her container, and set it on the amplifier device.

Susan quickly arrived, and announced she had captured Zu-Zu and Wam-Wam. "I see you've captured Sparky," Susan told Pearl.

"Yeah, do you want him?" Pearl asked, holding her container out to Susan.

"No, you keep him." Susan replied. "I want to get a game of dice going, and see if I can win some more!"

Meanwhile, across town, at the real estate office where Jasmine Jenson worked, Jasmine was working overtime, and didn't notice it was past 10:00 p.m.

"Dwayne?" Jasmine asked, calling to her boss a couple of cubicles over. Dwayne, who was black, Ron Hernandez, and Felicia Gonzales were putting a land deal together for a wealthy investor who was meeting them at the bank the next morning.

"Dwayne?" Jasmine called again, and received no response from him. When she got up to check his cubicle, she was shocked to see him ant-sized, standing on the seat of his swivel chair, waving to her. When she checked Ron and Felicia's cubicles, she found that they were shrunk, too.

Jasmine remembered G-girl's advice, and quickly got the transparent titanium cartridge and collected the three of them, got her jacket, and got into her car and headed home.

"Daddy, I'm on my way!"

Back at Pearl's house, some of the young women were throwing dice on the linoleum floor of the dining room. Hannah won five captives with a throw of the dice, and took a place at the dining room table. She placed the five ant-sized captives on her right forearm, sprinkled some salt on them, then squeezed some lime on them, licked them up, and took a swig from her Corona. After swallowing them, she opened her mouth, said: "All gone!" and everyone clapped and cheered.

G-girl came to her side and asked, "You didn't swallow Zu-Zu and Wam-Wam, did you?"

"I don't know!" Hannah replied, and they started looking through the various collections of captives each of the girls had.

"I've got them!" Susan said, and dumped them out into G-girl's hand. G-girl approached Pearl, and held out Zu-Zu and Wam-Wam.

"You're taking care of Sparky, aren't you?" G-girl asked.

"Yeah, he used to be my boyfriend, and I promised him I'd look out for him."

"Put Zu-Zu and Wam-Wam in his container, to keep him company!" G-girl dropped the ant-sized duo in with Sparky.

While this was taking place, Hannah was on Pearl's personal computer, browsing the Internet. G-girl went over to her.

"What're you doing?" G-girl asked.

"I'm looking on E-bay for captives for sale. I took out twenty-thousand dollars from my bank account earlier this afternoon. Look, there are dozens of sellers!"

"Are there any here in California?" G-girl asked.

"Yes! A biker in Ashwood City has ten-thousand of them for sale, and bidding started at five hundred dollars!"

"Maybe if you bid five-thousand nobody else will be able to match it! Forget about nickel and diming!"

"You're right!" Hannah agreed. "I'm typing in my bid right now!"

Meanwhile, at that exact moment, Jasmine pulled up in front of her house, and found the lights on. When she approached, she saw that one of the front windows was broken, and she could hear noise coming from inside the house. Jasmine unlocked the front door, and was confronted by a group of hooligans in their early 20's..

"If any of you punks has my dad and my uncle, you'd better turn them over to me right now!"

The leader of the hooligans held out a transparent titanium cartridge, and tossed it onto a couch to Jasmine's right. When she stepped in that direction to try to catch the cartridge, the punks fled on her left side, out the front door. Jasmine thought she recognized one of the teens, a girl with long blonde hair who lived in the neighborhood.

When Jasmine recovered the transparent container, she saw that her dad and her uncle were safe inside. Jasmine pushed the button that opened the cartridge, and said, "Hi, daddy!"

Back at Pearl's, the bidding ended at ten-thousand, and Hannah won.

"Now I have to drive to Ashwood City to collect them," Hannah explained. "Do you want to come with me?"

"Sure!" G-girl quickly replied.

"Okay," Hannah instructed, "Let's go!"

Hannah got in the driver's seat of her car, and G-girl got in the passenger seat. Hannah took out a thick wad of hundred dollar bills and handed the cash to G-girl.

"Count out ten grand for me!" Hannah said, and shifted into gear and drove toward the freeway.

Back at Pearl's, Pearl had placed the container with Sparky, Zu-Zu, and Wam-Wam on the amplifier device. Everyone was crowded around, trying to listen.

"Do you feel you now dwell in a world of mighty giants?" Susan asked them. Some of the girls thought this was funny, and laughed.

"Yes," Sparky replied, "but I'll get used to it."

"I would love nothing less than to cast you into the unyielding depths of my belly," Susan explained, "but for some reason, Pearl sees fit to protect you, so I'll respect that."

"Sparky," Ashleigh asked, "which one of us has the best pair of legs?"

"That's a toss-up between you and Susan!" Sparky replied.

"Let him march around on your thigh!" Ashleigh told Susan. Susan was wearing fishnet stockings, short black leather boots, and an ultra-short black leather mini-skirt.

"Okay!" Susan said, and dumped Sparky out onto her left palm, and placed him on her left thigh, which was lying on the linoleum floor. "Sparky, I command you to march astride my mighty thigh, until you reach my boot; then you must return to my thigh and make the journey again."

Sparky made the journey, but progress was slow, due to Susan's fishnets. As Sparky made his trek across Susan's massive leg, Susan had a conversation with Pearl.

"How long do you think it'll take Hannah to get to Ashwood City to buy those captives?"

"She'll probably get there about 1:00 in the morning" Pearl replied, "and it'll take another two or three hours to get back."

"And she's bringing them here?" Susan asked.

"As far as I know," said Pearl.

By this time, Sparky had ran to Susan's boot, touched it, and was now making his way over her kneecap as he returned to her thigh.

"Now do it again!" Susan commanded.

Sparky had made it to Susan's upper thigh, and now doubled back to return to her lower calf.

"Let's make this interesting!" Susan said, as she folded her leg, causing her knee to rise into the air until her garter belt could be seen. "If you fall, I'll swallow you!"

Susan remembered that Sparky belonged to Pearl; she turned and looked at Pearl, and asked, "Is that cool, Pearl?"

