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A Gardner finds something mysterious on the grounds around the house of The Bonnell's.
The Mystery Stone
by: DW

One day in early spring Samuel, the gardener for the Bonnell's came into the house asking for some help to remove a large rock he came across on the grounds of their property where he was asked to plant a Peachtree for Mrs.Bonnell.

Arthur went over to the tool shed and picked out another shovel to help the gardener. They dug and dug, and the hole got deeper and bigger until they could get the crowbar under it to remove it from its long resting place.

Together they pulled it out and laid it beside the hole. After some inspection of the stone, it appeared to have some writing on it. Puzzled, they carried it over to the hose to wash it.

As the compacted dirt began to wash off from the water, the word 'Beware' was carved into the stone. It looked very old, but the words were clear enough to see.

Arthur called his friend who is a historian in Georgia where they live to ask him to come by and look at the strange stone and maybe help them understand why it says Beware on it.

Samuel Jones showed up at the Bonnells the next morning. "So, Arthur what is it you want me to look at." The stone laid gently on an old towel in the far hallway on a sturdy table.

As Samuel unpacked his briefcase of tools and notes he began inspecting the stone with a magnifying glass. He took out another small tool to take a sample back to his lab for further inspection.

Arthur and Marilyn watched Samuel with curiousness as he did his inspection. Hoping for some kind of answer to why the word 'Beware' was on the stone. Then he asked to be taken outside where it was found.

Arthur and Marilyn walked him out the back east door where it was found. Samuel said he would have to take some pictures of the grounds around the hole to make comparisons of the property's history.

He said to them, "You definitely have a mystery here, but after I take my findings to the lab I will give you a call within the next couple days. I hope to have some answers for you by then."

"Thank you, Samuel, for coming so soon and we'll await your call." Replied Arthur and Marilyn said at the same time. They shook hands as they said their goodbye's. Samuel got into his black Mercedes and drove off to his lab in the city.

Later that evening after supper they both heard a weird sound. It was coming from outside. Arthur looked for his flashlight and went outside to investigate the sound. It sounded like a rabbit's squeal.

Marilyn said, "be careful honey and don't fall in that hole."

Arthur chuckled at his wife's silly concerns about him falling into the hole. "I can walk outside just fine, plus I have a flashlight." And with the light in his hand, he scanned the property around the house, but he saw nothing out of the ordinary.

It was a quiet night and there was a bright full moon shining through the many trees around the house. When suddenly Arthur heard the noise again, but this time it sounded like it just came from the hole the stone was in.

He flashed the light into the hole, but there was nothing there, just a lot of dirt. So, he headed back to the house when suddenly some kind of strong energy force was coming out from the hole and Arthur fell quickly to the ground and he was dragged down into the earth through the hole. He disappeared...

Marilyn stuck her head out the door and yelled for Arthur, but there was no reply. She started getting nervous. "Where could he be?" She searched for another flashlight to look for Arthur and went outside calling his name as she looked for him.

She saw no one, then she crept up slowly to the hole when she felt some kind of force pulling her closer into the hole. When all of a sudden her whole body fell into the hole and a bright light flashed as she quickly disappeared too.

The next morning the gardener came back to the Bonnell"s home. her search all around the property and in the house he called out their names, but he heard nothing, no answer from either of them.

He was getting worried..." Where could they be?" He said aloud to himself.
He scratched his head, the worry was setting inside him. He walked over to the hole where he and Arthur dug the stone from, but there was nothing but dirt.

when he knelt down a little closer to dirt in the hole, it looked disturbed, more broken down than yesterday, even a little deeper. He jumped back away from the hole and ran back to the house to call the police and report the Bonnell's missing.

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