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Rated: E · Short Story · Entertainment · #2082486
An incident when Grandma visits
I love visiting my Grandsons. I arrive at the apartment complex, a little tired from the day, but ready to just have some fun. So I knock on the door and run and hide on the other side of the window so the boys can’t see me. They go to the blinds to see who is knocking on the door; Davey has such a perplexed look on his face: who knocked. Then he notices me hiding and just laughs and starts jumping up and down and says “Grandma’s here”. I step into the door and Matt does a running jump into my arms.
I sit down with the boys and I asked all sorts of questions about they had been doing and how was school. Davey was so excited to tell me about baseball and he was on a team and he can play. He was so excited jumping and talking all about it. Meanwhile Matt was trying to show me how he can read now, and getting sad that Davey was taking all my time. He finally threw down the book and went off into his room. I had to get Davey settled so I could talk to Matt. Once Davey was settled I went in search of Matt, I was pretty sure he went to his room, but he was not there. I yelled “Are we playing hide and seek?” and heard of soft giggle from the closet. I went searching saying “where are you Matt”, all I heard were more giggles. I quickly opened the closet and spoke “Gotcha” matt just busted out laughing as I reached to grab him but he scooted out the other closet door. On the floor I noticed tube of crazy glue. Thank goodness the cap was on the glue. So I took the same path he did out the other door and he jumped from behind the door and grabbed the back of my pants. “Wow, you really scared me, that was smart to hide behind the door. ”Come here so I can hug you.” Matt said " I can’t I am stuck." I was not sure what he meant, but as I turned I realized there was crazy glue on the palms of his hands and he was now stuck to the back of my pants. Meanwhile Davey had come to see what was going on and started pulling Matt’s hands. The problem was there was an excessive amount of glue on Matt’s hands and now Davey was sticking to Matt’s hands. The boys were now yelling at each other and I was in tears laughing. Seeing me laugh they started to giggle and say “grandma is funny”. But oh what a spot we were in. I starting walking towards the living room which started whole bunch more giggles, because grandma was waddling. My daughter seeing the sight wondered what was up and as I explained she just busted out laughing. The questions were how to get unglued, how to do it safely for the boys and for me still have pants to drive home with. All questions smothered in laughter at the moment.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2082486