"Sure!" Pearl replied. "If he falls down, you have my permission to swallow him! But if he lives, you have to give him back to me."

"Do you hear that, slave?" Susan asked Sparky.

"Yes, mighty mistress!" Sparky replied.

"Then return to your task," Susan said, "you pathetic slave! I command you! And if you fall, my belly shall be your grave!"

Some of the girls laughed at Susan's verbal abuse of ant-sized Sparky, who was powerless to do anything about it.

Chapter 4: Brave New World

As Susan sat on the linoleum floor of Pearl's dining room entertaining herself by commanding Sparky to climb astride her thigh, her back was to the television, which the other women could see from the dining room as they stood around holding their beer. Ashleigh noticed that a new message from Raleigh was being broadcast. Ashleigh quickly walked over to the television and turned the volume up, because it had been on mute all of this time. Susan ignored Sparky as he tried to climb astride her nearly verticle thigh, and all eyes were on the television.

Raleigh was seated next to the same female reporter who had interviewed her before. Seated next to the reporter was Professor Ivan Quaid.

"I am Raleigh, benefactor to the Aryan race. As you must have noticed by now, I have made good on my threat to shrink the non-white portion of the human race. Even now, numerous Aryans are hunting down their ant-sized prey.

"As a favor, I am sending thousands of my fembots to collect the shrunken people of Asia, because they made up over a quarter of the world's population. They will be distributed Sunday when it will be 4:00 p.m. in Berlin. There will be a distribution center at the courthouse of every county seat of government. That is all for now."

"That's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow!" said Pearl. As the message repeated itself, Ashleigh turned the volume back down again. "We need to report to the courthouse in San Luis Obispo tomorrow morning!"

"Definitely!" said Susan. "When Hannah and G-girl get back from Ashwood City, we can have them take us, because they both have cars."

By this time, Sparky had made his way to the top of Susan's knee.

"Okay, slave, now you have to climb back down my calf. And remember, if you fall, I'm sending you crashing to the depths of my belly!"

Polly and Taz were amused by Sparky's plight, but quickly grew bored.

"Let's go find some more captives!" Taz told Polly, "I know of a lot of apartment complexes where only Mexicans live! Is anyone with me?"

Hayley Holland, Pearl Grinder, Ashleigh Ashbury, and Crystal Mae Miller all agreed to go. When Taz invited Susan Stabler, Susan replied, "I'd like to, but I'm having too much fun dominating Sparky!"

The six girls grabbed as many transparent titanium cartridges as would fit in their pockets and purses, and headed out the door. For the next several hours, they ransacked an entire neighborhood in their quest for captives.

By the time they headed back toward Pearl's house, Hannah and G-girl had arrived in Ashwood City. Hannah drove off the exit ramp in the area she was trying to reach.

"I can't believe we're here already," G-girl told Hannah, "it's only 12:30!"

"That's because I was doing like a hundred miles an hour most of the way here!" Hannah replied. "Okay, G-girl, give me the directions on that piece of paper I left on the dashboard, while I drive us there."

G-girl's directions guided them to a one-story house in a rural area. Several motorcycles were parked in front, and the lights were on. When Hannah and G-girl rang the doorbell, a tall man with long blonde hair answered the door.

"I'm Hannah, the buyer from e-Bay. I'm here to pick up ten-thousand captives!"

"I'm keeping them in my daughters' room," the man said, "they're looking after the captives. I'm afraid there's twenty missing, because one of my daughters swallowed some of them!"

"That's okay," Hannah said, "I'll still pay you the full amount."

Hannah took the wad of hundred dollar bills from G-girl, and handed the money to the blonde-haired biker. He invited them in, and took them to the bedroom of his two daughters who were in their late teens .

The oldest of the two girls was about nineteen, and the younger girl was about eighteen. Between their two twin-size beds was a table about three feet high and four feet in diameter, with a clay city within a wall of clay six inches high that surrounded the miniature city. About a dozen bricks of unopened clay were stacked beneath the table. The two blonde-haired girls were manipulating chunks of clay in an effort to construct new dwellings for the miniaturized captives who were trapped inside the walls of the miniature clay city.

"Girls," the biker said, "the lady who's buying the little people is here!"

"Aw!" the two girls said in unison, obviously disappointed to lose their new toys.

"I'll give you each a hundred dollars if you pack the captives for me!" Hannah said.

"Okay!" both girls said in unison, and the older girl proceeded to dump out a cardboard box containing one hundred of the transparent titanium cartridges provided by Raleigh. The two girls quickly got to work, licking their fingers and pressing them against an ant-sized captive, then inserting them into a transparent titanium cartridge until their were ten captives to a cartridge. While the girls worked, Hannah spoke to the girls' father.

"So how did you come across ten-thousand captives so quickly? You posted on e-Bay less than an hour after they were shrunk!"

"I realized the financial possibilities of Raleigh's plan," the biker explained, "so I took out an ad in the local paper and advertised a celebration on my property, for free to anyone who was Mexican! About ten-thousand of them showed up, and when they shrank at 10 o'clock, me and my daughters collected all of them!"

G-girl noticed that she could hear a dull murmur from the numerous ant-sized captives as they had conversations with each other. As the diligent damsels worked, one of them tore the roof from a clay structure, and G-girl was amused to hear one of the captives yell out: "It's the Aryan thunder-goddesses!"

"Aryan thunder-goddesses?" G-girl asked the two girls.

"That's the name the little people gave us," the older girl said, "they keep calling us that."

"Hannah," G-girl asked, "maybe we should buy the unopened bricks of clay to make a city on Pearl's dining room table!"

"Good idea!" Hannah answered, then turned to the biker, and asked, "How much for the rest of that clay under that table?"

"Shucks," the man replied, "for all the money you just paid me, you can have all of it for free!"

Hannah and G-girl began taking armloads of the clay out to Hannah's car. By the time they were done loading it, the two blonde-haired girls had finished packing away all of the captives, ten to a cartridge. The transparent titanium cartridges were packed into the cardboard boxes they came in, and Hannah thanked the girls and paid them the money she had promised them.

