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An interruption leads to a surprise for Luke and Jason.
Luke lay between Jill’s spread thighs. He was buried root deep inside her wet, throbbing pussy. He hoped he imagined the knock on his bedroom door but when his flat mate’s muffled voice called to him from the other side, he knew it was for real. He pressed a finger to Jill’s lips and flexed inside her.

“Yeah, Jase, what do you want?” He felt Jill tighten around him and moisten his cock. In a low whisper he said, “Does him being on the other side of that door turn you on, Luv?”

Jill’s cheeks blushed and she shook her head left to right in denial. Luke pulled out a bit and pushed back in. Her eyes widened as she let out a small whimper.

“It would be easier to talk without the door in my way,” Jason called. “Can I come in?”

Luke smirked at the idea of saying yes. He could not count the number of times he came home from class to find Jason in their living room being ridden, getting head, or going down on his flavor of the moment.

“What do you say, Luv?” He whispered. “Want to let him in?”

“Sure,” Jill agreed.

Luke looked down at her in surprise. His Jill was now an exhibitionist? “What happened to the sweet little thing I left in America?”

“I’ve done a bit of exploring during grad school,” Jill explained. “He’s always wanted to see me naked.”

“True,” Luke agreed, “but he’s also wanted other things involving you and me.”

Luke withdrew long enough to lay beside her. Jill rolled to her side facing away from him. He guided himself inside her and cupped the short dark curls between her thighs.

“Alright, Jase, come on in.”

Jason entered wearing just his blue jeans. He stared down at them through lust darkened blue eyes. Jill surprised Luke even further by rubbing the empty space in front of her and crooking a finger at Jason.

“Is she serious?” Jason asked tearing his eyes from her large breasts to look at Luke.

“She seems to be,” Luke said. “Better hurry before she changes her mind.”

In a well-practiced move Jason flicked open the button of jeans and shucked them off. He stood before them at full mast. Gripping his shaft, he stroked himself as he approached the bed and settled in the empty space in front of Jill. His eyes stayed on Luke as he cupped her left breast and stoked the nipple with his thumb. Jill made soft mewing sounds. Her hand encircled Jason’s shaft and stroked.

“How far am I allowed to go?” Jason asked.

“As far as she’ll let you,” Luke answered.

“Is there enough room in there for me?” Jason queried nodding toward the junction of Luke and Jill.

“Not while I’m inside,” Luke answered. He slid out of Jill eliciting a long groan from her.

Jill surprised them both by sitting up and straddling Jason. She groaned with pleasure as she lowered herself onto him. Luke watched for a while as she slid up and down Jason’s length. He stroked himself as Jason suckled her nipples, and she arched back, moaning with pleasure.

“I’m coming,” Jill announced.

“It feels so good,” Jason informed them. “She’s so hot and wet.”

Luke knelt behind Jill between Jason’s spread legs. He pressed his tip against Jill’s anus. It was already lubricated from her juices so he slipped in without resistance. She cried out but did not object. His thrusting in and out of her ass pushed her up and down on Jason’s cock. The sounds of male and female pleasure filled the entire room.

The piercing sound of the doorbell was barely heard as the two men let their heads fall back and bellowed out their release. They lay on either side of Jill one cradling her head on his chest and the other with his arms around her waist. The doorbell chimed again rousing them from their sex haze.

“Who could that be?” Luke muttered.

“Diana,” Jason answered. “That’s what I came to tell you. She wanted to come over and meet Jill.”

“Too bad she didn’t arrive sooner,” Jill said sleepily. “We could have had a foursome.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my sweet Jillian?” Luke laughed.

Jason laughed as he extracted himself from their little group cuddle. He wiped himself up as best he could and pulled his jeans back on. “Get dressed you two and come say hello.” He left Luke’s room pulling the door behind him.

“He’s going to want to do that again you know,” Luke informed Jill.

“I wouldn’t mind it,” Jill said. “Would you be upset if we did it without you?”

“Not as long as you don’t choose him over me,” Luke said. “Or as long as I get to watch.”

They got up, dressed, and went out to the living room to greet Diana. Jason sat on the couch with his knees spread and Diana kneeling between them running her fisted hand and mouth up and down his growing erection.

“Either of you ready for round two?” He asked, smiling up at them.

Diana lifted her head and smiled.

Word Count: 869
© Copyright 2016 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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