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by Paul D
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Gothic · #2092119
A Gargoyle napper strikes again.
Gary looked at the headline, Gargoyle Napper Strikes Again. He tossed the COPENHAGEN post on the table and smiled. It was shocking how much people were willing to pay for authentic gargoyles.

It wasn't easy filling the multitude of orders. He'd already taken three gargoyles in Copenhagen. After this next one, he would move to another city. This order was a bit of a bother because the customer wanted a particular gargoyle delivered to a ship in the North Sea. He was getting a good bonus for the special delivery, so it didn't matter.

He started his preparations after the sun went down. Working in the dark had its advantages and disadvantages, but in the city, it was never truly dark. Within half an hour, he was ready to leave.

He packed his Dong Energy utility vehicle with his bags. His motel room was booked until morning, but he wouldn't be back. He took the road leading to Rosenborg Slot. Guards patrolled the grounds of the castle at night, but he was not concerned with them.

Traffic was not too bad, and he arrived at the castle in less than thirty minutes. He drove right up to the castle and parked near a gargoyle on a pedestal. He set cones out for his truck and lowered the lift gate. He took six air casters attached to air hoses and walked to the gargoyle. He set the casters under the pedestal and returned to the truck and turned on the air compressor.

He pulled the gargoyle on the pedestal, and it floated with ease over the paved walkway to his truck. He stopped on the lift, and in a very short time, it was secured in the truck. He quickly assembled a cardboard pedestal and gargoyle leaving them in place of the real one.

He drove in the direction of the port of Copenhagen. There was a large industrial area near the port, and he went there first. He stopped there and moved the gargoyle into his rented storage area.

He assembled a crate for the gargoyle, prepared the proper paperwork, then removed the decals from his truck. He put new decals on the truck: Airland Logistics, removed his Dong Energy uniform, put on one for Airland, then he reloaded the crate along with parts for a long ramp into the truck.

He had reserved a boat for this trip, and he drove to the boat slip. This was the one part of his plan that made him the most nervous. He took the pieces of the ramp from the truck and assembled them on the boat. He lowered the gargoyle from the truck and then using the air casters moved it to the boat.

He took the gargoyle very slowly down the ramp and into the boat. He secured the pedestal and gargolye and returned to his truck. He removed everything from the truck and loaded it on the boat. Then he took off the decals and returned the truck to the port's rental shop.

He went to the boat's small cabin and lay down. The slow movement of the water didn't bother him, but he was so keyed up that it took him a long time to relax. Finally, he fell asleep.

He awakened early and ate, then he started the boat and headed out. The water was smooth, and he had no problems exiting the port. He set his GPS and proceeded away from the port.

Two hours later, the boat entered an area of greyish, white mist. The moisture left a cold, clammy feeling on his skin. The atmosphere of this place left him feeling creeped out. He heard the fog horn of the large container ship before he saw it. He was glad to be at the location for this meeting.

He came along side the large ship, and his boat was secured. Then he climbed a rope ladder to the deck where he was met by a man in a long black cloak with a high collar. His face was hidden in the shadows.

"I am Erebus; welcome to my Hesperides," he said. "I would like to examine the merchandise before making my payment."

"I understand--" Gary didn't even have a chance to finish as Erebus made a gesture, and a loud ripping sound came from the sea below. Gary turned and was frozen in his tracks by the sight of a gargoyle flying above him.

The creature's features were ugly beyond description. It settled onto the deck of the ship and folded its greyish, black wings, fixing its red glowing eyes on Gary.

Gary was startled as Erebus clapped him on the back. "I'm pleased, and so is Celeste. Also she's famished." He waved his hand toward the stern.

Gary turned to see three wooden coffins, which were shattered when the gargoyle landed on them and began to chew on the bodies. He wanted to vomit but didn't want to draw attention to himself.

"Don't worry, gargoyles only eat things that are dead."

Gary was beyond worried as the gargoyle lifted its bloody face and stared at him.

"She's still hungry and wants a kiss," Erebus hissed in his ear.

Gary shook as the gargoyle approached. He wanted to flee, but his legs felt like jelly.

The gargoyle's kiss seared his lips with frost, which seemed to seep into every part of his body. As the kiss lingered, the gargoyle's color and shape changed. He was startled by the beautiful young woman who stood before him. He wanted to ask how this happened, but his mouth wouldn't move.

"Celeste, how do you like my new gargoyle?"

"It's beautiful, Erebus."

* * *

"This is Carter Dennings reporting for Dover Cliff News. Three people drowned in the sea. The remains of a shipwreck along with their bodies washed up onto the beach. Oddly enough a gargoyle statue was found near them."

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