"They were just fed right before you got here," the older girl said, "so you won't need to feed them until morning."

"They like peanut butter," the younger girl added.

"Your dad said one of you swallowed twenty of them," Hannah said. "How did that happen?"

The younger girl replied, "My sister bet me I couldn't swallow twenty of them all at once. She lost."

While Hannah and G-girl were getting back in Hannah's car, back in Arroyo Lucia, Taz, Polly, Hayley, Pearl, Ashleigh, and Crystal Mae were returning to Pearl's house after acquiring captives from a nearby Mexican neighborhood.

"Crystal Mae got the most," Taz told Polly, "I never knew she was so aggressive."

The girls entered Pearl's house, and set the transparent titanium cartridges on the dining room table. They had to maneuver around Susan, who was lying on her back on the linoleum with her feet propped up on a chair. The girls could see Sparky still working his way up her massive thigh, on his way back toward her ankle for probably the hundredth time.

"He hasn't fallen yet!" Susan said. "Hey Pearl, while you were gone Chip said you knew where the beer bong was!"

"Yeah," Pearl said, "it's in the garage. Let me go get it!" Pearl disappeared through a door in the kitchen, and came back less than a minute later carrying a funnel with a long transparent tube attached to it. "Did you want to use it?"

"Yeah," Susan replied, "but I also figured that whoever caught the most captives tonight should see how many she could take down with one shot!"

"Crystal Mae caught like a hundred of them!" said Taz.

"I'll volunteer!" said Crystal Mae, raising her right hand.

Susan grabbed Sparky from her leg, and placed him on the table after standing up. "I think we should have Sparky separate the Mexicans who don't speak English from the ones who do, and just swallow the ones who only speak Spanish!"

"Good idea!" said Crystal Mae.

Ten minutes later, Sparky was interviewing the last of Crystal Mae's captives. Nearly sixty of them didn't speak English very well, and another group of about thirty spoke English well. If Sparky determined that one of them didn't speak English, he would say, "Aqui!" and point to the larger group of captives. When it was over, there were sixty-five captives in the non-English speaking group.

"I think we should have a contest," Crystal Mae said. "I'll try to swallow thirty captives, and someone else tries to swallow thirty. Whoever doesn't swallow all of theirs, loses!"

"I'll challenge you," Susan said, "if you loan me thirty of your captives!"

"No problem!" said Crystal Mae. "But I get to go first! You load thirty captives into the beer bong while Pearl pours the beer in!"

In less than a minute, they were ready. Pearl uncapped a bottle of Corona, and Susan had thirty captives in the palm of her right hand. Crystal Mae held the end of the transparent hose in her mouth, while Pearl held the funnel high in the air and prepared to pour the beer in.

"Go!" Crystal Mae demanded. Pearl started pouring the beer in, and Susan tilted her palm until it was vertical, and dropped all thirty captives into the churning golden liquid, where they were quickly pulled under.

"Go! Go! Go!" the other girls chanted in unison, and very swiftly, the beer was gone. Crystal Mae lifted her arms in victory, and everyone cheered.

Hayley and Pearl quickly looked over the beer bong, and determined that all of the captives had been vanquished.

"Your turn, Susan!" Crystal Mae said.

Crystal Mae grabbed the beer bong as Hayley uncapped a Corona, and collected another thirty captives, and held them above the funnel in her palm as Hayley held the funnel up in the air. Susan stuck the hose in her mouth, and got ready to take her turn.

"Okay," Hayley announced, "here it comes!"

As soon as Hayley started pouring the beer in, Crystal Mae dumped the thirty captives into the beer bong, and Susan guzzled it down. In moments, it was over. Crystal Mae analyzed the empty beer bong and found no survivors.

"It's clear!" said Crystal Mae, and the other girls responded by cheering. "I'm going again!"

"But Crystal," said Taz, "the only captives you have left are the ones who speak English, and you already said you wouldn't swallow them!"

"Well, I changed my mind!" Crystal Mae replied. "It doesn't matter what we do to them anyway, because now they're just the food of the gods!"

As Crystal Mae got into position to take another shot from the beer bong, Sparky could see her clearly from this vantage point on the dining room table. She was standing in a different position this time, and he could see her from behind. She was wearing a tanktop, and he could clearly see tattoos he hadn't noticed on her before. On her upper left arm, just above her elbow, spelled vertically from top to bottom, was the word White. On her right arm was the word Pride spelled vertically in the same type of lettering as the tattoo on her left arm. The two words were meant to be read from left to right as one phrase, White Pride.

Sparky felt incredibly turned on by Crystal Mae's tattoos; up until now, he had thought it was a toss-up that Ashleigh with her cheerleader uniform and Susan with her heavy metal look were the hottest chicks who hung out at Pearl Grinder's. Now, he wasn't sure. As he thought it over some more, he concluded that Susan, Ashleigh, and Crystal Mae were equally hot.

As Sparky was mesmerized by Crystal Mae's tattoos, Crystal Mae informed the other girls she wanted to swallow another load of captives with Pearl's beer bong.

"I guess I can donate more," Taz said, handing over half a dozen cartridges to Crystal Mae with both hands.

"I'll give you half of mine," Ashleigh said, "but if I run out of captives, you have to kick down!"

Very shortly, the beer bong was in position, held above Crystal Mae's head by Hayley, who held an uncapped bottle of Corona in her other hand. Susan held fifty captives in her palm above the beer bong, waiting for Hayley to start pouring.

As soon as Hayley tilted the bottle, Susan dumped the captives in, and within moments, the beer and the helpless captives were vanquished.

"Again!" Crystal Mae said. "I want to do it again!"

"But you've already swallowed three loads of captives!" Pearl said. "If you keep swallowing them thirty and fifty at a time, we're gonna run out!"

"Then I'll swallow them ten at a time from now on!" Crystal Mae replied.

Susan licked her left index finger and collected captives one at a time, until she had ten captives in her right palm. Hayley uncapped a Corona and held the top of the beer bong in position. Susan held the captives over the beer bong, and as soon as Hayley started pouring the beer, Susan dumped them in as Crystal Mae guzzled her fourth volley. When the beer bong was empty, Crystal Mae licked her lips, and said, "I'll take a break for about twenty minutes, then I'll down ten more!"

