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Children's story for GoT
Harry The Snake

Mary woke up dreading the day, yet again. Each school day was a miserable day for the third-grader. Nobody liked her curly black hair, and never wanted to play games with her at recess.

Her grandmother tried to encourage her to make friends, and wait and see, "everything will work out fine." But after moving in with her Nana, two months before, and having to change schools, Mary knew it would never be right, no matter what she did.

They made fun of her because she had no real mommy and daddy to live with. They laughed because an old lady is raising her, and asked why her mommy left her? Maybe her mommy thought she was ugly, too! Kids just hated her. She couldn’t blame them, either. Her mommy did leave her, and Nana said she left with some “fool saxophone player” who didn’t want brats in his life. Mary never knew her daddy, but Nana told her he was a deadbeat. Mary didn’t know what it meant, but it didn’t sound good.

Maybe she was more like her daddy? Nobody seems to like him, either.

She finished her cereal and kissed her Nana goodbye, while she gathered her school bag and threw it over her shoulder. That was another thing nobody else in school used. It used to be Nana’s years ago. She said, “This bag was built strong to carry all that heavy learnin’ around.”

When Mary walked through the small park to short-cut her walk to school, she heard a little hissing sound. She looked down near a vine surrounding a tree, and shrieked, letting go of her huge book bag, which fell to the ground, right near a little white snake.

“Don’t be scared, little girl. I’m just lonely. None of the other snakes want to play with me because I am all white, and my eyes are pink. I guess you think I’m ugly too?”

“No, I think you’re beautiful! I never saw a white snake like you ever!”

“Where are you going? Can I come too?”

“I have to go to school, and I hate it, ‘cause the kids hate me, there. They think I’m ugly, just how your friends think of you. But I’m not pretty and pure white like you. I’m very dark, and my school is what Nana calls “Private.” She says it costs a lot of of seamstress earning money to go there, but my “learnin’ is worth every dang penny!”’

“I like that bag. I bet I could fit inside it and go to school with you. I can be very quiet. Nobody would find out, and maybe all my not friendly friends will be jealous and think I’m special.”

“Okay, crawl right in, then through that opening. Be careful, there are pencils around and they are sharp.”

Mary walked to school with a grin on her face. She was actually excited to show up at school. If any kid tried to be mean to her, she’d open the bag a little and scare the boogers out of them!

At recess, Mary kept her prized school bag with her, so nobody could steel her new friend.

“Why are holding on to that awful green bag? Do you keep your cooties in there?”

The other children broke out into laughter. Mary was starting to tear-up, and then remembered, she had a very special friend. She opened the bag and looked at the snake and he looked back with a little oink-eyed wink, that told her it’s okay to lift him up. She took the snake out of the bag, and the children jumped back, mouths left hanging open.

“Wow, Theresa, said, where did you get such a beautiful snake? Did you paint it that color?”

“No, that’s silly, Theresa. This is my best friend.”

Mary lifted the snake closer to her face, and several other children came over to see what was going on with the new girl in school.

“What’s your friend’s name, Mary?”

“Yeah, Sara bellowed, if it is your friend, it should have a name. Is it a boy friend or a girl friend, snake? I betcha don’t even know!”

Mary thought for a moment. She hadn’t asked the snake its name. Then she heard this little whisper in her ear.

Harry My name is Harry.”

Mary, quickly answered the question

“This is Harry -- Harry the snake.”

The children began to move closer to Mary. Closer than they ever had before. They were smiling and telling her how beautiful her friend is, and that she must be a pretty special person to have Harry as her best friend.

“Would like to pet him?” Mary asked, as she looked over her shoulder at Harry.

Harry gave Mary another secret wink. Letting her know it would be okay.

From then on, Mary had many friends at school, and even got asked to join their choir. It was another thing none of them knew when they judged Mary only by her outside appearance, she had the most beautiful voice in choir.

Harry and Mary spent their growing-up years together. Mary became a singer and made a good living out of it. Her husband and children enjoyed several more years of companionship with Harry. They knew he was one special snake, and made him a place to rest in the garden, with a small snake sculpture and a metal plaque inscribed: “Harry -- he was special”

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