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A reflection of the purpose of human life.
What is life?

Does it exist for a reason?

On Earth, we think life has existed for long. But, in reality, the Earth was empty of any form of life longer than it was full of it.

After a seemingly endless void of existence, the requirements for life to exist finally met each other on the blue planet.

And there it was. The first living entity. A microscopic being.

Others followed. They all evolved together, and then, separately. For millions and millions of years, life colored the Earth.

But life met obstacles on it's route. Meteorites. Ice ages. Great droughts.

Mass extinctions punctured the history of life, but life always prevailed.

And then, here we are. Humans. Why are we so different?

Was it a single error in evolution, or it's purpose since the beginning?

Does life always evolve towards intelligence? Towards perfection?

So much more questions are asked than answered... And it has always been this way.

But even if questions are born at every turn in history, some are answered.

However, the ultimate question remains.

Why are we here?

Is this the question that will never be answered? Is this the final paradox?

Many have tried to answer. In an abstract way, or in a direct way.

"We are here to learn." "We are here to understand." "We are here to preserve". "We are here to conquer."

But could we be here... for nothing?

Are we really just stardust doomed to return to stardust?

Could it be the one true answer?

This is where I start answering these questions.

In the universe, there exists a lot of life. We cannot deny it anymore; theoretical evidence is overwhelming, and true evidence was not yet achieved simply because we do not possess the required technology yet. In fact, the universe must be full of life in a lot of different forces.

Biological life is a complex mix of complex elements arranged together in a... complex way. It takes billions of years for life to truly install itself in a solar system.

But not all life is sentient. Humans are the only true sentient beings we know off yet. But, in my opinion, life is not meant to be sentient.

Let me explain. At the end of the dinosaur era, a great catastrophic event wiped most of the life on earth. Predators, used to feed off smaller beings, died, because they were too big to hide underground from the devastation, or because their preys hid underground beyond their reach.

For millions of years, no real predators were on our planet. No great dominant species could control the ever-increasing population of mammals, who always had a tendency to evolve in the direction of more agile limbs, and bigger brains; indeed, they needed such characteristics to outsmart the brute strength of bigger predators.

And so, without their ancestral predators (the dinosaurs), these mammals evolved, evolved, and evolved without any break. More agile limbs, bigger brains.

And then it happened. The Australopithecus, an advanced race of apes, suddenly used their hind legs to stand.

It happened because of simple luck; they needed to do so in order to see over the tall herbs of the ancient African savanna.

This allowed their front legs, now labelled arms, to develop. The Australopithecus, now bipeds, started evolving again. Homo erectus, who had bigger brains, smaller jaws, and taller complexions. Homo abilis, who discovered tools.

After millions of years of unstopped evolution, the Homo sapiens arrived. Us.

The only real predators at the time were mammoths. We wiped them all out, with help from an ice age.

Our pure intelligence allowed us to survive when other living beings couldn't.

And so, here we are. Humans. Too smart and too immature to apply the classic laws of the ecosystems, we started destroying the other forms of life around us. And slowly, it became our doom.

We will disappear, one day, Might it be on Earth, or on another planet, we will be exterminated by the universe, or by ourselves.

And then, like a disease, the universe will be cured of us.

We will have been just a small error in the universe's timeline.

...Is that all?

Is this really what will happen?

Are we really a... disease?

Can we stop being errors? How can we have a real purpose, other than disappear?

We can prove our worth, to ourselves, for our own sake.

We must prove worthy enough to keep existing. We must learn, conquer, understand, and preserve. We must earn our survival.

That is the only true way.

To resume everything:

I believe that, at the beginning, we have no purpose. We are a product of a small error in evolution. But we can earn our place in the universe. This is the purpose we must pursue and make our own.

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