Chapter 5: Middle of the Night

Hannah pulled up in front of Pearl's house after 3:00 in the morning. G-girl got a couple of bricks of clay, while Hannah carried some of the cardboard boxes containing the nearly ten-thousand captives. Hannah knocked on the door, and Ashleigh let them in. Ashleigh and Susan accompanied Hannah and G-girl back to the car, to get the rest of the clay. They set the bricks of clay on the dining room table.

"I think we should cut up about half a dozen of these bricks of clay," Hannah explained, "and build a perimeter wall for the miniature city we're going to have them build."

Susan got a big knife and began cutting open the clay, then cut them into quarter sections and handed them to the others. Within fifteen minutes, the wall was built. At this point, the girls began forming dwellings for the captives. When about one hundred dwellings were constructed, Hannah began releasing the captives within the walls of the miniature clay city.

At this point, Pearl came downstairs and saw the wall of clay on the dining room table. "Now that they're here," Pearl said, "we should make them feel at home. They shouldn't have to sleep on cold clay! I'll get some cotton balls from the bathroom."

When Pearl returned a minute later, she had a brand-new plastic bag of cotton balls. She punctured the bag, and dumped the cotton balls within the perimeter of the clay wall. Susan, Hannah, Pearl, Ashleigh and G-girl broke up the cotton balls into smaller pieces so the captives could use the material to make beds with. The girls watched the captives pull chunks of cotton into the clay dwellings.

"Should we just leave them in the city?" G-girl asked the others. "I'm ready to crash, and I don't feel like collecting all of them and sticking them back in their cartridges."

"Oh, it's okay!" Pearl replied. "There's no way they can get down off this table. When you're the size of an ant, you can't go too far!"

The others were too tired to see a flaw in this line of reasoning, so one by one, they slipped off to their individual sleeping bags Pearl had set out for them earlier that evening. About fifteen minutes after the last girl went to her sleeping bag, one of the ant-sized captives, a gang member named Lazlo who was an ex-army corporal, organized five of his buddies as leaders who rallied the others to dig a tunnel through one of the clay bricks facing the living room, so someone could keep watch on the Aryan Thunder Goddesses.

While about two dozen of them dug the tunnel, the rest of the captives got to work weaving long ropes from the cotton balls. One of the women was a seamstress, and she instructed the others how to do this. All through the night, progress on the tunnel commenced as the ropes became longer. When the tunnel was completed, the ropes were almost ready. Lazlo peered out through the tunnel opening and saw the girls sleeping peacefully in their sleeping bags. About half an hour later, the ropes were long enough to be tied into one long strand. One end of the rope was tied around a group of dwellings that G-girl and Hannah had made by hand. The other end of the rope was pulled through the tunnel, and tossed over the side of the dining room table. One by one, the tiny captives made their way down the length of rope, careful to heed Lazlo's warning to only allow one or two people to climb down the rope at a time, so the rope wouldn't break.

About 6:45 in the morning, Hayley woke up. She had always been an early riser, and found it impossible to sleep in past 7:00 a.m., even on a Saturday. Without glancing at the clay city, she went to the coffee machine in the kitchen and grabbed the carafe and filled it with water from the special spigot that emitted purified water. Hayley had been spending the night at Pearl's house for years, and not only did she have Pearl's permission to make the coffee when she spent the night, it was expected of her, because it was well known to her closest friends that she was an early riser. After her chore was completed and the coffee was brewing, Hayley ventured to the walled city when her eyes were sufficiently open enough to see the thread dangling from the open cavity of the tunnel that had been dug into one of the clay bricks. Her scream woke up everyone in the living room.

Taz and Polly were the first to reach the dining room area, followed by Hannah, G-girl, Ashleigh, Crystal Mae, and Susan. Taz lifted the thread that was hanging down onto the linoleum, and felt the texture of it in her hands. Pearl quickly made her way down the stairs to join the others after hearing Hayley's scream.

"They've escaped!" Hayley shouted. "They made a thread from the cotton balls, and used it to climb down onto the floor!"

"Don't panic," Susan said. "They're still in this house. The front door and the garage door have weather stripping, and there's no way they could've gotten out that way. They're still in this room, all of them!"

"I guess we're gonna have to hunt for our breakfast this morning," Crystal Mae said. "Hannah, they still belong to you. How about a deal? For every ten we catch, we get to keep one of them. Polly or Taz can keep count of how many each of us capture!"

"Sounds good to me," Hannah replied. "I was just going to swallow them anyway, so ten percent isn't asking too much. Go for it!"

Crystal Mae turned to Taz. "Will you keep track on paper how many each of us catch?"

"Yeah," Taz replied, "but what's in it for me? I want to capture some of them, too!"

"I'll give you two out of every ten I keep, after I turn over nine out of ten to Hannah!"

"Two out of five," Taz said, "and you've got yourself a deal!"

Crystal Mae and Taz shook hands, and the girls got busy hunting for captives. There were groups of captives under all the major furniture that they could hide under; they were under the couches and the recliners, and even under the refrigerator in the kitchen. The seven girls who were capturing captives were able to catch about ten at a time, while Taz kept track on paper of how many each of them caught. Taz didn't have time to grow bored because every thirty seconds or so she would have to tally more captured captives from Susan or Ashley or the others. It was while she was waiting for the next girl to have her captives tallied that she became aware that Sparky was trying to get her attention.

He was jumping up and down waving his arms in the air. He was in his transparent titanium cartridge, which was open and setting on the voice amplifier he had constructed when he was normal-sized. Zu-Zu and Wam-Wam were still in there with him. Taz flipped the switch that turned on the voice amplifier so she could hear his voice.

"It was Lazlo!" Sparky shouted. "He's down there on the carpet somewhere! He organized the tunnel being dug, and he found the seamstress who showed them how to weave rope from the cotton balls!"

