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Jason Borne movie in 3D disorients many moviegoers in China
Cultural Programming in China
by Andrew De Witte

An interesting phenomena was observed recently in China. Apparently
the movie Jason Borne in 3D format caused extreme negative physical effects that were experienced by many. Interestingly enough, these effects have not been reported in Western countries.

So... What is the plausible explanation?

Subjectively, at least, I will attempt to provide an answer. After having resided in China for some time, I believe that I am (somewhat)
qualified to give a (cultural) explanation.

I believe that subtle cultural programming is the answer. Let me attempt to explain more fully¦

I believe that modern Chinese cultural programming has caused some
(observable) deleterious physical effects to the brains and nervous systems of it native inhabitants. That's in conjunction to the additional negative mental effects¦

There are several things which I, and some other foreigners have observed in modern China.

Many contemporary young Chinese appear to suffer from eyesight problems. Often I have observed what we in the West might refer to as cockeyed syndrome. Meaning the right and left eye are not focused evenly. Because of this, many young Chinese (under 30) utilize eyeglasses to correct for this.

I have an intuition that this preponderance of the physical effects of this cockeyed syndrome is actually caused by a psychological basis.
I believe the acute psychological effect has created an organic (physical) result.

I often observe, in China, that Chinese people point at objects differently from Western people. Also, when I point (directly) at objects they often have difficulty to discern where I am actually pointing. So I occasionally joke that, "I haven't learned to point in Chinese".

In China it often appears that many people have the habit of holding two disparate ideas in their mind simultaneously¦ Yet, they appear to observe no contradictions. The most basic example of this might be that almost all Chinese observe that China is (much) too
crowded. Yet, they uniformly seem to feel that it is their imperative
patriotic duty to have children.

One might think, by Western standards at least, that if you felt strongly that your nation was too crowded, having children might not
be a priority.

The common circuitous methods of thought, employed by the majority of Chinese is likely a further result of their contemporary cultural programming¦

In essence, I am bluntly stating what many in the West take as a given cliche...

"The Chinese are brainwashed"

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