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A bottle that includes a message washes up on the beach.
         It was a misty, damp morning on the beach. My dog, Shadow, needed to go out and do her duty. Renee didn't want to go out but she had no choice. The beach was deserted so Renee thought this would be a quick trip. Taking some bags to collect the droppings, she put on her coat, leashed Shadow, and went on her way.

         Shadow walked a bit ahead of Renee. As she stopped, Renee collected the results. As they continued, Renee had to steady herself with her cane.. Watching as each wave rolled up and kissed the sand , Renee was lost in her thoughts. Shadow suddenly stopped and began barking at something in the distance. Renee looked in Shadow's direction and couldn't make out an object on the beach. AS they walked closer, Renee saw the bottle tge was very dirty. The waves kept pushing it closer to her. Tentatively, she peered for a better view.

         Bending down to pick up the bottle, she noticed a piece of paper inside. Holding the bottle by its neck, she saw that Shadow had completed her duty and was ready to play. The mist began to turn into a steady rain and soon they both became drenched. Turning on her heel, she tried to hold on to her leash and trot back to the house.

         Finally reaching the door, she let Shadow in and soon followed. Going to the linen closet to erraticate two towels, After drying herself and Shadow, she sat at the table to catch her breath. Picking up the bottle, she removed the cork at the top. Shadow came over to see what was going on. Spilling the paper into her palm, Renee opened it. Expecting to find something earth shattering or poignant, she was disappointed to find only a large X on it. There wasn't anything else on the paper. She folded the paper back into the bottle and tossed it into the trah can next to the counter.

330 words
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