"Sparky," Taz said, "we're going to have to keep you separated from the other Mexicans because you're a snitch! They might hurt you for telling on them!"

The seven girls who were hunting for captives had seven shot glasses they kept the captives in while they were hunting. When Susan came to the table to have Taz tally her captives, Sparky recognized some of the Mexicans in Susan's shot glass as she dumped them out onto the table within the clay walls of the miniature city.

"That's Lazlo!" Sparky shouted to Taz. "Him and those five Mexicans with him were the ones who organized the escape!"

"You're dead, holmes!" Lazlo shouted to Sparky, but his voice was too weak for Taz and Susan to hear him.

"If this is the one who organized the escape," Susan said as she licked her right index finger, "then we'd better keep him in this shot glass, to face judgement!"

As Susan pressed her moist finger to Lazlo and placed him back in the shot glass, Taz did the same with the others who had helped him. "Sparky, are these the ones?" Taz asked.

"Yes!" Sparky replied. "There were five of them helping Lazlo organize the whole thing."

Sparky could still hear Lazlo's threats coming from the shot glass, joined by his accomplices. "You're dead, holmes!" Lazlo shouted. "A lot of the homeboys who escaped with me are gang members. You're living on borrowed time!"

"I'll take my chances!" Sparky shouted back to Lazlo.

Within twenty minutes, all of the captives had been re-captured. Pearl, Polly, Taz, Susan, Ashleigh, Crystal Mae, Hayley, and Hannah stood around the table gazing down at the accused, who were squirming around in the shot glass Susan had set on the table.

"What should we do with the guy who organized the escape?" Crystal Mae asked the group, as she picked up the shot glass with the six guilty captives inside. "Personally, I think we should all take turns spitting on them, and force them to swim in our spit!"

Crystal Mae spit in the shot glass, and observed the six captives struggling to swim to the surface of her saliva. "Who wants to go next?"

Hayley grabbed the shot glass forcefully, and spit a huge volley of saliva into the shot glass. She giggled out loud as the tiny captives struggled to swim around in the saliva. Hayley handed the glass to Hannah, who did the same. Hannah handed the glass to Pearl, and the process was repeated until all eight girls had spit in the glass. By now, the small shot glass was filled almost to the rim with saliva, but the captives were still alive, striving to stay afloat on the surface.

"I've got an idea!" Hannah said. "I dare anyone to swallow this shot glass full of spit, and whoever does it gets half of my captives!"

Crystal Mae grabbed the shot glass before anyone else could react, and tossed back the entire contents, swallowing Lazlo and the others who had been imprisoned with him. When Crystal Mae slammed the shot glass down onto the dining room table, it was empty except for maybe a fraction of a milliliter of saliva. Crystal Mae opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to Hannah, to show that Lazlo and the other five captives had indeed been vanquished.

"They're yours now!" Hannah said. "Count out half of my captives!"

"And don't forget," Taz reminded Crystal Mae, "that I get two out of every five of your captives!"

"Don't worry, I didn't forget our deal!" Crystal Mae said with a smile as she ruffled the hair on the top of Taz's head.

"After tallying everyone's captives," Taz informed Hannah, "and assuming everyone keeps one out of every ten of them, you now have six hundred captives, Hannah!"

"Okay," Hannah said to Crystal Mae, "you get to keep three hundred!"

"That's a hundred and twenty for me!" Taz said.

Just then, Pearl's brother Chip came hurtling down the stairs two steps at a time as he tried to put on a flannel shirt. "Jesus Christ!" Chip shouted to the girls, "It's 7:30 already, and Raleigh's fembots are handing out captives from China at the courthouse! There's probably a limit to how much each person can get, so we all need to go!"

Pearl replied, "Someone needs to stay here and put the captives in their cartridges while the rest of us go to the courthouse! We can't let the captives have another chance to escape!"

"I'll stay here and do that," Taz said, "you guys go get more captives!"

"What's everyone just standing around for?" Chip asked. "Let's go!"

Taz stayed behind and looked after the captives Hannah had bought in Ashwood City while Chip and the other seven girls piled into Chip's truck and Hannah and G-girl's cars and headed toward the courthouse in San Luis Obispo.

Chapter 6: Acquiring captives at the Courthouse

Chip Grinder was driving his truck, while his sister Pearl sat in the passenger seat and Polly Price sat in the middle. Chip didn't waste any time getting on the freeway, and drove swiftly north to San Luis Obispo at a speed that was just shy of what it would've taken to get him pulled over if a cop saw him. Hannah Holland had a hard time keeping up. Her car was less crowded than Chip's; her sister Hayley sat in the passenger seat, while Crystal Mae Miller and Susan Stabler sat in the back. Pulling up the rear, G-girl was driving behind Hannah with Ashleigh Ashbury in the passenger seat. Hannah and G-girl drove hell-bent-for-leather, weaving in and out of traffic as they followed Chip.

Back at Pearl's house, Taz was busy licking her right index finger and sticking one captive at a time into transparent titanium cartridges. She left each cartridge open because she knew she would have to feed the captives once she got them situated. She left Sparky, Zu-Zu, and Wam-Wam in their own cartridge separated from the others, on the voice amplifier. Taz worried about Sparky, because he was considered a rat by the Mexican captives from Ashwood City. Once all of the Mexicans from Ashwood City were in their places, Taz began opening the other cartridges, careful not to get them mixed up with Hannah's captives. There were close to ten-thousand captives that Hannah had purchased in Ashwood City, but there were another fifty or so who were locals, and belonged to some of the other girls.

"It's breakfast time!" Taz said to the tiny captives. "What do you guys feel like eating?"

Sparky heard comments from some of the captives, but Taz couldn't hear them. Since the voice amplifier was on, he relayed the message to Taz. "They say they're tired of peanut butter! The two girls who captured them gave them that, and they want more of a variety!"

"How about eggs and fried potatoes?" said Taz. "I can use the cheese grater to make hash browns!"

