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A true recounting of my daughter's dream which had a profound impact on me
My Daughter’s Dream

This is a true recounting of my daughter’s dream that had a profound impact on me.

Three months after my mom’s passing, it was a hot June day and I was teaching several courses for the summer semester at the college. After my last class at 2:00 PM, I got into my car to leave, when I stopped and stared into the sky through the windshield. I spoke aloud to no one, asking,”Mom, I miss you so much it hurts my heart, my body, and my soul. Are you in heaven? Are you with Daddy? Will I ever be with your again?”

There was nothing but the sound of silence.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and drove the 30 miles home. My youngest daughter was waiting for me. They were all worried about me and she was staying with me. As soon as I entered the house, I began shedding clothes and told her I was so weary that I had to take a nap. I wanted the dreamless escape from my overwhelming sadness. Around 5PM I was awakened by my cell phone ringing. It had stopped ringing by the time I found it in my lab coat pocket on the bed. I saw I had received a call from my middle daughter who lived in Arizona. I dragged my weary body out of bed and went to the kitchen for a glass of water, before returning her call.

My youngest daughter was sitting at the table looking upset, and told me I needed to call her sister in Arizona because she was “freaking out”. My heart was pounding as I immediately called her.

She answered on the first ring and I didn’t even say hello. I asked what was wrong.

“Mom, I don’t understand what just happened and it is freaking me out”, she cried.

I told her to calm down and take three slow deep breaths. I heard her inhale and exhale slowly. I looked at my watch. It was 5:15 PM.

“Mom, I was taking a nap after lunch and when I woke up, Grandma was standing next to me!”

“Honey, you were dreaming .You said you were taking a nap.” I tried to reassure her.

“”Momma, I looked at my alarm clock and it was 2:05 PM. Grandma was standing next to my bed!”

There is a three hour time difference between us, but I did not make the connection.

“OK, sweetie, what did Grandma do?

“Grandma told me to tell you something”

“What?” I asked as my heart picked up speed.

“Grandma said, “Tell your mother that, yes, I am in heaven. Yes, I am with her father. And yes, she will be with me again, but not now, for she has much left to do.”

“What did she mean?” she asked.

She was crying and I began sobbing so hard that my body was shaking. But, for the first time since her death, my tears were tears of happiness. When I sat in my car, looking upwards at the sky, and asked her those questions, it was shortly after 2PM. My mother answered my questions through my middle daughter’s dream shortly after 2:00 PM Arizona time. I had not talked to my middle daughter in several days. Therefore, there was no way she could have known about my questions that day. As I was trying to explain what had happened to her on the phone and with her sister sitting at the table, a beep came through my phone and I saw I had an incoming call from my oldest daughter.

Trying to catch my breath, I said. “Hold on, just a second, your sister is on the other line “.

I clicked to connect with my eldest daughter.

“Hi Mom, “she said, “I can’t talk now because I am still at work trying to finish something, but I need for you to check your email. I received this email earlier today, but just got a chance to read it. Go read it RIGHT NOW!! I gotta’go. I love you. Bye!” With that, she was gone.
Still crying with disbelief and happiness, I clicked my phone again and was back with my middle daughter. I told her, and my youngest who was sitting next to me, what their sister just told me.

We went running to my computer with my phone. My fingers were shaking so badly, I had to re-enter my password several times. Finally I was able to retrieve my email and quickly scrolled to the email I was just sent.

My eldest daughter received this email at 2:06 PM today from an unknown source. Thinking it pertained to her job, she opened it to read at 5:15PM.

I read the email aloud so that my daughter in Arizona could hear it.

The email said,” Forward this to your mother AS SOON AS YOU READ IT (my voice began shaking.) In the Kingdom of Heaven, there are many rooms. In your room of six, there will be your daughters, your mother, a future granddaughter, and you.”

The email contained just those three sentences. There was nothing else on the email.

My youngest daughter sitting next to me, my middle daughter on the phone in Arizona, and I sat in stunned silence. I hit reply and wrote, “Who are you?” and then hit send. Almost immediately, my mailbox flag went up for new mail. I went to new mail and the last email said “MAILER-DAEMON”. I opened it and it said” Your e-mail is being returned to you because there was a problem with its delivery. The address, which was undeliverable, is listed in the section labeled: "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----".

There was nothing to be said. We had just witnessed the impossible.

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