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by Twiga
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A young orphan heiress must move in with her creepy relatives
Fiona Creepy was a 16 year old girl with long brown hair, an eerie pale complexion and eyes that were as black as her soul,she yearned for her inheritance but unfortunatly her folks were still alive and kicking, so one day Fiona mixed some rat poison into the soup, that got her folks out of the way!

When the Lawyer came to read her the will, Fiona had hid all evidence she had the did.

The Lawyer a tiny, wrinkly bald man said "It says here you as the sole heir are set to inherent one trillion dollars..."

Fiona on the outside but on the inside she was jumping up and down and screaming with joy

"...Under one condition." Said the Lawyer

"Huh?" Said Fiona

"You will only receive your one trillion dollars with you can stay one week at the ancestral home in the old country...Bedside Manor...Stay with your relatives for one week then you can have your inheritance."

Fiona was not happy but she wanted that money so she packed her bags, she packed an extra large bottle of rat poison just in case and headed to the Old Country

Bedside Manor was a Gloomy Place, it seemed to be perpetually storming Fiona sighed irritable and made the trek up the hill.

When she reached the entrance she was greeted a bald, hunchbacked man wearing a lab coat.

"Greetings!" He said "I am your Great Uncle Geezer."

'The name fits you.' Fiona thought to herself

"Come in! Come in!" Said Geezer "Let me take your bags!"

Uncle Geezer led her down a long vestibule, I am the only one in this Castle after my wife died, ever since I have converted in my personal science lab so that I can find the ultimate truth of the universe!"

Fiona blew a lock of hair from her eyes irritably this man was the most boring old Geezer she had ever met, she couldn't wait to poison him.

"Do you wish to see my latest experiments?" Asked Geezer

"Sure why not?" Said Fiona irritably

They entered something labeled 'The Zoology Chamber and inside was a lab fill with caged animals, just about every Animal Fiona could imagine, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish and Invertebrates...

"I've been working on cracking the secrets to the origin of life and the how things evolve." Said Geezer "Of course I need a large sample size of life on Earth...Do you have a Favorite Animal Fiona?"

"Huh?" Fiona said

"I said Do You Have a Favorite Animal?" Said Geezer "If you tell what your favorite animal is I'll give you a surprise!"

Fiona hoped that surprise would be her trillion dollars, but there was one thing, she didn't have a favorite animal,she didn't like any animal in face she DESPISED animals, she thought they were all disgusting in fact just being with all these animals disgusted her.

But needing to think of an answer quick she said "Fleas...My favorite animal is Fleas."

"Close your eyes." Said Geezer "And hold out your hands and you'll get your surprise."

Fiona closed her eyes and held out her hands expecting a whole lot of money to be put there Instead she felt tiny insect land on her and jump off then she felt some slimy goop in her hands.
Her eyes shout open and she saw some pink glowing goop in her hands

"WHAT IS THIS?" She screamed

"My latest invention." Said Geezer "It is a Mutagenic Substance that can turn anyone into the Animal they last touched."

Fiona screamed as she started turning into an Anthropomorphic Flea

"You should have chosen better then Flea." Said Geezer "You could have become any Animal in the world but you chose the lowly flea, I guess because you really don't like Animals, do you Fiona?"

Fiona screamed louder as she began to shrink

"And I know you are a self made orphan." Said Geezer "All because you couldn't wait to get your inheritance, well I am more cautious and you can spend the rest of your days as a lab animal!"

Fiona stopped shrinking at two feet and she was a full fledged Anthro Flea!

Geezer picked up the trembling Fiona and put her in a cage

"Supper will be served promptly at six o'clock." Said Geezer as he started to leave "I hope you like blood Fiona...Because that's all you can eat from this day forward!

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