Sparky heard the assent of the Mexicans, and informed Taz that potatoes and eggs would be fine. While Taz got busy peeling potatoes, Sparky sat down on one end of the transparent titanium cartridge he shared with Zu-Zu and Wam-Wam, who were busy making out. Wam-Wam caught Sparky staring out of the corner of his eye, and stopped kissing Zu-Zu.

"You ought to ask Taz to score you a girlfriend from the Ashwood City pile!" said Wam-Wam.

"A Mexican bitch from Ashwood City?" said Sparky, with a look of disgust on his face. "I'm better off with a local chick!"

"Look around you!" said Wam-Wam. "All those people from Ashwood City are gonna get killed! G-girl is called G-girl for a reason! The 'G' stands for gangster, born and bred! There has to be at least one bitch in that crowd you'd like to holler at, because I guarantee you, once G-girl gets back from San Luis, those Ashwood City Julios are history!"

"You would be doing someone a favor!" said Zu-Zu. "If you save a life, does it really matter what part of California they're from?"

"Yeah," said Sparky, "you guys are right!"

Sparky stood up and went to the opening of the cartridge, and called out for Taz. Taz came to the voice amplifier, spatula in hand. "What's up?" said Taz.

"When I was observing those other Mexicans last night," said Sparky, "I saw a chick I'd like to get to know. I yelled at her for a minute, and she told me her name was Misty Murillo. Can you pluck her out of her cartridge and put her in here with me? I need a girlfriend, Taz!"

"No problem," said Taz, and she addressed the cartridges that contained the Mexicans from Fresno. "Is there a Misty Murillo anywhere?"

Several voices called out and claimed to be Misty, but Taz was quickly able to discern the voice of the real one. Taz placed her finger down in the girl's cartridge, and said, "Step onto my fingernail, sweetheart! I won't hurt you! Someone wants to talk to you!"

The girl, a beautiful Latina about nineteen years old, stepped onto Taz's fingernail and rode through the air to Sparky's cartridge, where she was gently dropped. Sparky thanked Taz, and she went back to cooking breakfast. Wam-Wam was so impressed by Misty's beauty that Zu-Zu had to grab his head and tilt it back in her direction. "Don't forget about me!" said Zu-Zu.

As Misty stood up, Sparky introduced himself to her. "Hi! I'm Sparky, the guy who hollered at you last night! I think you're hot, so I asked Taz to put you in here with us to keep me company!"

"Do you expect me to be your sex-toy, or something?" said Misty. "'Cause if you do, you've got another thing coming!"

While Taz was cooking breakfast for the captives at Pearl's house, Chip and the others had arrived in San Luis Obispo, and parked in the parking garage on Marsh street. Chip and the seven girls quickly made their way to the courthouse on Monterey street, where they were met with an amazing sight.

There were between fifty and a hundred people on the courthouse lawn, but behind them, two small scoutships were parked on the concrete area in front of the courthouse behind a long series of tables where captives were being handed out by Raleigh's fembots. All of the fembots were identical, and they were dressed up like Raleigh in the news broadcasts, and looked like exact replicas of her. Chip's sister Pearl noticed that the paint jobs on the scoutships were pink and purple, and that they were made of a material similar to the ceramic tiles that coated the American space shuttle fleet, but prettier.

As Pearl analyzed the pink and purple color scheme, one of the scoutships took off and disappeared into the morning sky, only to be replaced by an identical scoutship with different serial numbers that descended out of the sky. Four fembots disembarked, carrying boxes containing transparent titanium cartridges that held miniaturized captives from the Orient. There was a big screen television playing a recording of Raleigh's most recent broadcast, and it kept repeating.

Chip got Pearl's attention, and told her to get in one of the lines. There were about ten lines, with only about five or ten people in each line. Pearl, Susan, Crystal Mae, and Chip got in the same line, whle Ashleigh and Polly got into the line to their left. Hannah and Hayley got into the line on Pearl's right.

"Do you think there's a limit?" Pearl asked Susan.

"There probably is," said Susan, "but who knows? We'll find out when we get to the front of the line."

Pearl noticed that the people leaving the front of the line were each carrying a cardboard box that held one hundred transparent titanium cartridges. Assuming each cartridge held ten captives, that would mean each person got about a thousand Chinese captives. Each person who acquired captives was also given a necklace, one of two types that Pearl could discern. One necklace had an iron cross medallion, the type worn by Nazis during World War Two; the other type of necklace had a swastika medallion. When Pearl got to the front of the line, she asked the fembot what the limit on captives was.

"Everyone gets one thousand captives!" the fembot said. "But if you're still here at 9 o'clock, then the remaining captives will be distributed to whoever remains!"

Pearl got her box of captives, and when the fembot asked her what type of necklace she wanted, Pearl asked for the iron cross. After leaving the line with her thousand captives and her necklace, she went and waited for the others. All of Pearl's friends except for Crystal Mae and Susan had chosen the iron cross necklace. When her brother Chip retreated from the front of the line with his captives and iron cross necklace, Pearl approached him and asked, "Are you gonna wait around until 9:00?"

"We're gonna have to!" said Chip. "You and your friends are just a bunch of little sadists! I'm in this for the money! I just want to score as many captives as I can, then sell them on e-Bay! All you guys want to do is torture them!"

"But mom and dad give us a hundred thousand dollars a year each! Why do you need more money?"

"I want to be my own boss!" said Chip. "You're only twenty-one, so you don't know the whole story behind the money mom and dad give us. I have a whole bunch of rules to follow. It's almost like I'm a prisoner! Before we were rich, I never needed money. But once mom and dad started coughing up eight point three grand a month for me to live on, I got used to it! That's why I work my construction job, because the hundred grand a year they give me still isn't enough!"

"What do you blow your money on?" said Pearl.

"I don't want to talk about that," said Chip. "It's enough to say that I want out from under mom and dad's control, and this thing with Raleigh is my chance to become self-sufficient!"

Back at Pearl's, Taz was almost done cooking the hashbrowns. The quantity was thousands of times what it would've taken to feed the tiny captives, but Taz reasoned that she would also need breakfast for herself, too. A second pan was heating up with cooking oil in it next to the pan with the hashbrowns, and Taz dumped in a bowl of raw scrambled eggs, and got a second spatula ready. By the time the eggs were cooked, the hashbrowns were done, so Taz got the food and put it on a plate and sat down.

