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Elected Women Monroe County City Of Bloomington Indiana Modern Day Hanoi Jane's
Here is my rant of or on or about elected officials of Monroe County Indiana City of Bloomington Indiana.

In Short this is a log I guess of the work that has side tracked me from writing my own book yet at the same time has been a inspiration the same in trying to get my local County Government to take care of a POW MIA Cold War Monument Memorials. Its been a crying shame in the lack of respect for the dead that in many regard is a reflection of for the living. This all has seamed almost seams as if to some degree I have been living the plot line of the Movie "Idiocracy" & OXV: The Manual Frequencies & Beautiful mind. I ran across Idiocracy looking for free movies on the web after a friend and I rented a movie in 2007 or 2008 called Idiocracy which its plot line themes seams to hint at Project Montauk and the active debates of fluoride as one can see with the Flint Michigan water issues with the water protectors.

1st but not last


Joyce Poling And Hanoi Jane have common link May 07th 1975 Hint Hint. a Prior Monroe County Commissioner. Bloomington, IN April 15, 2016 the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce announced this its year’s seven Women Excel Bloomington (WEB) honorees. local women were chosen based on their outstanding leadership, business acumen, entrepreneurship and community involvement. The 7th Annual WEB Awards Luncheon was to be held on Wednesday, May 11 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in Indiana University’s Henkey Hall of Champions.

I did my best to protest the issues to object to the awards as did I most recently with the out going Democrat IRIS FABIUS KIESLING Monroe County Commissioner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02VAPQESBa0 , I said The Only thing Poling etal should be respected is to have their Title and Pension revoked as along with some of the overs not to leave out Mark Stoops who is now Senator Mark Stoops Democrat, District 40 . Why I write or state such a thing is After the Way said official's like Joyce Poling was to when she was a or on the County Commissioners handled the care of that was in the care of the county be it the POW MIA Vietnam Veterans cold war Monument / Memorial installed May of 1991 .

There is other like monument or Memorials in Bloomington One could suggest to stand the same to speak for said matters related to psychotronics actively ignored by Presidents Trumps admin from the Obama admin fiats via the fcc via the notice of inquiry et docket 13-84 paragraph 205. One could with in reason say that would and shouldn't be confused for Navy's newest fast attack nuclear-powered submarine was christened the USS Indiana on April 29th 2017 Saturday confuse for one for known the USS Indiana on the grounds of the Indiana University I.U. Foot Ball Stadium.

This plaque has dates on it as May to Sept 11, 1947 and or the another 2007 to 2013 via for World War Two Time frame that as such would stand as a marker for those that dealt with the Hitler Phone bridge affect or effect to what would become Psychotronics post 1975 and the church committee. Which as I understand could be the big red flag for red flag events as Infor Wars Alex Jones is talking about as he chats with Dr. Steve Pieczenik about in another context. What I mean by this is the indirect war fare issues the slow cooker affect or effect of what is a form of psychotronics.

Psychotronics in this manor can induced forms of mental health issues as one can read from Dr. Martin Pall W.S.U. One can other pushing such matters as see links to https://twitter.com/DavidVoigts1911 David Timothy Voigts @DavidVoigts1911 whos Title on twitter reads I am walking across the country to raise awareness for Targeted Individuals. Another that could be said to at the for front on the Battle of the Silver Chair dealing with old Worm Wood Satire for the real life factors would Ph.D Mr. Joel Moskowitz and his work in the Right to Know Law Case in Berkeley Director Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley and the recent victories in the courts around this very topic relative to electromagnetic radiation health effects & policy.

See My link to YouTube and my April 20th statement for details on said topic of Psychotronics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzisgpHzWU4 Akron University Songs Holocaust Wire Recording Cummings Center's .

Note this place in question was or still is only 80 to 60 so feet from their office Window Down Town Bloomington Indiana at the west side of the old Court House square.

As it was or as as is it's still its not being the respect it should as to the way it was to look as the way it did with the ground lighting gutted and left sand filled holes and or the gang MS-13 like graffiti that was left on it for about seven years up till about 2013. It Took Me five years post fact after it re-dedication 2010 to get them to clean up. All the While they was voting for them selves raises and extra Pensions. Mean While the Worst of the cold war even Obama care did not cover nor has the poorly intercepted Minamata Convention 2013 that has left 100’s to live the night mare of psychotronics fall out of either testing or the reactions to what was known of or about it or better lesser known for and induced forms of SCHIZOPHRENIA or multi able personality disorders . Psychotronics has links to Mk-ultra or Artichoke et al ie the testing stage of the pre use of cell phones the variation degrees.

Some of the issues looked for was like the induced Tinnitus impact with the lesser known connection to what was notice of Hitler’s Phone bridge effect. These issues are still on going and lied about said impact of Dental Mercury Amalgam and or the connections of factors of the Hyper reaction or hypersensitivity reactions or intolerances of reactions produced by NON Ionizing radiation alone or in connection with the use of Amalgam Mercury. This matters as like I have said is on going post the Minamata Convention on Mercury of 2013 that is an international treaty designed to protect human health and the environment from anthropogenic emissions and releases of mercury and mercury compounds . See the Link that out line my view. I have No respect for any of them of those that held office from 1995 till 2013 nor till to date given the lack of care of concern for those used.

It seams there is a tradition of Women who don't give a craps about the duty or the elected office they hold when they hold it. Nice Big Hole in the Monument Memorial. I wonder if by Memorial Day May 28th 2017 will it be fixed.

Updated and resent May of 2017

Next on the modern day Hanoi Jane list is

Julie Lynn Thomas 3030 North Russell Road Bloomington Indiana 47408 , Home Phone 812-345-0707

Check out the Record on

Monroe County Indiana Leaves POW MIA Monument Memorial in Disrepair

See Recorded Statement 04-09-2017 see link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN84MaJpNmU . I will make updates on it soon.

update , 4-20-2017 , https://youtu.be/1iV-rmT1VFo

update 4-30-2017 , https://youtu.be/jnQ8-1Rz24k

Note as of today 4-30-2017 I have yet to get a Formal Phone call Formal Email or Formal letter in the postal Mail to confirm any such arrangement have been made to make said repairs I will do my best to post said reply's here when I get them . I will make a effort to get Vote Notice logs email logs or contract logs from the county to prove time line of facts.

Link below shows time of events of the disrespect to the care of said Monument from about 1995 till 2010

Note One can call Now retired Iris kiesling Monroe County Commissioner or visit her at home and ask her question about this matter and her part in this matter. 2262 East Cape Cod Drive Bloomington Indiana 47401 Home Phone 812-345- 4348 or 332- 5224


Update , I have seen as of this week end of May 17th to May 21st 2017 repairs have been made . I will be doing my best to up pictures and or Video Clips as soon as I can Note the hole in the wall was a active issues when Now retired Iris kiesling Monroe County Commissioner was still in office.

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