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Will Oscar meet his demise from the wolf attack, or will he get away alive?
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The Wolves

After cleaning up his supper dishes, Oscar Newman turned the TV to the weather channel. All the talk is about the Moon this evening and its unusual closeness to the earth.
"Astronomers and scientists are bewildered over the reason why the Moon is passing by the earth so close this year. The Harvest moon is an annual event for thousands of years but, for some cosmic reason the moon is very close to the earth's atmosphere."
He looked at his watch and said to himself, "Well, I have about an hour left.".
He turned off the TV and walked into the spare room where he kept his camera equipment.

It was a clear and crisp evening, Oscar walked outside onto his wrap around cabin porch to set up to take pictures of the Harvest Moon. Every year in the Fall the moon appears as a brilliant Orange full circle in the sky. And it is huge as if you could just reach out and touch it. Another beautiful mystery from Mother Nature.

He places his camera and camera bags down on the hand~made wooden table that is attached to the cabin. His father made it many years ago. It is a table where many happy memories were once made around. He sat the camera on the tri~pod. Then began focusing in for some close-up detail shots of the Orange moon.

All for a photo contest he has been entering for several years. He is hoping to enter these pictures for the upcoming fair expos, praying for the best 'Harvest Moon' picture. When all of a sudden he hears a faint howl, far off in the distance of the cabin. It is a small two-room cabin way out in the forest, a place for any family member to go whenever they choose.

Surrounded by the strong scent of pine in the air from the multitude of evergreens trees around the cabin that you can barely see it from the nearest dirt road.
The howling sounds sent chills up Oscar's back. It almost sounded like a pack of wolves.

But, wolves haven't been seen in this area of Up~State New York in years.
"Still, I wonder"? He thought aloud. "I would have been told about any sightings!
Huh, oh well."

Oscar turned to his camera and started taking pictures before the best shots were gone. Looking through the camera lenses, adjusting the clarity for a perfect shot at the right time was crucial, or he would have to wait until next September to take pictures again.

Oscar placed his right eye close to the lens and with a squint from the left eye, he began tapping the camera button several times. Minute by minute went by without a sound from any direction. Then Oscar opened the camera back to remove the film cartridge and replaced it with a new one.

He turned toward the tri~pod to attach the camera back on when a much closer and louder howling began to come from the east end of the forest.
"That is a bit too close," Oscar thought. He began getting nervous from the howling. His hands started fumbling and shaking as he was still taking pictures.

He had a few more minutes left to get the best shots in hopes of taking a winning photo. When from out of nowhere a wolf growled and jumped on Oscar from behind knocking him down on the wood porch floor. His camera equipment went flying in all directions from the blunt force of being knocked over from his fall.

Oscar turned frantically and noticed his right sleeve shirt turning red. Blood was seeping from his sleeves forearm from the wolfs bite. He strained himself to get up as fast as he can before the wolf gets up from sliding across the porch, still growling and snarling. A few drops of blood fell from the wolfs mouth. Oscar's mind was filling up with "what if's?"

He didn't want to die from a wolf attack. Concerned his body would be pieced up by a pack of wolves now surrounding him and the cabin. Oscar tried reaching for the cameras tri~pod. He has to defend himself from those deadly predators. The photo contest completely was forgotten from Oscar's mind. He had to think quick or he would be gone.

He turned around just as the wolf came at him again. It jumped at him, but he moved aside and it missed him. He stretched out his arm to grab a hold of the tri~pod just in time. And in one quick "whack" he hit the pack leader directly in the head and shoulders as it came at him again. Oscar knocked the wolf clear over the porch railings onto the ground. It gave him just enough time to get into the cabin. Oscar quickly shut the door and strode across the room to get his rifle. He was shaking uncontrollably as he tried to load the bullets.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six.. that was all he could find. Oscar walked over to a window to peek out and see where the wolves went, blood still seeping from the bite wound left by the wolf, he couldn't see any as he looked around the cabin. Oscar reverted back to his days in the Vietnam War for only a minute, yet it felt like a year.

He scouted out every window and door but still saw nothing. Just then a loud 'thump' shook the cabins roof right over Oscar's head. And with one shot from the rifle up towards the roof, he hit a wolf clean in the chest area. A few moments later he heard them all howling, along with louder growls coming from all around. He heard the sounds coming from the pack as they begin to fight over the leader of the pack while he was dying.

The other wolves began tearing the leader apart, Oscar then stepped out the front door, taking several shots in the direction the wolves ran in with their leader.

A trail of blood followed behind them. Oscar took another look around the perimeter of the cabin.
It appeared to be all clear now, but Oscar knew they could come back anytime. He decided to pack up his camera stuff that didn't get broken and leave the cabin to get to a hospital and report his sighting of the wolves and the attack to the forest rangers as soon as possible. He was lucky, this time...

Darlene Wilson
7 ~ 13 ~ 2017

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