Taz spent about ten or fifteen minutes feeding the captives, keeping the cartridges of the captives she'd already fed separated from the cartridges containing the other captives. Sparky, Zu-Zu, and Wam-Wam (and now Misty, too) were fed first, which furthered the animosity the captives from Ashwood City had for Sparky. It was obvious to them that the Aryans here felt differently toward Sparky than toward them. What they failed to realize was that Sparky had known Pearl and most of her friends for many years, and had chosen to be her captive; the Mexicans from Ashwood City had been conquered by force, and never had that choice.

Inside the transparent titanium cartridge that was perched atop the voice amplifier, Misty sat apart from Sparky, Zu-Zu, and Wam-Wam as the four of them ate their breakfast. Misty was still convinced that Sparky had lascivious intentions when he invited her to his cartridge. Zu-Zu felt sorry for Misty, and said, "It's not like you'd be any better off with your people! When G-girl gets back, she's gonna slaughter everyone from Ashwood City! All Sparky did was save your life!"

"Who are you to determine what that G-girl bitch is gonna do, anyway?" said Misty. "Can you read her mind, or something?"

Zu-Zu looked at Wam-Wam with a smirk on her face, then tilted her face back in Misty's direction. "Look, bitch! I've known G-girl since grade school! She was the first one of us to join the Arroyo Lucia Mexican gang! At night, she dreams about killing gangsters from Ashwood City! Why do you think you and your homeboys were brought here? They probably could've bought Mexicans anywere, but G-girl probably specifically told that white bitch to forget about the stupid shit and score some Mexicans from the territory of our enemies!"

Misty absorbed what Zu-Zu had told her, then said, "I'm sorry! It's just that I'm still trying to accept what's happened over the past few days!"

While Taz and the miniaturized Mexicans ate their breakfast, Chip and his sister Pearl and her six friends sat on the grass in front of the courthouse waiting for 9:00 a.m. to roll around. All seven of the girls were passing the time by going through each individual transparent titanium cartridge, making sure that there were ten captives per cartridge.

Susan had asked for a swastika necklace, and was now wearing it. She noticed that the chain appeared to be made of high carat gold as she dumped out ten of her captives into her left hand. "Anyone in the mood for Chinese?" said Susan.

"See, that's your problem!" said Chip. "You and the others are just a bunch of little sadists! At least I'm acquiring captives for a constructive reason, to get rich! The rest of you just want to torment those poor little bastards!"

"Well, look at it this way," said Susan, "when you sell your captives, what's going to happpen to them? Are you going to give conditions to your buyers before you agree to make the sale? Are you going to demand that they don't do anything cruel to them?"

"I don't care what they do with them," said Chip, "but that's not the point!"

"I think that is the point," said Susan, then she tossed the ten captives into her mouth. She stuck her tongue out at Chip, so he could get a good look at the ten Chinese captives, then she pulled her tongue back inside her mouth, sealed her lips, and swallowed them. Once the captives were dispatched to the depths of Susan's belly, she stuck her empty tongue out at Chip to prove that the captives had been completely consumed, and weren't hiding somewhere in her mouth.

"All gone!" said Susan, then she snapped her mouth shut. Susan didn't waste any time opening another cartridge, which she dumped onto her open palm. This time, she wasn't in such a hurry to swallow the tiny captives; Susan allowed them to march around on her palm. "It's too bad they don't understand English," Susan lamented.

The second group of captives spread out and started climbing up Susan's forearm, which she held horizontally so they could make their way up her arm. Susan stretched out her fishnet-clad legs out on the grass, and brushed the captives off onto her left thigh. She opened another cartridge of captives and dumped them onto her right leg, then lied back with her arms folded behind her head. "Imagine conquering a tiny land of people this size!" said Susan. "It would be like the scale of Gulliver magnified a thousand times over! That would make me feel like a god!"

"You're a girl," said Chip, as he sat mesmerized by Susan's perfect legs, "you would be a goddess, not a god!"

"I know," said Susan, "but it makes me feel more powerful to think of myself as a god! I just like that label!"

"Pearl?" said Chip as he turned his head away from Susan, "Can you keep an eye on my captives while I go find a bathroom?"

"Sure!" said Pearl, and Chip got up and walked away. When he was far enough away, Pearl looked at Susan and said, "I think my brother likes you!"

"What makes you think that?" Susan asked as she propped herself up on her left elbow. "He just bitched me out for dominating my captives! It seems like he hates me!"

"I know my brother!" said Pearl. "He has a giantess fetish, and he seems turned on by you. It's just that he's into the concept of a gentle giantess, and we're all violent with our captives!"

"Yeah," said Susan, "I forgot about that! Now that we're talking about your brother, wasn't he planning on going to college to become an electrical engineer?"

"Yeah," Pearl answered.

"What made him change his mind?" Susan asked.

"He went to J.C. for one semester, just long enough to pass algebra, but then my parents won the lotto, so he joined the electrician's union. He never talked about being an engineer after that."

"That doesn't make sense," said Susan. "Now that you're parents are millionaires, Chip can afford to go to any university on Earth!"

"I know, but Chip developed a weird value system after my parents put us on an allowance. We get a hundred grand a year to live on, but Chip wants to be independent. So, do you like him?"

"Your brother?" said Susan, "Well, it's weird, because when we were in high school and he was in college, I used to think he was cute! But now that he's older, he doesn't seem as cute as he used to!"

"His girlfriend moved to Texas a few months ago," said Pearl, "and last month she sent him a 'Dear John' letter. He's crushed, but available."

"I'll keep him in mind," said Susan. "He's not extremely cute, but he's attractive enough for me to settle down with, and he's got money. Those are the two big issues for me when I'm looking for a serious relationship."

Pearl looked around, and noticed that only Susan and Crystal Mae had opted for the swastika necklaces; everyone else had gotten iron crosses. As Pearl fingered her iron cross medallion, she asked the group: "Why did you choose the necklace you got?"

