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The bane of belief.

It may seem odd that in this day
of reason, evidence, and rationality
that belief would find favor, yet it
does, primarily because it is so
much easier to believe than it
is to think.  So sloth the masses
often are--do not think!  It may
cause brain damage,
it may put your soul in danger.
(Do not fear the loss of that
  which has no basis in itself.)
How much easier it is to abide
by the wicked words put forth
by an ancient holy text, or by
a priest on Sunday.  Lies are
evil words all right, as are words
of hate, of cruelty, of slavery.
Such permeates among humanity
like a poisonous cloud (once in a
--mine, of course--I’d
love to see belief laid bare and
have its flesh picked clean by crows.)

Yet why should I be mean to crows?
Belief is good at playing a fool’s
, whistling Dixie with closed
eyes, letting faith have precedence
over evidence.  But faith is brain glaze
to be sure.  (To get to the moon, NASA
did not sit around in rooms with their
hands up chanting supplications to
invisible entities--no, it requires hard
work and thought; belief was useless.)
In my family there is someone who
believes in God, and Jesus, and the
virgin birth, and talking snakes, and so on,
yet advocates murder: Gays should be shot.
What a fine sentiment.  Perhaps her God
is proud.  Religion has stolen her bones.

No amount of money in the world
could make me put belief over reason. 

40 Lines
Writer’s Cramp Winner

--brain damage
--wicked words
--once in a lifetime
--playing a fool’s overture
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2082777