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A Rare Baby Dinosaur Egg is Coming to the Smithsonian Institute museum very soon.
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Baby Fred
by: DW

Rick Fredrickson and his team of archaeologists were in the hot desert sun of Arizona. It had to be over 120-degrees outside. Everyone was feeling it! The sweltering heat felt like fire under their feet. And every step was like stepping on hot burning coals.

After several weeks of excavating, Rick and his team found an egg-shaped object. First, they thought it was just a rock, but with further inspection, it was a real dinosaur egg. This is a rare discovery and the scientists were excited over this special find.

They gently brushed the debris from its tomb and removed it. Thousands of years or more of its entrapment and the covered layers of the earth's changes encased it and hid it away, until now. It was taken to the Smithsonian Institute for a complete examination and evaluation, then it will be released to the public to view in a glass box at the museum.

Well, it just so happens that I live close by the Smithsonian, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.
I'm a seventeen-year-old Senior in High School. One of a few girls with no boyfriends to mention.
My name is Katrina, but most people call me Kat. I don't mind it, except when some dumb loser throws a "Meow" when calling out my name. Doylestown is just a small town outside D.C. area.
I have already been to all the museum's in this town several times.

The headline on the internet daily news last week mentioned in an article about the opening date when the museum will be putting the baby dinosaur egg on display for public viewing. When I first read the news that a dinosaur egg had been found! "Wow," I was filled with huge excitement I could barely stand it. My patience waiting for it's final day to be released had all, but nearly run out.
The anticipation I felt to see a real baby dinosaur was overwhelming. I bet it's cute in its own dinosaur way, special because it is such a rare thing to find in tack these days. I love visiting the Museums in other towns, but I have to take the bus or wait until my parents take me to one.
They work all the time, so I spend a lot of time alone at the museums.

I started giving the statues, sculptures, and paintings names of my own just for fun and it helps me remember a lot of them by doing that.

Like the head and bust of Nero, an ancient Roman Emperor. I call him Nemo because it sounds funny like the cartoon fish.
Then there's this huge picture on the wall of just a large pair of Lips... Really?... The Rolling Stones, 'Mick Jagger' was the first thing that popped into my head. Good, Ol' Mick's big lips.

Then, there's old' Bennie. AKA Benedict Arnold. I saw a painting of him in a beautifully decorated small ship standing starboard, port right side, all proud and upright. Yeah! He was an upright 'Trader'~ titled,
" An American Military General". I guess we could all blame him for the shape our country is in right now.

It's finally Saturday Morning, June 19th, 1982. I have to get ready, it's the opening exhibit today at 9: am, and I know there's going to be a big crowd of people.

I gather up my shoulder purse with my wallet inside and other junk. I wrap the long strap around my shoulder and neck to keep my things safe and close to my body around this neighborhood.

The bus ride takes about thirty minutes to the museum so I showed up a little early. Actually about two hours early. I figured there is plenty to do within walking distance in any direction of the museum.

Finally, only ten more minutes and the people started gathering closer to the door where I've been standing for more than an hour. I had drunk two large cups of vanilla mocha coffees I purchased a block away earlier, now my kidneys are ready to burst.

I turn around to glance at all the people that showed up just as I did this morning. I guess I'm not the only nerd in town. Then I noticed a bit further back in the line, one of the local TV News Stations setting up.

Wow, I thought, this is big! I hope they don't get to close to me. I don't want any pictures of me in them. I can hear the jokes from the kids at school already, "Hey look at the nerd at the museum."
These thoughts ran through my mind just as the doorman turned to unlocked the door before me.

It opened with such a rush of people..."Welcome, Welcome, folks, to the Smithsonian Museum!"
The man went on saying as the crowd moved quickly in through the main entrance. I felt like we were a giant herd of cattle and we're just following the crowd. I jumped out of line to get a breath of air.
"Two close for comfort to me."

I began to sweat from the heated excitement that filled the room, then I hurried to get back into the line. I am small enough so I wiggled my way through the crowd. People were pushing me forward and the closer I got to the display the more I felt that rush of excitement run through my blood as I gazed upon this tiny, little creature, still in its shell, with just a crack missing from the shell exposing it, completely intact. This had to be the most amazing...simply, amazing...thing I've have ever seen in my life.

I think I know what career I want to do when I go to college now. I want to be an archaeologist. I want to be the one who hunts these precious artifacts down all over the world. Big and small, just like this little baby dinosaur. Who knows how much more are out there yet to be found?

"It's a hatchling, no doubt. It says here on a beautifully made special plaque; Rick Fredrickson and his team of archaeologists, (nerds like me) uncovered this baby fetus 'T-Rex' in the southern deserts of Arizona... 'He', is approximately 20 to 30 Thousands of years old.

"He's adorable! I think I'll call you Fred, partly after the man who found you. It makes me wonder if your parents or other siblings are close to the place you were found? Maybe someday I'll be the one to find your family! Wouldn't that be awesome? Well, I'll be seeing you on my next visit here. Take care now
Baby Fred.

The End

By; DW

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