G-girl was the first to speak up. "I'm a Christian, so I didn't want a swastika, because I'm against anti-Semitism."

"That's how I felt," said Pearl, "that's why I got the iron cross instead. How about you, Susan? Why did you choose the swastika?"

"I just think it goes good with my outfit, you know, the whole heavy metal look! Besides, Raleigh's revolution is different than Nazi Germany, and our swastikas can symbolize whatever we want them to!"

"What about you, Crystal Mae?" Pearl asked.

"I'm not anti-Jewish, but I agree with everything the Nazis said about us being the master race! I believe that God created the Aryans to rise up and subdue the rest of humanity, and I see the swastika as our symbol!"

While Pearl and the others talked about the necklaces, Polly noticed that there were only a couple of lines still active. Several of the fembots were unoccupied with customers, so she went over to one of them.

"Hi," Polly said to a fembot.

"Hello!" said the fembot.

"Is there any way to meet Raleigh?" Polly asked.

"Raleigh makes television appearances," said the fembot, "she doesn't need to meet anyone in person!"

"How many captives can we get at 9:00?" Polly asked.

"As many as you can carry," said the fembot.

"Can we use a handcart?" Polly asked. Just then, another appearance by Raleigh was transmitted on the huge television screen. The same female reporter who had interviewed Raleigh before was seated next to her, and the scientist who had been on TV before was there, too. Huge speakers delivered Raleigh's latest message.

"I am Raleigh, appearing again to keep you informed. Seated next to me as always is reporter Stephanie Mathews, and accompanying her is physicist Ivan Quaid of Cal Tech university in Pasadena. If you have yet to realize it, now is the time to acquire captives at every courthouse on Earth. I have replicated hundreds of thousands of fembots to assist me in this effort. Any captives left over at 9:00 a.m. will be given to whoever is gathered at the courthouses at that time. Stephanie, do you have any questions for me?"

"Yes, Raleigh!" said the reporter. "There are reports out of Israel that the Israelis and the Palestinians have escaped your wrath. Many Catholics and Christian leaders are pleased with this, but the world is wondering, why did you spare them?"

Raleigh replied: "On my world, after many centuries, we escaped the bonds of anti-Semitism that initially formed the core of the Nazi doctrine. Many Aryans are Christians, so it was rightfully declared that anti-Semitism would not be a part of the modern Aryan political system. Once technology made it possible, we brought Jews and Palestinians from the past to re-populate them on my world."

"What about the Palestinians?" the reporter asked.

Raleigh replied, "In the Bible, it says that any enemy of Abraham is cursed. Both the Jews and the Palestinians are descended from Abraham, so it is against the beliefs of the Aryans of my world to get involved in the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and we regard the Palestinians with the same level of respect as the Jews. As for the rest of humanity who are non-white, it is a well-known euphemism on my world that they are regarded as the food of the gods!"

"Yes!" Crystal Mae declared, as she thrust her right fist in the air victoriously, "Raleigh thinks just like I do!"

Stephanie Mathews asked Raleigh another hard-hitting question that had been on the minds of a lot of people. "Raleigh, what's the deal with the Asians? The Nazis were allied with the Japanese, but you've miniaturized all Asians, including the Japanese."

"On my world," Raleigh explained, "the Asians became too powerful after a period of time, and had to be contained. One hundred and fifty years after the Second World War, we went to war with the Japanese, and it was then that we conquered and enslaved all Asians. I simply decided not to make the mistake of trusting them on your world."

Chip returned from using the bathroom, and ran up to see the message, worried that he had missed something important. On the huge television, Professor Ivan Quaid foraged through some notes he had in his hands.

"Professor Quaid," said Raleigh, "I believe you had some questions for me."

"Yes," said professor Quaid. "I have here a necklace, one of the two types being given out today at the county courthouses across the planet." Quaid held up a swastika necklace identical to the ones Crystal Mae and Susan had chosen. "You told me earlier that this chain is over ninety percent gold, but that the other elements composing the chain form a molecular matrix rendering the metal many times stronger than titanium or carbon steel. Can you tell me exactly how strong this mysterious alloy is, and what elements it is composed of?"

"It's slightly more than seventy times stronger than titanium!" said Raleigh.

Hayley didn't pay attention to the rest of the broadcast; she broke out a cartridge of captives, and dumped them out onto her left forearm. The ten captives tried to navigate between the thick strands of blonde hair that were profusely strewn across Hayley's forearm, from wrist to elbow. Although Hayley and Hannah were sisters with the same mother and father, they were as different as Jacob and Esau. Hannah had always been smooth-skinned, while Hayley was very hirsute.

"Look, Pearl!" said Hayley. "They're marching through a forest!"

Pearl turned to look, and was slightly amused, but returned her attention to Professor Quaid on the huge television screen. Raleigh was informing him of the exact percentage of each metallic element forming the molecular matrix the strange necklaces were composed of, but Hayley couldn't have cared less about the formula for the miraculous new super-alloy. As the captives spread farther apart, Hayley spit on her forearm near her elbow to block the path of some of the captives, then spit near her wrist to keep them contained within a specific area on her forearm. As Hayley entertained herself, a group of protesters arrived with hand-made signs printed in markers on posterboard, hoisted on wooden stakes. One of the signs read: Slavery Is Wrong! while another sign read: Nazis Suck!

There were about ten protesters, mostly college girls. When the broadcast from Raleigh was over, Chip, Pearl, and Pearl's friends paid close attention to the protesters. Some of them looked like modern-day hippies, or followers of the Grateful Dead. It occurred to Chip that at least one of the guys in the group was probably protesting only in an effort to score with one of the female protesters. As far as the political stance these people represented, Chip was neutral; he was neither for nor against minorities, but simply wanted to profit from the situation.

"You guys," Chip said to Pearl and the others, "let's get these cartridges to our cars, in case something goes down! There's no telling what these nutcases will do! They might try to hurt our captives!"

 Aryan Thunder (Chapters 7-11)  (18+)
A woman named Raleigh shrinks the non-white portion of humanity
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